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'Black Lives Matter' Protest Shuts Mall, Airport, Terminal

Flights were delayed at Minneapolis airport

(Newser) - Hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters shut down America's biggest mall on Wednesday in what an organizer says was just a decoy for a protest that shut down an airport terminal. The protesters gathered at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., where they were met by hundreds of... More »

'Intoxicated' Fox Anchor Arrested at Airport

Gregg Jarrett was 'belligerent' at Minneapolis airport bar

(Newser) - Fox News co-anchor Gregg Jarrett got a first-hand look at the scene inside the Hennepin County Jail yesterday after being arrested at a bar in Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport around 12:30pm. Police had been called about an intoxicated man at the Northern Lights Grill in the main terminal, and the... More »

Boy, 9, Sneaks on to Plane, Flies to Vegas

Also scammed a free meal at airport

(Newser) - This is one Vegas gamble that almost paid off: A 9-year-old boy sneaked through security and onto a Delta flight at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport on Thursday and made it all the way to Las Vegas—apparently without a boarding pass. But putting a dent in his wild vacation plans,... More »

Pilot Fails Breathalyzer Just Before Takeoff

Police remove American Eagle pilot from passenger jet

(Newser) - Everything was going fine for an American Eagle pilot making his preflight checks—until police arrived in the cockpit with a Breathalyzer. After the 48-year-old blew a bad score, police arrested him on suspicion of being under the influence and escorted him from the plane at the Minneapolis airport, reports... More »

Blizzard Sweeps Across Midwest

Travel strangled, with accidents killing at least 12

(Newser) - A powerful storm packing heavy snow, sleet, and rain lumbered across the nation's midsection today, glazing roads and disrupting air travel but promising a white Christmas for some. The National Weather Service issued blizzard warnings for parts of Oklahoma, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Texas. It cautioned that travel would be... More »

Northwest Pilots Clammed Up After Overshooting Airport

FAA transcript shows pair blaming silence on 'cockpit distractions'

(Newser) - Air traffic controllers who sought an explanation from the pilots of the "runaway plane," which overshot the Minneapolis airport by about 100 miles last month, got little satisfaction. After being out of radio contact for over an hour, controllers asked the crew of Northwest Flight 188 for a... More »

FAA Admits Flubs on Wandering Northwest Flight

Miscommunication marked regulator's response to stray airliner

(Newser) - The FAA should have taken more decisive action on the Northwest Airlines flight that fell out of communication with ground control for 77 minutes last month, officials acknowledged today. While the plane was out of contact, air-traffic controllers changed shifts and failed to warn their replacements about the runaway plane.... More »

Northwest Pilots Were Working on Laptops: NTSB

Captain, first officer deny falling asleep in cockpit

(Newser) - The pilots of the Northwest flight that wandered 150 miles past its destination were working on their personal laptops in the cockpit, a violation of company policy. The two denied falling asleep and could hear the radio when they fell out of communication with ground personnel, they told NTSB investigators... More »

Northwest Pilot: We Weren't Sleeping

But he won't offer more details on why they overshot airport

(Newser) - One of the pilots of the infamous Northwest flight that missed the airport says neither he nor his co-pilot were napping. "I can assure you none of us was asleep," says Richard Cole, who gave separate interviews to ABC and the AP. "It was not a serious... More »

Cockpit Recorder No Help in Northwest Flight Probe

Device captures just half an hour; record of 78-minute gap lost

(Newser) - Because the aircraft has an old cockpit voice recorder, the world may never know why the pilots of Northwest Flight 188 lost contact with ground control for 78 minutes. The recorder on the Airbus A320 has a maximum memory of 30 minutes, after which it tapes over itself. So investigators... More »

Flight Attendant: 'I Have No Idea' When We're Landing

Investigation continues into errant Northwest flight

(Newser) - The passengers aboard the Northwest flight that overshot the Minneapolis airport by 150 miles—possibly while the pilots napped—didn't have a clue anything was amiss beyond a nagging sense that the flight was taking a long time. One tells the Star Tribune that he asked about it, and a... More »

47 Trapped on 9-Hour 'Nightmare' Flight

(Newser) - If 9 hours on a grounded puddle-jumper with screaming babies and the scent of overly busy toilets wafting through cramped aisles sounds like your idea of a good time, then Continental Airlines had your ticket to paradise. When storms forced a Minneapolis-bound flight to divert to Rochester, Minn., on Friday,... More »

Salt Lake Tops Best Airports List

(Newser) - Some airports just seem to be charmed when it comes to on-time departures. Travel + Leisure ranks the 10 best in America based on percentage of flights delayed:
  1. Salt Lake City: Last year's winner continues its reign, cutting delays by 2% from 2008, to just 12%.
  2. Portland, Ore.: At 15%,
... More »

Craig Won't Appeal to Minn. High Court in Sex Sting

Lawyers say state's top court would likely pass on reviewing former senator's case

(Newser) - The deadline for appealing his case to the Minnesota Supreme Court passes today, and Larry Craig will not seek a review, Fox affiliate KMSP-TV reports. The former Idaho senator was arrested last year in a Minneapolis airport sex sting, and sought to void his conviction. An appeals court ruled against... More »

Craig Pushes to Withdraw Guilty Plea

Senator skips court hearing, which centers on mail-in document

(Newser) - Larry Craig's lawyers asked a state appeals court today to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea to disorderly conduct charges. The prosecutor argued that the senator, who did not appear today, waived his right to a trial by using a mail-in form to enter a plea after being busted... More »

4 Men Detail Encounters With Craig

Mike Jones, who outed Haggard, says Craig also paid him for sex

(Newser) - The man who exposed his sexual relationship with evangelist Ted Haggard is now among four men claiming sexual encounters with Larry Craig, the Idaho Statesman reports. Mike Jones, who published a tell-all of his relationship with Haggard, says Craig paid him $200 for sex, while an IT consultant claims the... More »

Senator's John Is New Tourist Hot Spot

Airport men's room now on must-see list—even for women

(Newser) - Be careful about tapping your foot in Minneapolis’ latest tourist destination. Travelers passing through the airport are clamoring to see the bathroom made famous by Sen. Larry Craig’s arrest last month in a sex sting. “We had to stop and check out the bathroom,” said one jet-set... More »

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