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How Band Is Cashing In on Album of Silence

Vulfpeck asks fans to stream 'Sleepify' on Spotify while they sleep

(Newser) - Lots of musicians—notably Thom Yorke of Radiohead —hate Spotify because it pays out a tiny fraction of a cent for every track played. But now a funk band out of Ann Arbor called Vulfpeck has come up with what Quartz calls an "ingeniously simple" way to actually... More »

Look Out, Pandora, Here Comes Apple

Wall Street Journal says company is planning to launch a rival

(Newser) - It looks like Apple will try to muscle in on the digital music niche carved out by Pandora. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has begun talks to create a rival radio service similar to Pandora's, in which listeners punch in the name of an artist they like... More »

How Spotify's Boss Can Save Music

Daniel Ek creating a revolutionary 'music ecosystem': Forbes

(Newser) - Ever since Napster, the music industry has been desperate for a fix—and Daniel Ek may have finally found it. The 28-year-old Swedish founder and CEO of Spotify is, according to Forbes , "the most important man in music." His service amounts to a profitable way to give people... More »

Blackberry Music Service in the Works

RIM aiming to take on iTunes

(Newser) - Blackberry maker Research in Motion is aiming to give itself an edge in the smartphone market with a new music service designed to run on its instant messaging system. The new service, to be called BBM Music, will allow users to access and share up to 50 songs at a... More »

Spotify Makes US Debut

Digital music service poised to upend business

(Newser) - Europe's hottest digital music service has just made its American debut and some analysts are already saying that the download industry is as good as dead. Spotify has a catalog of 15 million songs which users can stream instead of buy. Users can access Spotify for a small monthly... More »

Google Launching Online Music Service

Cloud-computing music service expected to be announced later today

(Newser) - Google is poised to enter the music business, reportedly with a cloud-computing system similar to the Amazon Cloud service announced in March , according to the Wall Street Journal . Users will be able to upload music to online "lockers" and stream the music to various devices. But because Google has... More »

Apple Widens Music Strategy, Buys Startup Lala

In case people get music from a cloud, not an iPod

(Newser) - Apple has bought the online music service Lala to broaden its reach in the digital music business. Lala relies on so-called cloud computing: It allows users to buy songs for 10 cents and listen to them on the web, but they're not downloaded to the person's hard drive or devices... More »

Take Those Tunes Beyond Your iPod

At least five sites can help

(Newser) - Sure, you can listen to the hundreds of gigs of music you have on your computer—but why limit yourself? Mashable lists the top Web sites and applications to help you really utilize your audio library:
  • One of the Web’s most popular music social networks, the site’
... More »

5 Sites Keeping You Tuned Into Online Music

Streaming music gets a foothold among listeners

(Newser) - The wide world of online music now offers a range of ways to stream your tunes, from pay sites to musical social-networking services. It’s hard to tell which will stick around, but experts say they may help save the music industry, CNN reports. A sampling:
  • Napster: It’s back
... More »

France Plans to Monitor, Foil Illegal Downloaders

(Newser) - France is poised to enact a far-reaching crackdown on those who illegally download music and movies, the New York Times reports. A new law expected to be approved tomorrow allows the music and film industry to monitor the downloads of individual users and report any violations to a new copyright... More »

Springsteen Offers New Single Free ... But Just Today

Download Working on a Dream on iTunes, Boss' official site

(Newser) - Bruce Springsteen's new single can be downloaded free of charge—for one day. Springsteen is offering free downloads of Working on a Dream on iTunes and his official Web site. The track will have a fee attached on iTunes from tomorrow through Dec. 9. More »

GN'R, Sir Paul Release New Albums Early

Eagerly awaited projects debut on MySpace—free

(Newser) - Fans can get an early online taste—legally—of the latest albums from Guns N’ Roses and Paul McCartney thanks to MySpace, Reuters reports. Members can stream the music free starting today but can't download it. Early reaction to the first GN'R album in 17 years is generally positive; Entertainment ... More »

Carla Shares New Album on Website

French first lady puts her new music online for free

(Newser) - If Coldplay and Radiohead can do it, then so can the first lady of France, reports the Wall Street Journal. Carla Bruni is inviting her fans to listen to up to 2 hours of her new album for free on her website. The album, which has sparked extreme interest among... More »

MySpace Music Takes On iTunes

Joint venture with record companies aims to create competition

(Newser) - The world of online music buying looks set for a shakeup with the launch of MySpace Music, announced today. The joint venture between MySpace and three of the big four record labels aims to compete head-to-head with iTunes, CNET News reports. Music industry bigwigs are said to have long felt... More »

Euro Websites Rock Recording Industry

Slicethepie, Sellaband get visitors to invest in favorite bands

(Newser) - While the recording industry continues to lose profits, two online companies are reinventing the recorded music business model—and raking in the cash. Europe's SellaBand and Slicethepie are getting fans to finance their favorite indie rock up-and-comers. Amazon UK wants in, but online gambling legislation in the US makes it... More »

Perez Hilton, Music Mogul?

Celebrity blogger is in a deal with Warner Music to start his own imprint

(Newser) - “Madonna’s leaving, Perez is coming.” Those words are straight from the mouth of the music industry's most unlikely new player, gossip blogger Perez Hilton. He has parlayed posts praising unknown and upcoming acts on his website into a possible deal doing the same for Warner Brothers Records,... More »

MySpace Makes Music Overtures

Social networking site turns to recording labels in effort to broaden appeal

(Newser) - MySpace has spent the past few weeks approaching major record labels, trying to hammer out a deal for a new online music service, the Wall Street Journal reports. The deal—tentatively MySpace Music—would likely let users stream unlimited music for free, and buy downloads that could be played on... More »

Online Music Sales Surge in Britain

Holiday bounce credited with rare good note for music industry

(Newser) - Online music downloads in Britain surged during the last week of 2007, more than doubling the corresponding week of 2006, Reuters reports. With physical album sales still down and digital piracy continuing, analysts saw a high note: "The news should help induce optimism that the recorded music industry may... More »

Pepsi, Amazon Could Spark Digital Music Revolution

Promotion deal pushing music companies to switch to DRM-free MP3 format

(Newser) - Pepsi and Amazon aren’t music producers, but they may inspire large-scale changes in the industry, Reuters says. The two companies will launch a music download promotion of MP3 songs during the Super Bowl next year, a deal pushing music titans like Warner Music and Sony BMG to consider distributing... More »

Radiohead Denies Report That Fans Aren't Paying

Company said 62% chose not to pay in experimental album release

(Newser) - Just how successful has Radiohead's experimental pay-if-you-want online album release been? That's in debate as the band denies a report that just 38% of fans opted to pay for In Rainbows, and most paid under $4. Radiohead said the the figures from comScore Inc. are "wholly inaccurate," reports... More »

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