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Move Over, Firefighters: NYC Cabbies Put Out Own Calendar

Taxi drivers decide it's time to take a spin as pinups

(Newser) - New York City cabbies have been called a lot of things over the years ... courteous, reckless, sometimes rude. But sexy? That's the tongue-in-cheek goal of a quirky pinup calendar featuring a dozen New York City taxi drivers smirking and smoldering in provocative poses in and around their yellow cabs,... More »

Cabbie Refuses to Pick Up Black Exec, She Fights Back

Baqir Raza is ordered to pay $25K in fines

(Newser) - For Cynthia Jordan, a 57-year-old vice president at a stock transfer firm in New York, it was just another day when a taxi driver refused to let her, a black woman, ride. Except Jordan was with her two daughters on Oct. 19, 2013, and when she saw the look on... More »

John Nash Wasn't Supposed to Be in Cab That Crashed

The couple's travel arrangements had changed

(Newser) - Renowned mathematician John Nash and his wife, Alicia, weren't supposed to be in the cab that crashed into a guardrail on the NJ Turnpike on Saturday, killing the couple , according to the New York Post : Their flight from Norway to Newark Airport got in five hours ahead of schedule,... More »

San Diego Cabbies: Body Odor Test Stinks

Taxi drivers take issue with 'dehumanizing' practice at airport

(Newser) - Body odor is among 52 criteria that officials at San Diego International Airport use to judge taxi drivers. Cabbies say that smacks of prejudice and discrimination. For years, inspectors with the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority have run down their checklist for each cabbie—proof of insurance, functioning windshield... More »

NYC Cabbie: Let Me Wear My Nazi Armband

But city's taxi commission suspends him for a month

(Newser) - A New York City taxi driver has been suspended for a month for proudly wearing a Nazi armband while tooling around the city, but Gabriel Diaz thinks he's getting a raw deal. "I'm a Nationalist Socialist, what you guys call a Nazi," the 26-year-old tells CBS... More »

Honest Cabbie Gets $10K Reward

Vegas driver who turned in $300K is rewarded

(Newser) - The cabbie in Vegas who returned $300,000 in cash left in his car has gotten a five-figure reward for his honesty. Gerardo Gamboa received a $10,000 thank-you from the absent-minded gambler, reports the Las Vegas Sun . The amazing find took place a few days before Christmas, when Gamboa... More »

Found in Back of Vegas Cab: $300K in Cash

And cabbie turns it in

(Newser) - Las Vegas cab driver Gerardo Gamboa thought someone left a bag of chocolates in the back seat. But this stash turned out to be cold hard cash. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Gamboa was making a pickup Monday at the Bellagio when a hotel doorman noticed the brown paper... More »

Cabbie Returns Passenger's $222K

Vegas gambler pays him $2,000

(Newser) - Say you find $222,000 in your cab. What do you do? You get it back to the passenger who left it, right? That's what cabbie Adam Woldemariam did when he found a laptop case stuffed with the cash in his taxi last month. Woldemariam, 42, described as a... More »

London Cabbies Sitting Out Olympics

Some 40% of drivers to strike over city rules

(Newser) - London is planning travel restrictions for some 109 miles of its streets during the Olympics; a third of that distance will be reserved for athletes, members of the press, and officials. London cabbies aren't happy about it: Some 40% of the city's 23,200 black-cab drivers plan to... More »

New Yorkers Taking $5K Cab Ride to Los Angeles

They talked taxi driver into journey at LaGuardia

(Newser) - Two New York City residents hailed a cab at LaGuardia last weekend and asked the driver to go 3,000 miles west. He complied, and the three are expected to arrive in Los Angeles this weekend. Investment banker John Belitsky is picking up the $5,000 tab for the epic... More »

New York Cabs Accused of Jacking Tourists' Fares

Fifty-nine drivers arrested

(Newser) - Dozens of New York City taxi drivers have been arrested on charges of quietly doubling the rates that thousands of passengers should have paid. Officials say tourists and residents unsuspectingly overpaid hundreds of thousands of dollars in all. City officials said today that the 59 drivers were among far more... More »

Cabbie Foils Woman's Plot to Kill Her Husband

Driver tricks woman into hiring undercover 'hit man'

(Newser) - A woman has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after her seemingly loyal cab driver tricked her into trying to hire an undercover police officer to kill her husband. It all started when Veronica Escalona hailed Rachid Rakhis’ cab earlier this month. She told him to follow her estranged... More »

Would-Be Robber-'Vampire' Bites Cabbie

New York robbery ends with strange assault

(Newser) - A taxicab robbery turned terrifying when the would-be thief decided to try out his Dracula act. An unlucky NY cabbie picked up a man in Harlem who asked to go further uptown. At their destination, the man pulled a handgun and demanded cash. A struggle ensued, and the thief bit... More »

NYC Cabbie Returns $21K to Passenger

Driver turns down reward from Italian tourist

(Newser) - Taxi driver Mohammad Asadujjaman says he was just following his mother's advice to always be honest when he went out of his way to find a passenger who left a handbag containing $21,000 in the back seat of his cab. The Bangladesh-born med student ended up making two 50-mile... More »

Cops Nab NHL Player in Cabbie Beating

Blackhawks' Cane accused of pummeling Buffalo driver over 20¢

(Newser) - Buffalo police arrested Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Kane today for allegedly beating a cabbie who refused to give him change, the Buffalo News reports. Kane, 20, and his cousin James Kane, 21, are facing second-degree robbery and two misdemeanor charges in the incident. The 62-year-old cabbie told police that the... More »

Cabbie Charged in Abandoned Baby Hoax

Driver was covering for teen mom with tale of infant left in taxi

(Newser) - A New York taxi driver who lied about finding an infant girl abandoned in his cab was unrepentant yesterday, saying he “did the right thing,” the Daily News reports. New Yorkers' hearts, softened by the story of "baby Lourdes," hardened Saturday when Klever Sailema was arrested... More »

Female Cabbie Takes Readers for Ride in New Blog Book

Life's a gas for hack hooked on NYC streets

(Newser) - A meager 1% of New York City cabbies are women, and now one of them is publishing a book about her strange adventures prowling the streets atop a cushion behind the wheel of her taxi. Melissa Plaut, 32, started hacking three years ago and began tracking the miles in a... More »

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