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See You Soon, But Not on Skype

If you're looking at a person, ignoring the conversation is tough

(Newser) - When Joel Stein is on the phone with you, here’s what happens. “As soon as you begin to talk, I feel trapped and desperately scan the room for tasks I can do to justify the enormous waste of time that is your talking. I wash dishes, I file... More »

Why Facebook Booted My Baby

(Newser) - Joel Stein’s 3-month-old son Laszlo wasn’t a model Facebook citizen—“he threatened to pee on some, cut others,” and would routinely comment “I’d hit that” on other babies’ photos—but that’s no reason to kick him off the site, right? Turns out Baby... More »

George W. Bush: Motivational Speaker

The Decider knows how to put a sunny spin on anything!

(Newser) - “There are many things George W. Bush should do after his presidency,” writes Joel Stein of the LA Times, “most of which involve apologizing.” But since that’s not the Decider’s style, Stein has another career suggestion: motivational speaker. No one knows how to look... More »

Standing Up for Bathroom Diversity

Not afraid to 'gross women out,' man seeks home urinal

(Newser) - Why can't a man have a urinal in his home? Screenwriter Joel Stein sought to fulfill his lifelong dream but then ran into a neighbor who “explained that urinals, to my shock, gross women out.” Unsanitary lidlessness, along with an unfortunate name—which conjures the word “crapinals”... More »

4 Stories