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Clinton Picks Up Big GOP Endorsement

Trump spokeswoman blames Obama for Khan death in 2004

(Newser) - Another prominent Republican has endorsed Hillary Clinton, and this one might sting Donald Trump more than most: Meg Whitman, a major GOP donor, says she now plans to raise funds for his rival. "I will vote for Hillary, I will talk to my Republican friends about helping her, and... More »

Hewlett-Packard Splits in 2

PC and printer side will separate from tech services

(Newser) - Hewlett-Packard is splitting itself into two companies: one focused on its personal computer and printing business and another on technology services, such as data storage, servers, and software, as it aims to drive stronger profitability. The company says the PC and printer business will use the name HP Inc.; Re/code... More »

75 GOP Bigwigs Sign Brief Backing Gay Marriage

Top Republicans show support before key Supreme Court case

(Newser) - Scores of prominent Republicans have made an unprecedented show of support for gay marriage. The GOPers, including Jon Huntsman, former George W. Bush administration officials, and four former governors, have signed a legal brief arguing that gay people have the constitutional right to marry, the New York Times reports. The... More »

HP: New Acquisition Cheated Us, Cost Us $8.8B

Company says it has alerted regulators

(Newser) - Hewlett-Packard is accusing Autonomy Corp, which it purchased last year for $10.3 billion, of falsifying its finances—leading HP to take an $8.8 billion charge to sync Autonomy's accounting value with its real value. In a statement, HP accused "former members of Autonomy's management team"... More »

50 Most Powerful Women in Business

IBM's Ginni Rometty comes in at No. 1

(Newser) - Marissa Mayer's jump from Google to Yahoo might have made her the most high-profile woman in business this year, but she hasn't cracked the top 10 of the annual "most powerful" list from Fortune . Mayer is at No. 14, up from 38 last year. The top five:... More »

Meet the Record 18 Female CEOs on the Fortune 500

In her first year on the list, Ginni Rometty does very well

(Newser) - A record 18 female CEOs are included on the 2012 Fortune 500, CNNMoney reports. Eight of them made it into the top 100:
  • Meg Whitman: Hewlett-Packard, No. 11
  • Ginni Rometty: IBM, No. 18
  • Patricia Woertz: Archer Daniels Midland, No. 39
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HP Will Stick With Computers After All

But what about TouchPad and Web-OS? Stay tuned

(Newser) - The world's biggest PC maker has decided to keep making PCs. New Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman announced today that the company is backtracking from her ousted predecessor's strategy to spin off the $41 billion computer division and, in the words of Gizmodo , "turn HP into the next... More »

Hewlett-Packard Names Meg Whitman CEO

Leo Apotheker is out at struggling company

(Newser) - Score one for the rumor mill : Hewlett-Packard waited for the markets to close, then named Meg Whitman its new CEO, effective immediately, reports Bloomberg . The former eBay exec, recently off a failed bid to be California governor, will take over for Leo Apotheker, who resigned under pressure after 11 lackluster... More »

Meg Whitman to Take Over at Hewlett-Packard?

Insiders say strugging company may dump CEO Leo Apotheker

(Newser) - Meg Whitman may have lost out on her bid to be governor of California, but she might soon be back in a high-profile business post, reports Bloomberg . It quotes anonymous sources who say Hewlett-Packard's board may fire CEO Leo Apotheker and replace him with Whitman on an interim basis.... More »

Jerry Brown's $37M Trumped Whitman's $179M

Failed Calif. gov campaign cost $43.25 per vote in her favor

(Newser) - Democrat Jerry Brown won the California governor's race despite being outspent nearly 5 to 1 by opponent Meg Whitman, according to campaign finance reports filed yesterday. The former eBay CEO, who shattered the record for personal spending by a candidate, spent $178.5 million on her campaign, of which $144.... More »

HP Brings on Meg Whitman in Board Shakeup

Company tries to forget Mark Hurd fiasco by replacing four directors

(Newser) - In an effort to shake off the Mark Hurd scandal , HP gave its board of directors a big makeover yesterday, removing four directors closely tied to the decision to oust the infamous ex-CEO. In their place, the company added five new directors—including former eBay boss and gubernatorial candidate Meg... More »

The Most Covered Candidates of 2010

Guess who's No. 1?

(Newser) - When it comes to the most covered candidates of the midterm elections, is it any surprise that Tea Partiers claim five of the top 10 slots? The Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism analyzed the election stories produced by 52 TV networks, websites, radio stations, and newspapers since Jan.... More »

Today's Winners, Predicted by Meghan McCain

Midterm successes, starring Christine O'Donnell

(Newser) - Meghan McCain expects a dark day for Democrats, with “more than a few upsets and memorable YouTube moments.” Her predictions in the Daily Beast :
  • Sharron Angle will beat Harry Reid in Nevada, and he’ll offer an “uncomfortable and possibly bitter concession speech.”
  • Charlie Crist will
... More »

Whitman Gouging Press for Travel

Calif. candidate charging journos $2K for day—sans hotel

(Newser) - Meg Whitman is charging reporters huge sums to travel with the candidate during her campaign's final days, notes Carla Marinucci in the San Francisco Chronicle : One day will cost members of the press “a whopping $1,350,” but that’s small change compared to another day’s “... More »

Meg Whitman: Deport My Housekeeper

How that her house is clean, 'the law is the law,' says Calif. candidate

(Newser) - Meg Whitman, in an effort to fire up the Republican base, has been taking a harder line on immigration—or, at least, on one illegal immigrant in particular. The California hopeful had previously declined to comment on whether her former maid, who was in the country illegally during her employment... More »

Whitman Booed for Refusing to Stop Negative Ads

Jerry Brown promises to take down his, Meg demurs

(Newser) - California voters might be just a wee bit fed up with the negative campaign ads spewing from the Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown campaigns. At a joint appearance at the annual Women’s Conference last night, Matt Lauer asked both candidates if they’d agree to pull their negative ads—... More »

3 GOP Hopefuls Have Spent a Quarter-Billion Dollars

Seriously ... and they're not even ahead in the polls

(Newser) - The Chamber of Commerce and Public-Employees Union have got nothing on three Republican candidates when it comes to campaign spending: Meg Whitman, Rick Scott, and Linda McMahon have spent more than the two groups combined—a staggering $243 million. What makes that figure even more gobsmacking is not just the... More »

Old Rape Allegation Surfaces Against Whitman's Son

Griff Harsh never disciplined or charged for 2006 incident

(Newser) - Gawker takes an exclusive look at a 2006 rape accusation against Griff Harsh, son of California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, and concludes it was "hushed up." Griff Harsh is accused of going home with a Princeton classmate after a night of partying and having sex with her.... More »

Meg Whitman Twitter Fail Sends Backers to Odd Video

Typo leads Twitter followers to tutu-wearing bassist

(Newser) - A tutu-wearing Japanese man who plays bass guitar in his bedroom has won the break of a lifetime, courtesy of the Meg Whitman campaign. A spokeswoman for the California GOP candidate made a typo when trying to tweet a link to a Whitman endorsement, and sent followers instead to a... More »

Palin: 'Soon We'll All Be Dancing'

But divided GOP might not be in any mood to party

(Newser) - An ebullient Sarah Palin took the stage in California before 2000 roaring supporters last night, but urged them not to let up until November 2, reports the AP. "The momentum is with us but now is not the time to celebrate—not quite yet," she said. ' It... More »

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