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After the Blizzard: A Baby Boom?

It's pretty likely this time

(Newser) - If history or any number of wagging tongues are to be believed, when Americans are faced with extended enforced time at home, they turn to the arms of ... well, of each other . So, as the snow from this weekend's blizzard melts into memory, will the East Coast have a... More »

9 Months After Shutdown, DC Hit With Baby Boom

Timing probably just a coincidence, right?

(Newser) - As the nation's capital languished during October's 16-day government shutdown, a nurse in Washington, DC, made a Facebook prediction: “Furlough babies????" Lo and behold nine months later, reps at Sibley Memorial Hospital, where the nurse works, say there’s been a nearly 33% increase in births over... More »

Scientists Discover Ancient Baby Boom

Study: Native American birth-rate growth, fall is a 'warning about overpopulation'

(Newser) - A baby boom among Native Americans that started some 1,500 years ago was so massive that birth rates likely surpassed the highest found anywhere in the world today, according to researchers scouring data tied to thousands of human remains found at hundreds of sites across the region where Arizona,... More »

China Braces for Dragon-Year Baby Boom

Expect huge diaper sales

(Newser) - Babies born in the Chinese year of the dragon are believed to have lives marked by success and fortune—so China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other countries are expecting a baby boom to begin right around Jan. 23. That's the first day of the Chinese New Year, and this... More »

'Rude' Fertility Chalk Giant Linked to Baby Boom

Man carved into Brit Hill 'boosts births'

(Newser) - The outline of a naked "fertility" giant carved into the chalk of a steep English hillside is being linked to a baby boom in the surrounding community. Folklore has it that women who sleep somewhere on top of the 180-foot-long club-wielding Cerne Abbas giant—also known as the "... More »

Gores Exemplify the Rise of the Late-in-Life Divorce

Boomers are solidly part of 'Me' generation

(Newser) - The Gore divorce has marriage experts everywhere discussing it, and late-life divorce in general. Divorces like the Gores are bound to become more common, most agree, both because couples are living longer, and because of generational shifts in marital expectations. “Baby Boomers are part of the 'Me' Generation—what's... More »

Social Security Faces Grim Forecast for 2010, 2011

Payouts will exceed tax receipts for first time since 1980s

(Newser) - Big job losses and a spike in early retirement claims from laid-off seniors will force Social Security to pay out more in benefits than it collects in taxes the next 2 years, the first time that's happened since the 1980s. The deficits—$10 billion in 2010 and $9 billion in... More »

Live With It: Retirement Must Shrink

Longer lifespans, older population mean quitting age has to rise

(Newser) - With people living longer and having fewer children in developed countries, the population is aging even as the workforce shrinks. And with retirement ages in the 60s, retirees are living longer on pensions. Those demographic shifts make a policy shift inevitable: we’re all going to have to work longer,... More »

Docs Prep for Hurricane Ike Baby 'Boomlet'

Houston expects surge in births 9 months after storm cut power

(Newser) - A Houston hospital is bracing for a baby boom due 9 months after Hurricane Ike cut power to the region for days, the Chronicle reports. “There’s about a 25% increase in the number of deliveries coming up in mid-June to mid-July,” said one doctor. Another physician is... More »

US Births Hit Record High

2007 beats baby boom's biggest year; teen pregnancies rise for second year

(Newser) - A record 4.31 million babies were born in the US in 2007, USA Today reports, topping the 4.30 million born in 1957, the height of the “baby boom”—although that year remains impressive because the overall population of the US was much smaller. Unmarried women bore... More »

House Mess Blocks Octuplet Homecoming

Disappointed inspectors come up with list of necessary work

(Newser) - Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman has been given a list of work that must be done on her new four-bedroom home before her babies can leave the hospital, said disappointed inspectors from Kaiser Permanente, reports Radar. The news was a major setback for the hoped-for homecoming this week for two of... More »

Dutch Blackout Leads to Baby Boom

(Newser) - A mini baby boom in the Netherlands has dark origins: The 44% jump in births in September came nine months after a 2-day blackout left most of the 24,000 residents of a small area in the eastern part of the country freezing. "They went to bed early to... More »

Big Families Bring Big Rewards

One (non-celebrity) mother writes of the joys of her hefty brood

(Newser) - With Angelina Jolie and Sarah Palin in the parenting spotlight, could big families be back in vogue again? Meagan Francis wonders just that in the Christian Science Monitor, but the mother of 4—soon to be 5—doesn't particularly care about being hip. Instead she writes about the rewards that... More »

Minorities Surging to Majority

Changes will dramatically alter political landscape

(Newser) - America's demographics will dramatically change by mid-century, with the white population slipping to a minority of 46% of Americans, according to projections  from the Census Bureau. Minority kids will make up 66% of the nation's population of children, reports the Washington Post. The number of Hispanics is expected to... More »

Record US Births Top Boomer Peak

Fertility is lower but larger population adds up to baby bumper crop

(Newser) - More Americans were born last year than in any other in history, reports ABC News. The 4,315,000 bundles of joy even top the Baby Boom at its peak. The expanding population is expected to put more pressure on scarce resources, but all those new taxpayers will help foot... More »

Gender and Race Aside, Age Pushes to Fore

Boomers, seniors split on whether to support fellow oldster

(Newser) - Now that a primary season fraught with racism and sexism has ended, the nation now gears up to face its general-election gremlin: ageism. While John McCain, 71, may joke that the primary qualification to be president is "to be very, very, very, very old," the New York Times... More »

Cruise Threatens Baby Shop Over Leaks

$400K spending spree on Suri?

(Newser) - Always-bristling actor Tom Cruise had his attorney read the riot act to a luxury Los Angeles baby boutique for allegedly leaking word that he and wife Katie Holmes went on a $400,000 buying binge after their daughter, Suri, was born. The owner of the Petit Tresor, who received a... More »

China Hangs Onto 1-Child Policy

Country fears growth boom if rule is rescinded

(Newser) - China will keep up its one-child policy over the next decade as nearly 200 million citizens reach child-bearing age, CNN reports. "Given such a large population base, there would be major fluctuations in population growth if we abandoned the one-child rule now," said the country's family planning minister,... More »

US Fertility Rate Bounces to Boom Levels

Birth rates up across all age groups

(Newser) - Americans are having more babies than at any time since 1971, USA Today reports. The fertility rate hit an average of 2.1 babies for every woman in 2006, the highest since just before the Baby Boom ended. The rise in fertility puts America apart from other developed countries, many... More »

Mile-High City Expects Baby Blizzard

Delivery rooms overflow nine months after major snow storms

(Newser) - Nine months after a pair of blizzards shut in Denver residents for days, doctors are preparing for a flurry of baby deliveries, the local ABC affiliate reports. One hospital is expecting a 20% increase in deliveries this October—and doctors point to the "cabin fever" that swept the city... More »

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