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Nurse Who Survived Ebola Is Suing Texas Hospital

'PR pawn' Nina Pham says hospital failed her

(Newser) - Nina Pham beat Ebola; now she's taking on the place where she caught it. Pham, who contracted the virus while caring for dying patient Thomas Eric Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, tells the Dallas Morning News that she is suing the parent company of the hospital that...

Happy Reunion: Dallas Nurse Gets Dog Back

Nina Pham and Bentley reunited for first time in weeks

(Newser) - Dallas nurse Nina Pham is free of Ebola . So is her dog Bentley . And today, the two happily reunited for the first time since Oct. 12, when Pham had to be hospitalized, reports USA Today . As one tweet (with photo) observes, "He can't stop kissing Nina." Dallas...

2nd Dallas Ebola Nurse Leaving Hospital

Amber Vinson to attend 1pm press conference

(Newser) - Dallas nurse Amber Vinson will be released from an Atlanta hospital today after tests showed she's free of the Ebola virus, a hospital spokeswoman says. The 29-year-old will be leaving Emory University Hospital after attending a 1pm news conference where she will make a statement. Vinson's family announced...

Dallas Nurse Nina Pham Free of Ebola
 Dallas Nurse 
 Nina Pham 
 Free of Ebola 

Dallas Nurse Nina Pham Free of Ebola

She is out of the hospital and headed home

(Newser) - A dose of good news on Ebola to counter the bad in New York City : Dallas nurse Nina Pham is free of the virus, reports WUSA-TV . The 29-year-old was released today from the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., where she had been in isolation. Pham herself appeared at...

Nurse's Dog Free of Ebola
 Nurse's Dog Free of Ebola 

Nurse's Dog Free of Ebola

But Bentley will remain under watch for a while longer

(Newser) - It looks like Bentley's going to make it. That would be the dog owned by Dallas nurse Nina Pham , who is herself being treated for Ebola. Health officials put the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel into quarantine and announced today that tests have shown him to be clear of the...

Doctor Shoots Video of Ebola Nurse in Bed

Nina Pham talks, cries in video shortly before being transferred to Md. facility

(Newser) - Nina Pham had been isolated in a Dallas hospital room since she was diagnosed with Ebola last week, but her attending physician released a video yesterday showing Pham smiling, chatting, and wiping away tears from her hospital bed. Pham sat up and looked to be in good spirits as she...

Yale Student Tested for Ebola; More Quarantined

As Tom Frieden, others testify before House subcommittee

(Newser) - A Yale doctoral student who came back to Connecticut recently after visiting Liberia has a fever and is being tested for Ebola, officials say. The student is in isolation at Yale-New Haven Hospital, CNN reports. Meanwhile, one person in Ohio who was recently in contact with or in the vicinity...

CDC Honcho Suggests Nurses Wore Too Much Gear

Tom Frieden: Too many layers of protection could have upped nurses' Ebola risk

(Newser) - Dealing With Ebola 101: Don't go out for takeout while quarantined, don't take a commercial flight if you're at risk of having the virus, and maybe cut down on the protective gear you're wearing if you're a health care worker—wait, what? The CDC head...

Nurse With Ebola Called CDC Before Flying

Dallas may place health workers in shelters

(Newser) - The CDC says nurse Amber Vinson shouldn't have flown —but the agency said something different when she called several times before flying back to Texas from Cleveland earlier this week. A health official tells CBS that someone "dropped the ball" by telling the nurse, the second Dallas...

CDC: 2nd Nurse With Ebola Shouldn't Have Flown

Obama cancels fundraising trip to talk Ebola

(Newser) - The CDC isn't happy that the second nurse to have contracted Ebola in Texas decided to get on a plane . "She should not have traveled on a commercial airline," says CDC chief Thomas Frieden, as quoted by NBC News . He said the woman had "extensive contact"...

2nd Case of Ebola in Dallas; Nurses Decry Hospital

Worker tested positive after reporting fever

(Newser) - Nurse Nina Pham is no longer the only American to contract Ebola while caring for Thomas Duncan . A second health care worker at Dallas' Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital has tested positive for the virus. The Texas Department of State Health Services says the worker reported a fever yesterday and was...

Dallas Nurse With Ebola 'Conscientious and Careful'

Nina Pham gets blood from US Ebola survivor

(Newser) - Colleagues describe Nina Pham, the nurse who contracted Ebola while caring for Thomas Duncan, as not just compassionate, but extremely careful, which makes it more of a mystery how she became infected. A friend and fellow nurse tells the New York Times that Pham is very committed to her profession...

Dallas Ebola Patient Identified
 Dallas Ebola Patient Identified 

Dallas Ebola Patient Identified

Nurse diagnosed with the virus is Nina Pham, 26

(Newser) - The Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola while caring for Thomas Eric Duncan has been identified as Nina Pham, 26. A family member revealed the former Texas Christian University student's name to WFAA , as well as a picture. She graduated from the nursing program at TCU in 2010. One person...

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