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Monster Hurricane Could Bring 'Flooding Disaster' to Texas

Harvey could be strongest to hit US in 12 years

(Newser) - Texas is bracing for the arrival of Hurricane Harvey , a storm that meteorologists say could turn into a slow-moving "monster" that batters the state for several days. Harvey is expected to make landfall as a Category 3 hurricane late Friday or early Saturday, and AccuWeather meteorologist Alex Sosnowski says... More »

Famous Singer's Brother on a Texas 'Most Wanted' List

AB Quintanilla, brother of Selena, reportedly owes nearly $90K in child support

(Newser) - A surprising name has popped up on a Texas "most wanted" list: that of Selena Quintanilla's brother. Per People Chica , AB Quintanilla—full name: Abraham Quintanilla, per a Facebook post by the Nueces County Sheriff's Office—is one of the top 10 fugitives in Corpus Christi for... More »

How a Guy Stuck Behind an ATM Got Out

Via a note the machine delivered

(Newser) - Instead of money, an ATM in Corpus Christi, Texas, delivered a note reading, "Please Help. I'm stuck in here, and I don't have my phone" on Wednesday. And while some figured the message was meant as a joke, police did eventually free a man stuck behind the... More »

Giant Cross to Rise in Texas, 'Like God Is Pointing His Finger'

230-footer in Corpus Christi will be largest in the US

(Newser) - A big cross is going up in Texas, but "big" is a bit of an understatement. When the steel structure is completed in Corpus Christi, perhaps next year, it will stand 230 feet high. As a feature at Texas Monthly explains, that will make it the biggest in the... More »

Runners-Up Sue Beauty Pageant Over Winner

Say Caitlin Cifuentes should have been disqualified from Latina contest

(Newser) - Six of the contestants who lost the Miss Corpus Christi Latina Pageant not only think the pageant crowned the wrong winner, they're suing over it. Their lawsuit makes the case that Caitlin Cifuentes, 25, should not have received the crown on June 11 because of her criminal record and... More »

America's Largest Cross Coming to Texas

It would tower 210 feet over Corpus Christi

(Newser) - The largest cross in the US is coming to the "Body of Christ," also known as Corpus Christi, Texas. The Corpus Christi Cross Project broke ground at the Abundant Life Fellowship campus off Interstate 37 on Sunday. Pastor Rick Milby says the massive cross will eventually stretch 95... More »

Find the Drunkest City in Your State

Dubuque, Iowa, is drunkest with 30.8% heavy or binge drinkers

(Newser) - This could be a helpful tool for those looking to party: Wall St. 24/7 has determined the drunkest city in each state, based on the percentage of adult residents who binge drink (consume four to five drinks per sitting) or are heavy drinkers (consume at least eight drinks per week... More »

Thousands of Texans Flee Ike

Exodus from low-lying areas accelerates as hurricane approaches

(Newser) - Thousands have fled low-lying areas of Texas in the projected path of Hurricane Ike, the Houston Chronicle reports. The storm is expected to get stronger before making landfall   along the coast this weekend. Texas has troops and 1,350 buses on standby for evacuations. As many as a million... More »

Ike Strengthens, Heads for Texas

Gulf oil platforms don't appear threatened as hurricane aims to Corpus Christi

(Newser) - After leaving Cuba, Hurricane Ike is strengthening and moving through the Gulf of Mexico toward south-central Texas, Bloomberg reports. The National Hurricane Center said it was possible Ike would strengthen into a “major hurricane” before landfall, probably near Corpus Christi. One independent forecaster said there was “a significant... More »

Dolly Storms Toward Texas

Tropical storm gunning for upgrade to hurricane, but small one

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Dolly is en route to hurricane status, and hurricane conditions are expected by the end of today on the southern Texas coast near the Mexican border, Reuters reports. With winds currently around 50mph, Dolly is crossing the Gulf of Mexico from where it emerged over the Yucatan peninsula. More »

Oh, Baby! Jumpers Ward Off Devil

Men dressed as demons soar over infants in festival

(Newser) - Men dressed as demons leapt over rows of placid babies in a Spanish village yesterday in a rite intended to protect them from evil spirits. During a festival marking the Catholic feast of Corpus Christi, infants lie on mattresses as long-jumpers in red-and-yellow costumes fly over them. No one was... More »

Timberlake To Take Field in Baseball Flick

Pop star will play minor leaguer trying to connect with family

(Newser) - Justin Timberlake will take a swing at minor league ballplaying in the upcoming flick The Open Road, the AP reports. Adding to his Hollywood resume, Timberlake will play Carlton Garrett, a made-up member of the Houston Astros’ farm team, the Corpus Christi Hooks. Timberlake, aiming for authenticity, has attempted—so... More »

'Thou Shalt Not Sue Me!'

'God' responds to lawsuit, claims immunity

(Newser) - "God" has apparently responded to a lawsuit accusing Him of making terroristic threats against mankind. If that sounds like the premise for a Jim Carrey movie, well, one day it might be. Agnostic Nebraska legislator Ernie Chambers sued God in a county court for all the disasters He brings... More »

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