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Glee Grabs GLAAD Award

Sykes accepts honor from prom-banned lesbian

(Newser) - In real life, lesbian teens are banned from high school proms. But in the gay-friendly world of TV's Glee, male partners will be very "popular prom kings." That's the word from creator Ryan Murphy, who provided a sneak peak into the lives of Glee's exuburant singing high schoolers... More »

White House Blasts CBS for Outing Court Candidate

Rep says network 'applying old stereotypes' to single women

(Newser) - The White House blasted CBS for publishing a column yesterday 'outing' Supreme Court candidate Elena Kagan—thing is, she's not a lesbian, maintains a White House rep. The post, written by conservative blogger Ben Domenech, said Obama would "please his base" by selecting "an openly gay justice."... More »

'Fake Prom' Held for Lesbian Teen

Event was for show while others attended 'real' dance

(Newser) - An "alternate" prom welcoming a lesbian and her date after their high school canceled the official dance rather than let them attend apparently turned out to be a fake event attended by only 7 other students. A judge ruled that a Mississippi high school violated Constance McMillen's constitutional rights,... More »

Local Hate, National Love for Gay Teen in Prom Flap

Dance fight made Constance McMillan famous, and an outcast

(Newser) - Constance McMillen became a national hero after her school canceled the prom rather than allow her to take her girlfriend as her date, and she sued the school district. Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres have offered to fund the prom, she’s been given a $30,000 college scholarship, and the... More »

Lesbian Loses Bid to Hold Banned Prom

But judge rules school violated her free speech rights

(Newser) - A high school lesbian who went to court after her school canceled prom rather than let her attend has lost a bid to force the school to reinstate the dance. A judge ruled that Constance McMillen's First Amendment rights were violated, but that she failed to prove that ordering the... More »

Gay Teen Denied Prom Gets $30K Scholarship

Ellen DeGeneres calls Constance McMillen a leader for gay rights

(Newser) - Ellen DeGeneres honored the Mississippi teen who stood up for her right to take a same-sex partner to the prom on her show today, presenting her with a $30,000 college scholarship check. DeGeneres hailed Constance McMillen as part of a new generation of leaders in gay rights. The school... More »

Evangelical Ex-Gay Mom Must Give Up Baby

But Miller vanishes after court grants custody to former partner

(Newser) - A former lesbian turned evangelical homophobe has apparently disappeared with her daughter after she was ordered to give up the girl to her former female partner. Lisa Miller gave birth to daughter Isabella through artificial insemination 7 years ago after she and former lover Janet Jenkins were joined in a... More »

LA Lesbian Bishop Rattles Anglicans

Archbishop of Canterbury not happy

(Newser) - The decision by the US Episcopal Church in Los Angeles to elect the first openly lesbian Anglican bishop in the world has sparked a sharp new controversy over gay church leaders. "I feel deeply ashamed that this is happening," says a leader of a conservative branch of the... More »

Tourists Seek Mythical Lesbian City in Sweden

Men looking for city of 25,000 women badger Swedish tourist authorities

(Newser) - Rumors of a city of 25,000 lesbians have led hordes of men to contact Swedish tourist authorities and swamp the nation's Internet providers. Chinese media especially have spread the tale of “Chako Paul City,” supposedly founded in 1820 in northern Sweden by a man-hating widow who banned... More »

'Gayby Boomers' Slam Critics But Admit Ups and Downs

(Newser) - Experts are still debating the effects of gay parenting on children, but so-called "Gayby Boomers" are now old enough to speak up for themselves. Several in their 20s and 30s tell CNN that they grew up more empathetic than their peers, developed the courage to take unpopular stands,... More »

UK Set to Name First Female Poet Laureate

Blair had passed Duffy over fearing public wouldn't accept lesbian

(Newser) - The UK looks set to honor a woman as poet for the first time, the Independent reports, and an openly gay woman at that. At 53, Carol Ann Duffy is Great Britain’s most widely read poet, and might’ve already been named poet laureate but for former PM Tony... More »

Calif. Court Rules School Can Expel Lesbian Kids

Private body not ruled by discrimination laws

(Newser) - A California court has ruled that a private school's expulsion of two girls for "conducting themselves in a manner consistent with being lesbians" was lawful, the Los Angeles Times reports. The court decided the religious school did not count as a business and was therefore exempt from discrimination... More »

Lesbian Fiction's Hot New Stars: Secret Service Agents

Security more desirable than love: Thomas

(Newser) - Secret Service agents have become popular protagonists in lesbian romance mysteries because they embody traits readers covet, June Thomas writes for Slate. "They are the ultimate strong, silent type—they fade into the background without hiding, they keep their mouths shut, and they have your back," she... More »

Fox Not Shy About Lesbian Fling

Hollywood's hottest starlet pulls no punches about where sex stands in her life

(Newser) - "It’s hard not to wish for a world where everyone in Hollywood talked like this," Mark Kirby concludes after interviewing Megan Fox for GQ. Not only does she reveal her relationship with a Russian stripper—"I bought her things—perfume, body spray, girlie stuff. I turned... More »

Lesbian Islanders Lose Lesbian Lawsuit

They demanded exclusive rights to call themselves Lesbians

(Newser) - Residents of the Greek island of Lesbos have lost a legal battle to block the use of the word lesbian to describe a sexual preference. An Athens court threw out a lawsuit an islander filed against a Greek gay rights group with lesbian in its name, arguing that  they have... More »

Gay Couples Seek Donations, Not Dinnerware

Contributions to fight Calif. ballot measure take place of registry

(Newser) - Soon-to-wed gays and lesbians in California are directing well-wishers to hold off on gifts and instead donate money to fight a measure that would nullify their unions, Reuters reports. "The usual notion of a huge reception or acquiring your first microwave is not really happening," says John Duran... More »

Sin City Opens Arms to Gay Scene

Las Vegas now tops SF as gay, lesbian getaway

(Newser) - Once known for its Rat Pack-style homophobia, Las Vegas has become a getaway hotspot for gays and lesbians—even more popular than San Francisco, one study says. Among its  gay attractions are a bar on the Strip, a mayor who marches on Gay Pride Day, and a slew of fabulous... More »

Madge Reprises Lesbian Kiss

A she did with Britney, Madonna uses a girl-on-girl lip-lock for publicity

(Newser) - Madonna revived a rare classic last night—and it wasn't a song. During a performance in Paris to promote new album Hard Candy, the Material Girl, 49, grabbed a female backup dancer for an on-stage lip-lock, reprising a headline-grabbing steamy stunt with Britney Spears during a 2003 MTV awards show,... More »

Hollywood Is 'Like Al-Qaeda,' Says Everett

It's no wonder Jodie waited so long to come out, gay star rails

(Newser) - The fact that Jodie Foster finally came out of the closet last week doesn't mean Hollywood is getting more tolerant of gay actors, British actor Rupert Everett fumed in an interview in the Times of London. "It's the opposite," he said. "She is 45 and she just... More »

Why Jodie Foster Finally Stepped 'Out'

Promised dying gay friend, who may be baby daddy: Daily Mail

(Newser) - Jodie Foster’s tentative move out of the closet, at an awards show last week, may be the work of an old friend who, rumor has it, may be the father of her children, the Daily Mail reports. Foster  thanked her live-in partner Cydney Bernard—calling her “my beautiful... More »

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