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The 5 Reasons You're Broke

And always will be, unless you change your habits, says financial planner

(Newser) - Even employed people can still be broke—and if you’re in that camp, allow Steve Roy to help. On Dumb Little Man , the financial planner offers up the “five reasons you will always be broke:"
  1. Your spouse is a spender: If one partner is out of touch
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Best iPhone Apps to Manage Money

(Newser) - Many banks are now developing iPhone applications to let you manage your accounts, but several free apps can help you keep your finances straight. The Wall Street Journal looks at some of the best.
  • Mint—links all of your accounts, from checking and savings to loans and investments, into one
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How to Make Kids $$$$ Savvy

12 ways to teach the value of a dollar

(Newser) - It's never too early to get savvy about money. The Journal's Jonathan Clements explains how he's put his teens on the right track.
  1. Delayed gratification: When they spend their own cash, they make better decisions.
  2. Pace yourself: The Clements kids had to make a 3-month allowance last.
  3. Family values: Stories,
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Save Money; Buy Used

There's no need to throw away cash on these 10 items you shouldn't buy new

(Newser) - Some things, like lingerie and toothbrushes, are best purchased new. In other cases, used is just as good—and far cheaper. MSN Money gives you the lowdown:
  1. Books
  2. CDs and DVDs
  3. Little kids' toys
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Millionaire Jr.: How to Teach Your Kids About Money

Lesson 1: It doesn't grow on trees

(Newser) - Give your kids a head start in the real world with these tips from Zen Habits:
  1. Let them control a small portion of your budget, like $50 a month for eating out.
  2. Show them how to save for large purchases.
  3. Teach them to reduce expenses to reach goals faster.
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5 Stories