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An Extraordinary Clock Is Being Built in Texas

Jeff Bezos ponied up the land for the 10K-year clock

(Newser) - The clock has been in the works for three decades—essentially a blink of the eye in the grand scheme of things. That's because the timepiece, dreamed up by Danny Hillis in 1989, per CNBC , is designed to run for 10,000 years without any human intervention. Hillis'... More »

Clock Trapped in Wall Has Been Beeping for 13 Years

The alarm faithfully goes off once every day

(Newser) - A homeowner outside Pittsburgh, Penn., has a rather jolting daily reminder of a construction mistake he made nearly 13 years ago. CBS Pittsburgh reports that Jerry Lynn of Ross Township accidentally dropped an alarm clock between the walls during a home improvement project in the fall of 2004. Though it’... More »

Texas Gov Gave Taiwan's President a 'Humiliating' Gift

It was a clock, which symbolizes end of life to Taiwanese

(Newser) - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott managed to not only slight China by meeting Taiwan's president on Sunday, he managed to step in it with Taiwan's president, too, reports Mashable . During the meeting, Tsai Ing-wen gave Abbott a vase, and Abbott in turn presented her with a clock decorated with... More »

Museum Visitor Caught on Video Breaking Rare Clock

'This is why we beg visitors not to touch'

(Newser) - Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Unless that clock has been smashed into pieces by a museum-goer with self-control issues. In that case, it's totally useless. NBC Philadelphia reports a visitor to the National Watch & Clock Museum in Pennsylvania was caught on video Tuesday poking... More »

Texas Teen Gets Back the Clock That Made Him Famous


(Newser) - The 14-year-old Muslim boy arrested after a homemade clock he took to his Dallas-area school was mistaken for a possible bomb has gotten the item back as he and his family prepare to move to the Middle East . Police say Reggie London, an attorney for Ahmed Mohamed, picked up the... More »

'Clock Kid' Ahmed Gets 3 Very Cool Invitations

From the president, Zuck, and an astronaut

(Newser) - On Monday, Ahmed Mohamed was getting interrogated at a police station because he brought a homemade clock to school and it was mistaken for a bomb . But soon, the Texas 14-year-old might be hanging out in some much, much better locations. Three of the high-profile responses after his story went... More »

Plug Pulled on World's 2nd-Most-Watched Clock

NASA countdown clock iconic since 1969

(Newser) - After London's Big Ben, NASA says its Kennedy Space Center countdown clock was the world's most watched. Not anymore: It was taken down yesterday, WESH reports. The clock, with 336 40-watt light bulbs, has been around since November 1969, when it ticked away the seconds until the launch... More »

Railway to Apple: You Stole Our Clock

Swiss Federal Railways spots its iconic design in iOS 6

(Newser) - Apple, about that cool iOS 6 clock design of yours—it's not exactly original. Or so says Swiss Federal Railways, which has used pretty much the same design for its iconic clock since 1944, the Daily Mail reports. The original clock face was made by celebrated designer Hans Hilfiker... More »

Jeff Bezos Building $42M Clock

Amazon founder's time piece will be 200 feet tall, last 10K years

(Newser) - Nobody spends money quite like Jeff Bezos. Case in point: The Amazon founder and CEO is building a 200-foot-tall clock deep inside a mountain near his West Texas property, the Wall Street Journal reports. Dubbed the "10,000 Year Clock," the device is designed to last millennia, playing... More »

Obama's Payroll Tax Cut Weapons: Clock, Calculator

See how much time we have left, how much money you could owe

(Newser) - President Obama is pushing hard for the extension of the payroll tax cut, and has two weapons to aid him in his quest: a doomsday clock and a calculator. The countdown clock has been set up in the White House press room and appears, conveniently, behind the podium. The video... More »

Time Will Stand Still at Midnight New Year's Eve

Timekeepers make 2008 a second longer to compensate for Earth's wonky rotation

(Newser) - The last minute of the last hour of the last day of 2008 is getting an extension, LiveScience reports. The world's timekeepers are tacking an extra "leap second" onto the end of the year to allow super-accurate clocks to get back in synch with the planet's irregular but gradually... More »

New Clock Messes With Time

(Newser) - Here's something different in a timepiece: It has no hands. It's actually designed to run in erratic fashion, slowing down and speeding up from time to time. It aims to disorient and dazzle, to remind people of their mortality and to pay tribute to one of the most famous watchmakers... More »

Über-Precise Atomic Clocks Are Half-Past a Revolution

Smaller, cheaper, and mysterious

(Newser) - Forget the Swiss—the world's best clocks sit in a Colorado lab where a team of scientists is shaping them into über-precise gadgets with broad-reaching implications on medicine, navigation, and surveillance. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has built a clock the size of a grain of rice... More »

Spring Ahead, Fall Back; Repeat

Some may have changed clocks a week early

(Newser) - Spring ahead, fall back. And fall back again, for many whose clocks wrongly reset themselves last weekend—1 week ahead of the schedule Congress set when it extended Daylight Saving Time. Most cell phones and computers, which get time and date information from networks, weren't affected, but many alarm clocks... More »

Big Ben Silenced for Repairs

Big Ben silenced for repairs, won't tell the time either

(Newser) - The world’s most famous clock chimed its last tones of August at 8 AM this morning, and its hands were set to 12:00. Though it will soon tell time again, Big Ben will be silent for at least a month as it undergoes maintenance, the Guardian reports. This... More »

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