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Supreme Court Rejects Alabama Immigration Case

Only Scalia votes to hear it

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has rejected Alabama's appeal to revive portions of a state immigration law, including a section that made it a crime to harbor people who are living in the country illegally. The justices today left in place a federal appeals court ruling that blocked parts of the...

Oops: Ala. Lawmakers Don't Like ... Ala. Immigration Bill

Some would like to scrap parts of it altogether

(Newser) - Alabama’s new immigration law was billed as the harshest in the nation, but apparently lawmakers—including some who voted for the bill—didn’t realize exactly what that meant. Long lines have formed at some courthouses as residents are required to show proof of citizenship for everything from getting...

Court Blocks Parts of Alabama Immigration Law

Schools won't have to check legal status of kids

(Newser) - The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an injunction today blocking two key provisions of Alabama’s controversial immigration law : the one requiring immigrants to carry special alien registration cards, and another forcing schools to check the immigration status of enrolling students. The court said the legal challenges against those...

US Asks Court to Block Alabama Immigration Law

Justice Department wants tough new measures stopped

(Newser) - The US government asked an appeals court today to halt the Alabama immigration law considered by many the toughest in the nation, saying it could have dire diplomatic consequences abroad, invites discrimination, and merely forces illegal immigrants into neighboring states. The motion, filed in the 11th US Circuit Court of...

Ala.: OK, Kids Don't Need to Show Birth Certificate

State education dept. relaxes rule after thousands don't show

(Newser) - Alabama issued a statement yesterday imploring parents to send their children to school even if they don’t have a birth certificate, after thousands of Hispanic students failed to show up for classes this week. Alabama’s strict new immigration law requires all enrolling students to present a birth certificate,...

Hispanic Kids Bailing From Alabama Schools

New immigration law scaring away families

(Newser) - Alabama's strict new rules on illegal immigration went into effect this week, and the fallout has been immediate at schools around the state: Hispanic students are staying away in droves, reports the AP . The rules require schools to check incoming students' immigration status. Even though they shouldn't affect...

Obama Goes on Offense Vs. Immigration Laws

Administration may challenge laws in a half dozen states

(Newser) - Even as Alabama’s stringent new immigration law takes effect today , the Obama administration is ramping up efforts to challenge it and other laws like it around the country. The administration has already sued Arizona and Alabama, its lawyers are talking with Utah officials about another suit there, and Georgia,...

Alabama Now Has US' Harshest Immigration Law

Portions of it go into effect today after judge's ruling

(Newser) - Starting today, Alabama police will enforce what many are calling the US’ toughest immigration law. A federal judge upheld key aspects of the law yesterday, including allowing authorities to question and detain suspected illegal immigrants and requiring officials to check public school students’ immigration status. The governor says those portions...

Feds Sue Alabama Over Immigration Law

Says law oversteps its bounds, interferes with federal policy

(Newser) - In a move that will shock exactly no one, the Department of Justice is treating Alabama’s extraordinarily harsh illegal immigration law the same way it treated Arizona’s: It’s suing. The DOJ is asking for an injunction stopping the law from going into effect on Sept. 1, arguing...

Alabama Enacts Harshest Illegal Immigration Law Yet

Arizona, eat your heart out

(Newser) - Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 law has nothing on the sweeping law Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed yesterday. HB 56 prevents illegal immigrants from going to college, applying for jobs, or renting apartments, the LA Times reports. It requires anyone registering to vote to pass a citizenship check. And, like...

10 Stories
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