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Big Lines From the Debate

"Donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency."

(Newser) - Here are some of the more memorable lines emerging from Tuesday night's debate, culled from CNN and the Washington Post transcript:
  • Jeb Bush: "Donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency." (Bush has gone after Trump repeatedly, labeling him a
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Debate's Big Question: Will Anyone Go After Trump?

What to watch for in Tuesday night's Republican contest

(Newser) - Tuesday night brings the last debate of the year for Republicans, and one common theme in previews is that in a year of relatively lively debates, this one might be the liveliest yet. Some things to watch:
  • Will anyone hit Trump? "Easily the biggest question" of the night is
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After Trump SNL, 4 GOP Candidates Get Equal Time

Strugglers will get 12 NBC minutes this weekend

(Newser) - Live from New York, it's ... Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Jim Gilmore, and Lindsey Graham? The four struggling GOP candidates requested equal airtime after Donald Trump's Saturday Night Live appearance earlier this month and NBC has agreed to provide it, although they won't be actually hosting the show,... More »

Best Lines in the Main Debate

Things got testy on a range of subjects

(Newser) - As the eight top GOP candidates looked to make an impression in Tuesday night's debate in Milwaukee, here's a look at some of their lines earning attention, via Politico , CNN , the New York Times , and the AP :
  • Ben Carson: "Thank you for not asking what I said
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Big Moments From the GOP Debate

Trump is combative, while Rubio and Paul spar

(Newser) - Here's a look at some of the key moments making headlines in the Republican debate:
  • Kasich vs. Trump on immigration: They got into it after Trump again talked about his plans for a wall and mass deportations, notes Politico . "It’s a silly argument," said Kasich. "
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GOP Candidates Name Their Big Weakness

Though a few dodged the question

(Newser) - The opening question of Wednesday night's Republican debate was an open-ended one: What's your biggest weakness? Here are the answers, via the New York Times , the Wall Street Journal , the Washington Post , and CNN :
  • Donald Trump: “I trust people too much and … if they let me
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Kasich Takes Flak for Remarks About Latina Maid

A compliment or too condescending?

(Newser) - Ohio Gov. John Kasich has become the latest 2016 presidential contender to draw attention for an apparent generalization related to Latinos. During remarks yesterday at a golf club in Orange County, California, Kasich praised Latinos for their family values and their work ethic, then drifted into a discussion about a... More »

11 Candidates, 11 Lines: Debate's Standout Remarks

Including one about turning the TV off

(Newser) - Eleven candidates and three hours of debate: Which lines made an impression? A standout statement from each of tonight's GOP hopefuls, via CNN , the New York Times , and the Washington Post :
  • Donald Trump: "I would get along with [Assad]. I would get along with a lot of the
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Why Kasich-Rubio Is a Dream Ticket

National Review writer applies the 'Buckley rule'

(Newser) - If Republicans want to win the White House next year, they should root for a ticket with John Kasich as president and Marco Rubio as his running mate, writes Myra Adams at the National Review . Adams knows that Kasich will take a hit on the right for not being "... More »

Republicans Wrap Up Fiery First Debate

Donald Trump was a central figure, as expected

(Newser) - The GOP debate on Fox News tonight proved to be Trump-centric as he and his nine rivals—Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and John Kasich—tried to emerge from the pack. (As Carly Fiorina did in the early debate.... More »

John Kasich's First Big Hurdle: His Image as a 'Jerk'

Anger management seems to be an issue

(Newser) - John Kasich did indeed become the 16th Republican candidate today, declaring at Ohio State University that "big ideas change the world," and that he's just the man to deliver them, reports the AP . But judging from pre-announcement coverage, the Ohio governor has an image problem to control... More »

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