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Sarah Silverman: The DNC Said 'No' to One Joke

She acknowledges she can be a bit 'obnoxious'

(Newser) - Sarah Silverman drew one of the biggest cheers of Monday night at the Democratic National Convention when she told Bernie Sanders diehards they were "being ridiculous." But there was one line the Democratic National Committee informed the comedian she couldn't deliver during her speech, she tells the... More »

Winners, Losers From Day 1 of the DNC

Michelle Obama made the 'speech of the year,' analysts say

(Newser) - There was no shortage of drama on Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention, though the day appeared to end with a more unified party, with Michelle Obama delivering what could be the convention's best speech and Bernie Sanders telling the Philadelphia crowd that Hillary Clinton " must become... More »

Silverman to Bernie Diehards: 'You're Being Ridiculous'

Listen up, Bernie or Bust crowd

(Newser) - Minnesota Sen. Al Franken and comedian Sarah Silverman introduced Paul Simon before his performance of "Bridge Over Troubled Water," with Silverman giving an impassioned speech about how she was a Bernie Sanders supporter, yet how Hillary Clinton had "heard the passion of the people" and incorporated it... More »

Sarah Silverman: I Almost Died Last Week

She was in ICU for five days with epiglottitis

(Newser) - Sarah Silverman went to the doctor last week with a sore throat. Boy, is she glad she did. "I was in the ICU all of last week and I am insanely lucky to be alive," she writes on Facebook . "Don't even know why I went to... More »

10 Celebs You Didn't Realize Voiced Animated Characters

Katy Perry, is that you?

(Newser) - Whose voice is that? You may not have realized these stars rounded up by the Stir were behind animated characters. A sampling:
  1. Kristen Wiig: Lucy in Despicable Me 2 and Miss Hattie in Despicable Me
  2. Amy Poehler: Joy in Inside Out
  3. Zac Efron: Ted in The Lorax
  4. Bill Hader: Flint
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Uproar Greets Sarah Silverman's Rape Prevention Tips

That are aimed at rapists, not victims

(Newser) - On Saturday, Sarah Silverman retweeted a list of rape prevention tips aimed not at potential rape victims but at potential rapists—and there's been quite a bit of backlash, the Telegraph reports. The 10 tips include:
  • "When you see a woman walking by herself, leave her alone."
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Breaking Bad, Modern Family Grab Top Emmys

They win best drama, best comedy series

(Newser) - Seth Meyers opened tonight's Emmy Awards with quite a few jokes about the fact that the ceremony was held on a Monday night rather than a Sunday night before opening things up to the first presenter: none other than Amy Poehler, who handed out the night's first award,... More »

John Oliver, Sarah Silverman Join Forces to Hit ... Payday Loans

Consumers, do 'literally anything else' for money, they say

(Newser) - On last night's Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver and guest Sarah Silverman took on a very important issue: payday loans. The predatory industry is worth $9 billion and the loans "are terrible for you," Oliver warned, noting that interest rates can be as high as 1,... More »

Sarah Silverman Writes Sweet Farewell to Her Dog

Calls Duck 'my best friend' who 'loved love'

(Newser) - It was no funny business this week for Sarah Silverman, who put down her beloved dog of 14 years, Duck "Doug" Silverman, on Tuesday, ABC News reports. After previously writing a song for her 19-year-old Chihuahua-pug mix, it seemed only fitting she write an obituary , too. In it, she... More »

In Reversal, Israel Police Protect Praying Women

Usually, police arrest women instead

(Newser) - Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews showed up to protest a prayer gathering by the "Women of the Wall" at Jerusalem's holy Western Wall today, hurling chairs, water, and garbage at the women and stones at their buses, Reuters reports. In a reversal, police held back and clashed with the... More »

10 Women in Israel Detained for Wearing Prayer Shawls

One is Sarah Silverman's sister

(Newser) - Ten women, one the sister of comedian Sarah Silverman, were detained today for wearing prayer shawls at a holy site in Israel. The Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City is under Orthodox ritual law, which only allows men to wear prayer shawls, Reuters reports. Susan Silverman was there as... More »

Matt Damon Gets Revenge on Jimmy Kimmel

Kidnaps host who's rebuffed him for years, takes over entire show

(Newser) - The "feud" between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel has gone on for years: Many have been the nights when Kimmel has ended his show by apologizing for having to "bump" a supposed Damon interview, saying "we ran out of time." And of course, there was that... More »

Critics Gush Over Wreck-it Ralph

Sarah Silverman's performance may be her 'finest acting work'

(Newser) - Disney's new animated movie Wreck-it Ralph is rocking Rotten Tomatoes with an 85% rating, and some critics say it's the best animated movie of the year. The laffer features the voices of Sarah Silverman and John C. Reilly as video game stars in an 8-bit arcade world. A... More »

Sarah Silverman's New Target: Voter ID Laws

Video lampoons push to keep minorities, students from voting

(Newser) - Sarah Silverman wants you to get a gun permit, because unlike a student ID, it'll give you the right to vote. In 2008, the comedian advocated "the Great Schlep " down to Florida to encourage grandparents to back Barack Obama; now she's illuminating new voter ID laws... More »

Sarah Silverman: Fox Is a 24-Hour 'Racism Machine'

'It's all coded, all implied'

(Newser) - Racists in today's mainstream media don't go around praising the Klan, they appear on Fox News saying President Obama was born in Africa, according to Sarah Silverman. "The entire Fox News Channel is a 24-hour-a-day racism engine, but it’s all coded, all implied," she writes in her... More »

Silverman, King Agree: Palin Should Do Playboy

Talk show host is quick to agree with saucy comedian

(Newser) - On the slight chance Sarah Palin needs more money, or perhaps just wants to follow in her almost-son-in-law's footsteps, Larry King and Sarah Silverman have an idea for her: Take it off for Playboy. The apparent non sequitur came at the end of King’s interview with Silverman last night,... More »

Silverman's World Hunger Plan: Sell the Vatican

(Newser) - Sarah Silverman last struck viral video gold with her "I'm fucking Matt Damon" musical ditty. On Bill Maher's HBO show last night, she debuted her newest effort: a proposal to end world hunger by selling the Vatican, which she figures is "worth, like, 500 billion dollars." And... More »

Emmys' Fashion Winners, Losers

Drew Barrymore 'luminous,' Tina Fey dowdy on the red carpet

(Newser) - The Emmy winners and losers weren’t just singled out onstage—sartorial successes and failures stalked the red carpet as well. Elizabeth Snead offers a wrap-up in the Los Angeles Times. The Winners:
  • Drew Barrymore: “Luminous in Monique Lhuillier’s blush-hued tulle strapless gown.”
  • Heidi Klum: Flaunted her
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Oprah's Mag Puts New Twist on Power List

(Newser) - Nobody’s No. 1 on O, the Oprah Magazine’s inaugural “Power List.” Indeed, no one’s any other number either.  “Power can be so many things,” the editors reason, so they’re honoring women who are powerful in different ways. A sampling:
  • The Power
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Top Saturday Night Live Alums

Stars who made it big after the show

(Newser) - Not all Saturday Night Live alums go on to bigger and better things after leaving the show. Time pronounces the top 10 who did.
  • Will Ferrell has come a long way since those cheerleader sketches. His latest flick, Land of the Lost, opens today (and judging from the reviews, it's
... More »

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