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Vatican Butler in 'Vatileaks' Scandal Dies
Butler Who Leaked
Pope's Papers Dies

Butler Who Leaked Pope's Papers Dies

Paolo Gabriele says Holy Spirit guided him to expose corruption

(Newser) - Paolo Gabriele said he loved Pope Benedict XVI "as a son loves a father"—and he leaked the pope's papers to the media "out of visceral love for the church of Christ and for its visible head on Earth." The Vatican says Gabriele, the pope'...

Italian Paper: Benedict Quit Amid Crazy Scandal

Report says gay priests were blackmailed

(Newser) - Here's a conspiracy theory on Pope Benedict's sudden resignation that wasn't in the first rush of speculation —what if Benedict's decision was linked to a network of gay priests in the Vatican who were being blackmailed by outsiders? That's the premise of a report...

Pope Pardons Ex-Butler
 Pope Pardons Ex-Butler 

Pope Pardons Ex-Butler

Paolo Gabriele had been serving time for stealing papal documents

(Newser) - Pope Benedict XVI has granted a Christmas pardon to his former butler, who stole the pope's private papers and leaked them to a journalist in one of the gravest Vatican security breaches in recent times. The Vatican said Benedict visited Paolo Gabriele in the Vatican police barracks this morning,...

Pope's Butler Gets 18 Months for Stealing Documents
Pope's Butler Guilty,
But Pardon Is 'Likely'

Pope's Butler Guilty, But Pardon Is 'Likely'

Paolo Gabriele gets 18 months for stealing church documents

(Newser) - It looks like Pope Benedict is going to let his former butler off the hook. A Vatican spokesman says a pardon is "likely" for Paolo Gabriele, after he was convicted today and sentenced to 18 months for stealing the pontiff's private papers and other church documents and leaking...

Pope's Butler: I Betrayed Him
 Pope's Butler: I Betrayed Him 

Pope's Butler: I Betrayed Him

But Paolo Gabriele declares himself innocent of theft charges

(Newser) - Paolo Gabriele pleaded guilty today—sort of. The pope's former butler said that he was innocent of the aggravated theft charges against him, but added, "I feel guilty of having betrayed the trust of the Holy Father, whom I love as a son would." He said his...

Pope's Former Butler to Testify in 'Vatileaks' Trial

Verdict could come by week's end

(Newser) - As the trial of Pope Benedict's ex-butler enters its second day, the defendant himself is set to testify. Paolo Gabriele will likely confess to leaking confidential Vatican documents, al-Jazeera reports, since he already admitted guilt to prosecutors during a pretrial hearing. What to watch for at today's session:...

Pope's Ex-Butler to Stand Trial Over 'VatiLeaks'

Paolo Gabriele currently under house arrest

(Newser) - Pope Benedict's former butler is going on trial over the "VatiLeaks" scandal, per the order of a Vatican judge today. Paolo Gabriele was charged in May with leaking sensitive information about the Vatican, and is currently under house arrest, the BBC reports. Gabriele was one of just a...

Vatican Butler Just a Scapegoat, Says 'Leaker'

New leaks reveal a Vatican in chaos

(Newser) - The Vatican may have arrested the pope's butler , accusing him of being the source of the ongoing leaks of confidential and personal documents to the Italian press, but he is actually just a scapegoat—according to the latest leak of confidential documents, reports MSNBC . The Italian newspaper Il Repubblica...

Pope's Butler to Cooperate in 'VatiLeaks' Probe

'Will collaborate with investigators to ascertain the truth,' says lawyer

(Newser) - The butler allegedly did it, and now he's ready to cooperate with police. Pope Benedict's butler Paolo Gabriele has agreed to assist in the investigation into leaks of Vatican documents after officials reportedly found confidential files in his home , according to law enforcement authorities. Gabriele's lawyer said...

Vatican Mole Is... Pope's Butler?

Paolo Gabriele is arrested after allegedly leaking Benedict's letters

(Newser) - An in-house scandal at the Vatican expanded dramatically yesterday with the arrest of the pope's butler, Paolo Gabriele, who was found with confidential documents on him and has been accused of leaking the private letters of Benedict XVI to the press, reports the New York Times . The Vatican confirmed...

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