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Women Say Their Ulta Makeup Was Once Someone Else's

2 lawsuits allege cosmetics retailer resold used items

(Newser) - There's nothing like opening up a brand-new makeup kit and glamming it up—though that glamorous feeling may be lost if you find out you're applying makeup someone else already used. That's the gist of a complaint filed in Chicago last month by a California woman who... More »

French President Spent $31K on Makeup in 3 Months

As his approval rating drops due in part to ... budget cuts

(Newser) - President Emmanuel Macron's office has confirmed a report that the French leader spent $30,695 on makeup during his first three months in power, and it says it's trying to find a cheaper alternative. The report in Le Point news magazine prompted harsh criticism of the president from... More »

Report: Tween Retailer Has 'Deadly Poison' in Makeup

Justice says it's testing 'Just Shine Shimmer Powder' for asbestos after news team probe

(Newser) - Tween girls love a Justice store, but the latest news involving cosmetics sold at the national chain isn't exactly heartwarming. A WTVD I-Team probe claims that it sent samples of Justice's "Just Shine Shimmer Powder" out for testing to a North Carolina lab because it was curious... More »

Kylie Jenner's New Eyeshadow Apparently an Actual Headache

More than a dozen complaints about the smell

(Newser) - It's not every day that a new packet of makeup smells so bad it needs to be taken outside to air out. Such is the conundrum facing teen beauty mogul Kylie Jenner after her much-anticipated Royal Peach Eyeshadow Palette, which IOL reports sold out in nine minutes last month,... More »

Aloe Vera Gel at Big Drugstores Is Missing Key Ingredient

Lab tests find no trace of aloe vera

(Newser) - Tests conducted on the aloe vera gels sold by some of America's biggest retailers failed to detect any trace of the ingredient you would most expect to find in a product calling itself aloe vera gel. Bloomberg says the lab it hired to test aloe vera products from Walmart,... More »

Crayola: Don't Use Our Colored Pencils as Makeup

Company issues warning about softening pencils to use as eyeliner

(Newser) - "The dog ate my eyeliner" was apparently enough for YouTube's Rclbeauty101 to bust open a box of colored art pencils and improvise—in a video that's currently sitting at 1.6 million views—and she's not the only one. DIYers are posting online beauty tutorials subbing... More »

California Sees Outbreak of Skin Cream Poisoning

State warns people against unmarked products

(Newser) - If someone tries to sell you unmarked or homemade skin cream, just walk away. That's the message the California Department of Health is sending to consumers, after identifying at least 60 cases over the past four years of state residents getting mercury poisoning from such creams, the San Francisco ... More »

Now Hot for Men: Makeup

Grooming products raked in $5B last year, up 100% since 1997

(Newser) - Makeup isn't just for ladies anymore, but that doesn't mean you're about to see Adam Lambert lookalikes at every turn. A new trend in stealth makeup, or ahem, "grooming," has men's cosmetics sales climbing—to the tune of more than $5 billion that American... More »

Hot Nevada Export: Mud

Skin product doesn't stink like that of competitors, says harvester

(Newser) - In Nevada, the prospectors are back, but this time, it's not gold they're after. The Wall Street Journal looks at a resident who has built a business out of a substance that's a little easier to find: mud. Out in the desert, hot water swells up from... More »

Last Year, $495M in Skincare Sales for S. Korean ... Men

How the country became the men's cosmetics capital of the world

(Newser) - The biggest market for men's skincare around the globe? South Korea, whose 19 million men spent an incredible $495.5 million on skincare last year—that's almost 21% of global sales. And they're on track to spend more than $885 million on cosmetics this year, according to... More »

Johnson & Johnson Booting Harsh Chemicals by 2015

And for baby products, even sooner

(Newser) - By 2015, almost every single Johnson & Johnson product will no longer contain dangerous chemicals, the company pledged yesterday. It had already promised to remove "chemicals of concern" from baby products by the end of next year, and is still on track to do so. Now it also plans... More »

Shoplifters Caught With $20K in Cosmetics: Police

Alleged shoplifters resold high-end beauty products

(Newser) - Police say they caught a pair of women shoplifting at a JC Penney this week in the suburbs of Washington, DC. No big deal, except the women had allegedly stuffed $20,000 in stolen beauty products into their shopping bags and car trunks, the Washington Post reports. Police accuse Darquesha... More »

$55 Lipstick Has Caviar Extract

'Designer lipstick' a growing trend: NYT

(Newser) - Sure, you can still buy lipstick for a few bucks at the local drugstore—but why would you? The New York Times reports today on the growing trend of designer lipstick, one tube of which will cost you up to $60. “I heard and read repeatedly in many of... More »

Beware Toxic Beauty Products

Attention finally being paid to potentially unsafe cosmetics

(Newser) - With all the fervor over organic food, it’s surprising that so little attention has been paid to the many chemical ingredients we put on our face each day—until now. A February protest by a group of students in Maine was one of a number that have been recently... More »

Neanderthals Wore Makeup, Jewelry

Find suggests they were just as advanced as early humans

(Newser) - Our Neanderthal cousins apparently picked their knuckles off the ground long enough to dabble in makeup and baubles, leading researchers to suggest they were no less intelligent than our direct ancestors at the same time in history. Newly unearthed evidence of 50,000-year-old jewelry and even makeup in a cave... More »

Peru Gang Accused of Killing to Harvest Fat

Cosmetics firms said to pay $60K/gallon; experts skeptical

(Newser) - Peruvian police today arrested four men accused of killing dozens of people and selling their fat to cosmetics companies in Europe. At a news conference that featured several bottles of fat, which police say the gang sold for $60,000 per gallon, authorities didn’t produce any evidence of sales,... More »

For That Photoshopped Look: Airbrush Yourself at Home

Effect of digital retouching on real women's body issues is now creepily tangible

(Newser) - As if the fake beauty of those Photoshopped magazine covers wasn’t enough, enter Temptu, a home “airbrush system” that can give anyone that flat, plastic look in the flesh. Chloe Angyal is appalled. One really needs to focus in order “to think about just how incredibly screwed... More »

Indian Politician Decries 'Racist' Skin Cream Ads

Lawmaker says whiteners send wrong message to Asians

(Newser) - An Indian lawmaker has lodged formal complaints against several advertisements for skin whitening cream, which she calls “completely racist and highly objectionable.” In one ad, for example, one man tells another that he’s unlucky “because of the color of your face” and hands him a tube... More »

For Lips, Hot Pink Is New Red

It is, after all, the new red

(Newser) - Hot pink lipstick is “younger, hipper, and definitely a little more edgy” than red, says a makeup artist to the stars. How best to copy the look of Kim Kardashian, Leighton Meester, and other pink-pouted celebs? Makeup artist Mally Roncal offers USA Today some tips:
  • A matte look might
... More »

YouTube Phenom Brings Makeup to Masses

Lauren Luke launched her cosmetics career through down-to-earth vids

(Newser) - A 27-year-old single mom is bringing cosmetics to the masses—via YouTube. Lauren Luke's down-to-earth how-to videos boast more than 250,000 subscribers, the New York Times reports. In the 20 months since launching her channel, the British taxi dispatcher-turned-entrepreneur has partnered with Sephora to launch her own makeup line... More »

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