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Universities Could Have Lowered Tuitions—but They Didn't

Online courses gave them the chance

(Newser) - Think college debt is killing America? Then consider how universities missed the chance to lower tuitions—by hoarding a secret windfall and giving the rest to companies you've likely never heard of, HuffPost reports. Called "online program managers," or OPMs, the companies create online courses for such...

Profs: Doubt Climate Change? Get Out of Our Class

Hundreds have objected to UCCS course online

(Newser) - Hundreds online are fuming after professors at the University of Colorado told students that man-made climate change wouldn't be open for debate in their online course. In an email to students who complained after an initial lecture for "Medical Humanities in the Digital Age," professors Rebecca Laroche,...

MIT Might Make You a Poker Expert—for Free

Or at least better than your friends

(Newser) - Now you, too, can be an MIT student—and maybe a card hustler to boot. The school is offering a free online class on how to play poker, reports Motherboard . You can dig into videos , the syllabus , and class notes for the course, which is taught by Kevin Desmond, a...

You Can Help Buffett's Sister Give Away $100K

Online philanthropy course begins today

(Newser) - A free online course that starts today will offer students the chance to learn about giving from Warren Buffett and help decide how to spend more than $100,000 of his sister's money. More than 4,000 people have already signed up for the Giving With Purpose course, which...

Online Classes Have No Soul

They lack teacher-student chemistry: English professor

(Newser) - Colleges keep increasing their online education options , but one English professor hopes schools don't get too carried away with the concept. Online classes miss out on a fundamental part of the education process: the "jazz"-like interaction between teacher and student, writes UVa's Mark Edmundson in the...

Online Courses About to Change College Forever

David Brooks: Profs brace for 'tsunami' of Internet learning

(Newser) - Online education isn't just an "experiment" anymore. Harvard and MIT have just set aside $60 million for free online courses, and schools from Stanford to Yale are pursuing online learning. In short, "what happened to the newspaper and magazine business is about to happen to higher education:...

Most Undergrads Will Take Classes Online in 10 Years

College presidents predict big increase in education via the web

(Newser) - Online education will be booming over the next decade, according to a new Pew survey of college presidents. Some highlights, as noted by Today's Digital Life :
  • Half of the presidents surveyed say most undergrads will take at least some classes online in 10 years, up from the current estimate

Web Puts 2nd Language at Your Fingertips

Online options, from free to pricey, abound

(Newser) - The days of chanting vocabulary words in a classroom and dozing off in the language lab are fading from memory as language instruction becomes increasingly available on the Internet. Freestanding smartphone apps are one option, and more structured instruction comes at a price—and sometimes no price at all. The...

Online Colleges: Ready for Some Respect

Department of Ed. study shows e-learning is effective

(Newser) - The educational establishment has been slow to accept online colleges as serious teaching institutions—programs like the University of Phoenix are commonly dismissed as “diploma mills.” But a new study by the Department of Education shows that, in many cases, students perform better with e-learning than in a...

Gas Prices Produce Spike in Online Classes

Students prefer classrooms, but not commute to campus

(Newser) - Thousands of American students have begun to take college courses over the Internet in response to rising fuel costs, writes the New York Times. Universities across the country have seen enrollment in online classes spike—some more than 50 to 100%—with the biggest jumps at 2-year community colleges, where...

Catch the Brain Wave of the Future

Smarten up with the top destinations for online learning

(Newser) - With more and more online courses available, it's possible to learn anything, anywhere. Popular Science digs up the best continuing-ed choices : University extension programs:
  • MIT OpenCourseWare
  • Harvard Extension School
  • Stanford Center for Professional Development

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