chemicals and obesity

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Weight Loss May Push Toxins Into Bloodstream

Broken down fat cells release stored pollutants: study

(Newser) - Scientists have uncovered a toxic underside to weight loss: the breaking down of fat cells can release a flood of "pollutants" stored there. Fat stores trap certain toxins such as DDT and PCBs. When significant amounts of fat are broken down, these chemicals are released into the bloodstream, where... More »

Genetic Hiccup Causes Obesity In Mice: Study

Evolutionary relic in humans could be fixed by drug or gene therapy

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered an immune system pathway in the brain that they think is the root cause of diseases related to obesity, Reuters reports. When mice were overfed, the hypothalamus secreted a compound that suppressed the conversion of food into energy, and led to inflammation associated with heart disease and... More »

Why Am I Fat? One Word for You: Plastics

Chemicals in common items may play role in rising obesity rates

(Newser) - Early exposure to chemicals found in common plastics could predispose a person to obesity, scientists suggest. Studies have shown that animals fed the chemicals, called endocrine disrupters, are fatter later in life than those who were not, the Boston Globe reports. Diet, exercise, and genetics are key factors, but "... More »

Chemicals Linked to Obesity

In mice, common chemicals trigger fat cells and "feed me" hormones

(Newser) - Chemicals found in everything from baby bottles to cleaning agents might be triggering the obesity epidemic, causing fat cells to grow and multiply out of control. A Centers for Disease Control study suggests that exposure of mice to chemicals like tributyltin—used in fungicides and plastics—increases fat cells, which... More »

4 Stories