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2.7M Updated Facebook Pic for Gay Marriage

Human Rights Campaign offers photos online

(Newser) - Seen anyone replace their Facebook profile picture with a red equal sign lately? They're among the 2.7 million or so users supporting same-sex marriage with images provided by the Human Rights Campaign , reports CNN . The group started offering the photos Monday—as the issue headed for the Supreme... More »

Chick-Fil-A-Toting Gunman Pleads Guilty

Floyd Corkins shot guard at conservative group over gay rights

(Newser) - A Virginia man who shot and wounded a security guard at the conservative Family Research Council has pleaded guilty to three felony charges—including committing an act of terrorism, reports CNN . Floyd Corkins, 28, still faces up to 45 years in jail for the assault in DC last August. If... More »

FRC Shooting: 'Hate' Label Has Gone Too Far

Dana Milbank says it's time liberal groups tone down their rhetoric

(Newser) - The Family Research Council was quick to blame the shooting at its offices on its arch-rivals at the Southern Poverty Law Center, releasing a statement accusing the SPLC of giving the attacker "a license to shoot an unarmed man" by calling the FRC a "hate group." That'... More »

DC Shooter: 'I Don't Like Your Politics'

Suspect was hauling 15 Chick-Fil-A sandwiches

(Newser) - A criminal complaint is painting a clearer picture of the gunman accused of attacking the Family Research Council: Before shooting a security guard, Floyd Corkins informed him, "I don't like your politics." The exchange was caught on surveillance video, authorities say. Not only did Corkins have a... More »

DC Shooting Suspect Carried Chick-fil-A Bag

Floyd Corkins volunteered at LGBT center

(Newser) - The alleged shooter who wounded a security guard at the anti-gay marriage Family Research Council yesterday carried a bag from Chick-fil-A, according to the Washington Post ; NBC reports he was carrying materials about Chick-fil-A restaurants. Floyd Corkins, 28, reportedly volunteered at an LGBT center, CNN notes, and police say he... More »

Cops: Shooter Dissed Conservative Group

Allegedly made negative remark about Family Research Council, wounded guard

(Newser) - A man suspected of shooting and wounding a security guard in the lobby of a Christian lobbying group today made a negative reference about the organization's work before opening fire, a law enforcement official said. Police said the man entered the Family Research Council in Washington around 10:45am,... More »

Evangelical Slams 'Gay' Star Wars Video Game

'Homosexual activists' threaten 'empire': Tony Perkins

(Newser) - In a galaxy not far enough away... an evangelical is criticizing the gay and lesbian relationships in a Star Wars video game, Raw Story reports. Tony Perkins, who leads the Family Research Council, wrote a post condemning Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic: "In a new Star Wars... More »

Top Righty Group Disses Ron Paul as 'an Outlier'

Straw poll doesn't represent national mood: Tony Perkins

(Newser) - Sure, Ron Paul may have won the Values Voter Summit straw poll —but that doesn't mean values voters like him, a social conservative activist says. The head of the Family Research Council told CNN 's American Morning that, "when you look at everything," Paul, who... More »

Foe: 'Homosexual' Judge Had No Right to Block Prop. 8 Ruling

Walker 'ignored science,' charges 'family defender'

(Newser) - "Homosexual" Judge Vaughan Walker should have recused himself from the court decision ejecting California's Proposition 8 banning gay marriage, charged the head of a conservative "family council." What "you have is one judge—and an openly homosexual judge at that—who says he knows better than... More »

Look Out, Gay Soldiers Will Rape You in Your Sleep!

... claim foes of Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal

(Newser) - If Congress really repeals Don't Ask, Don't Tell, newly empowered gay soldiers will run amok, giving their straight colleagues non-consensual blow jobs when they're asleep or drunk, according to the Family Research Council. No really! They have a study to prove it! On a conference call to reporters, which Talking... More »

Anti-Gay Minister Begs His Rent Boy to Shut Up

'I did not have sex with that escort,' he insists

(Newser) - An anti-gay activist minister has pleaded with his "rent boy" to stop talking to the press after the young man detailed the daily sexual rubdowns he gave George Rekers during a recent European trip. "We did the whole massage thing. I feel like I should tell the press"... More »

Conservative Chief Tells Group Not to Give to RNC

Bondage club incident further shows 'tone-deaf' brass

(Newser) - The influential head of a key conservative group is urging that group’s members to avoid donating to the Republican National Committee in the wake of its most recent scandal. “This latest incident is another indication to me the RNC is completely tone-deaf to the values and concerns of... More »

Right-Wingers to God: Stop Health Care Bill

Republican congressmen join 'prayercast' opposing reform

(Newser) - Some Republican members of Congress joined Family Research Council members in Washington last night for a “prayercast” asking God to stop the health care bill. The hour-long event was streamed live on the web, and the hosts said people in churches and homes everywhere were praying along. “The... More »

Huckabee Wins Conservative Straw Poll

Palin lags behind with Pawlenty, Romney, Pence

(Newser) - Mike Huckabee easily won a presidential straw poll today at a conference for social conservatives, Politico reports. The former Arkansas governor garnered 28% of 597 votes at the annual Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC. Tying for second, each with about 12% of the vote, were former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt... More »

Abortion Foes: Cut Funding for Flush Planned Parenthood

They seek to keep the nonprofit from getting public funds

(Newser) - Abortion opponents’ newest strategy includes lobbying state and local governments to cut public funding for Planned Parenthood, the Wall Street Journal reports. Religious conservatives have taken to arguing that the organization is running a surplus and doesn’t need public dollars, which account for a third of the nonprofit's budget.... More »

VP Picks Lieberman, Hagel: Disasters for Party Bases

Candidates seem certain to pay for aisle-crossing tickets

(Newser) - With talk that John McCain and Barack Obama could pick Joe Lieberman and Chuck Hagel, respectively, to round out their tickets, liberal and conservative stalwarts tell Politico the aisle-crossing VPs would likely wreak havoc with the parties’ bases. While each has broken with his party on Iraq, Lieberman is far... More »

Rudy Tells Religious Brass 'I’ll Go It Alone'

Candidate picks direct appeal to voters rather than courting leaders

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani is going directly to values voters rather than risking confrontation with their kingmakers, and one aide says Rudy doesn’t need the brass on his side. The socially liberal GOPer hasn’t met with the Arlington Group and is the only Republican who hasn’t responded to a... More »

Blackwater CEO Thick as Thieves With Bush, Christian Right

Prince's ties date to White House internship

(Newser) - The CEO of embattled Blackwater USA has deep ties to the GOP and the religious right, beginning with a college internship in the first Bush White House. Erik Prince’s security firm's federal contracts have grown from under $1 million in 2001 to over $1 billion today, and he's made... More »

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