Think Hillary Is a 2016 Shoo-In? Not So Fast
Joan Walsh: 2016 would be an election, 'not a coronation'
By Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff
Posted Dec 4, 2012 1:50 PM CST
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton listens as she is introduced prior to speaking at the residence of the US ambassador to Belgium in Brussels, Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2012.   (AP Photo/Kevin Lamarque, Pool)

(Newser) – Democrats are fawning all over Hillary Clinton, and right now many seem to think that if she decides to run for president in 2016, her election would be inevitable. Joan Walsh is a big Hillary fan, but she reminds her fellow supporters in Salon today: Clinton would "be facing an election in 2016, not a coronation." If she wants to become president, she'd do well to ignore all the adulation and focus on not making the same mistakes she did in 2008. To that end, Walsh has some suggestions:

  • Don't run as the inevitable frontrunner: Clinton must "find an independent rationale for her candidacy that makes her the best choice for 2016, not for 2000 or 2008." Plus, if she thinks of herself as inevitable, she'll get complacent.
  • Don't represent the status quo: President Obama is popular right now, but a lot can happen in four years, and the US could be ready for a change. She'll need to find a way to distinguish herself from his policies.
  • Do highlight the historic nature of a potential presidency: Clinton could be our first female president, and many of her supporters are energized by that idea. Last time around, she downplayed it.
  • Do think long and hard about a national security stance: National security activists voted for President Obama this year because they figured he was a better choice than Mitt Romney. But in 2016, Clinton will have to defend his controversial policies, including drone strikes and the right to assassinate American citizens.
The bottom line? There are "a lot of domestic and international landmines that could make Clinton forgo the race or else doom her candidacy if she runs." Click for Walsh's full column.

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Dec 7, 2012 9:59 AM CST
Hillary Clinton is NOT the 2nd coming of JFK, she's more like Adlai Stevenson.
Dec 6, 2012 12:27 PM CST
Joan Walsh.... There is NOTHING is Life that is a SURE THING. There is NOTHING in Life that is a 100% Shoo-in ! When it comes to Politics- 4 Years is like 10 Long Years ! Since Hillary ( and Bill ) are one of the most experienced,battle scared, veteran politicians of today- I am 100% sure even they know that there is NO SUCH THING as a SURE THING in politics! 2008 was a PERFECT example of that. Millions of people including 90% of so called political pundits NEVER imagined nor believed that a black guy with a very un american, un western sounding name Barack Obama, who had relatively Light Politician experience & No Executive experience would Literally BEAT a heavy favorite, ex-first lady in the primary. But even More shocking to Millions of Americans, Especially the middle aged & Senior citizen White Population & also African-americans- that a Black Guy Named Barack Obama could really Win a National Election & beat a War hero White man. As they say, the Rest is History! But with ALL that said, there are Very Few Times that a candidate is Truly Heavily Favored in politics, From having Massive Funds, Huge Demographic Advantage, to even Gender Advantage. The Only other Person in modern politics who had that kind of Advantage in a primary in an OPEN Non-Incumbent primary was then, Governor George W. Bush in 1999. A son of a President, a well known name in the GOP, a MASSIVE Financial advantage, the first Republican Candidate to speak Spanish Fluently & was fairly popular in his BIG State of Texas.... As they say, he very easily captured the GOP nomination. Hillary is in the SAME situation as George W. Bush in the 2000 primary- BUT you can MULTIPLY Hillary Clinton's advantage over the others by 500 % in the 2016 Primary. 1) History in the Making angle( 1st Woman Prez just like 1st Black Prez in Obama)- Her candiday will LITERALLY Cut thru ALL Racial groups of Women- White, Black, Latino & Asian democratic women with ZERO resistance !!!! When you add the fact that about 62% of ALL Democratic Primary voters are Women - THAT IS HUGE !!!! There will be No Conflict of Black vs, White that Obama & Clinton went thru in '08 ! You will Not find a Divided black women community of 65% supported Obama but 35% supported Hillary It will Literally be a UNITED & VERY EXCITED base of Women Voters who will FEEL that a Woman can ACTUALLY really win the General Election ! ( This won't be a Geraldine Ferraro or Sarah Palin moment) This is the real deal of having the Strongest Ever woman to run & could actually win ! Important Note: When you add the Fact that Democratic Men of All stripes have an Overall Very Positive view of Hillary ( and Bill ), that is HUGE again! - You will Not find Core groups of resistance! 2) Massive History Funding Edge - If you look at her Senate run - Hillary Clinton will have a Massive War chest coming from a Massive core group of Wealthy individuals, groups & insitutions. She is very very populary among Wealthy Jews, affluent Asian-americans, blacks, Latinos & White democrats. She is even extremely popular among Wall Street bigwigs just like Bill. When you add powerful Women's groups such as Emily List- she will have almost a MONOPOLY on Funding over any opponents! 3) Pains of Battle- The PAINFUL experience that Hillary ( Bill & her campaign) went thru in 2008 now turns into a blessing ! The expected massive African-American supporters she expected became a DIVIDED group because of the 1st black president run by obama ! Many Blacks felt bad & conflicted but felt the need to support Obama! NONE OF THAT will exist in 2016 ! In fact, if you listen & read Black blogs today - MANY are eager & excited to support Hillary this time ! Secondly, the campaign LEARNED a LOT OF BIG LESSONS in 2008 ! this time- they would NEVER take any opponent for granted! 4) Primary Battle will likely be Light versus GOP primary- ( and will not have the NASTY drama of '08) You can expect a LOT of GOP candidate in the Primary for the heart & soul of the GOP ( especially after the 2012 defeat) . there will probably be 1 or 2 GOP Latinos who will jump in & will face battles in the primary) In the Democratic side, the likelihood of Less Fireworks is Very high! No one right now has the STATURE, the Financial & Voter support among democrats! YES, anything can happen between Now & 2016 ! But lets not kid ourselves- Hillary is in a DIFFERENT level than any politician aiming for 2016!
Dec 5, 2012 3:41 PM CST
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