Tokyo's Oldest Man Died—30 Years Ago

Family apparently kept him in his room
Tokyo's oldest man isn't quite.   (Shutterstock)

(User Submitted) – When the oldest man in Tokyo, Sogen Kato, turned 111 years old, officials decided to visit and congratulate him. Kato's granddaughter refused to let them in, saying that he "doesn't want to see anybody." The officials became suspicious and turned to the police to investigate. Upon forcing their way into the house, police found Kato’s mummified remains lying in bed, covered in a blanket, and now speculate he may have been dead for 30 years.

His relatives told police that he had "confined himself in his room more than 30 years ago and became a living Buddha," reports Jiji Press. The same relatives received Kato’s widower’s pension that continued to be deposited in his bank account, and they're facing fraud charges. Read the full article at the BBC.

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