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Study: Mosquitoes Hate Victoria's Secret Perfume

The fragrance was found to repel mosquitoes for around 2 hours

(Newser) - Camping trip in your near future? Maybe skip the bug spray and prepare like you're hitting the club instead. Popular Science reports that a new study out of New Mexico State University found two fragrances—including Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume—work fairly well at repelling two common types... More »

$2K Underwear Caper Hits Store Plagued by Bra Heists

Thieves plunder Victoria's Secret in Pennsylvania yet again

(Newser) - First they took the bras. Now they've come back for the panties. Police say 140 pairs of underwear have been stolen from a northeast Pennsylvania store that's been struck by four bra heists since February. Police say the manager of the Victoria's Secret store reported the theft... More »

Tell-All Will Dish on Victoria's Secret CEO's Affair

Cliff Donenfeld writing about his time with Sharen Turney

(Newser) - Married Victoria's Secret CEO Sharen Turney will soon have her alleged two-year affair with a Florida luxury real estate broker detailed for the world to read. The aforementioned broker, Cliff Donenfeld, is writing a tell-all in which he says he "opened a door" for Turney sexually, and she... More »

Victoria’s Secret: Sorry We Didn't Let Woman Breastfeed

Instead, a clerk suggested she go outside in an alley

(Newser) - Victoria's Secret is dealing with a PR headache over a gaffe rich in irony. A store in Austin refused to let a woman breastfeed her son in a changing room, with a clerk helpfully suggesting that she go outside to the back of an alley instead, reports MyFoxAustin . There'... More »

Victoria's Secret Targets Awkward Guys: Employee

Men will apparently buy anything to get out of the store

(Newser) - Men, do you feel weird about going into Victoria's Secret? Well, rest assured, the employees have noticed. They're trained to wring money out of uncomfortable guys, a former employee tells Business Insider . "The general feeling about men is that they would buy anything in order to get... More »

Weird Catfight: Victoria's Secret Model Disses Taylor Swift

Says she couldn't make it as a model

(Newser) - Taylor Swift performed at Wednesday night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show—and according to one VS model, that's the only way the singer would ever make it onto the catwalk. Asked if Swift could make it as a model for the lingerie company, Jessica Hart said bluntly, "... More »

Baby Found in Shopping Bag Born Alive: Cops

17-year-old mom was carrying around the remains

(Newser) - A dead baby found in a teenage girl's shopping bag at a lingerie store was born alive and then asphyxiated, police said today, as the macabre discovery turned toward a possible homicide case. Police believe 17-year-old Tiana Rodriguez gave birth to the baby at a friend's house and... More »

Girls Stopped for Shoplifting Had Fetus in Bag: Cops

Security guard finds human remains in teen's bag

(Newser) - A security guard on the lookout for shoplifters at a Manhattan Victoria's Secret ended up making the most gruesome of finds yesterday afternoon: what appeared to be a fetus in a plastic bag, police say. The New York Daily News reports that the guard spotted two 17-year-old girls swiping... More »

Miranda Kerr Out at Victoria's Secret?

She may have been fired or gotten too busy

(Newser) - Multiple reports indicate Miranda Kerr is on her way out as a Victoria's Secret angel, but the reason behind the departure isn't yet clear. Us reported yesterday that Kerr "has a difficult reputation," as one source put it, and is "not a big seller" for... More »

Among Best-Liked CEOs, Only One Woman

Victoria Secret's Sharen Turney is it, and stereotypes might be to blame: Vivian Giang

(Newser) - A new survey that ranks how well CEOs are liked by their own employees has only one woman among its 50 names, notes Vivian Giang at Business Insider . Sharen Turney of Victoria's Secret is the only one to make it, and only then at No. 42. In trying to... More »

Victoria's Secret: Sorry About the Headdress

Karlie Kloss' outfit offended many

(Newser) - Victoria's Secret has apologized for putting a Native American-style headdress on a model for its annual fashion show , after the outfit was criticized as a display of ignorance toward tribal culture and history. The company responded to the complaints over the weekend by saying it was sorry to have... More »

Alessandra Ambrosio Unveils $2.5M 'Fantasy Bra'

Victoria's Secret reveals fashion show model after accidental leak

(Newser) - The wearer of this year's Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra has been revealed—after a bit of an "oops." The company had planned to unveil Alessandra Ambrosio as the lucky gal in its SoHo store tomorrow, but Ambrosio was accidentally seen wearing the bra—a bejeweled contraption... More »

Girl, 12, Tasered at Victoria's Secret

Cops: She was protecting mom from traffic ticket bust

(Newser) - A 12-year-old girl was Tasered while shopping at a Missouri Victoria's Secret by a cop hunting her mom. "He said, 'Put your hands behind your back.' I was just crying. I guess he got mad because then he took it out and just Tasered me,"... More »

YouTube Star Kate Upton Is Sports Illustrated Bikini Babe

19-year-old shot to cover following 'Dougie' video

(Newser) - Victoria's Secret model and YouTube starlet Kate Upton flashes a wild bikini on this week's cover as Sports Illustrated's much-awaited annual swimsuit babe. Upton, a 19-year-old Floridian, was named the top "rookie" model in last year's Swimsuit Issue by the mag. This time she poses... More »

Victoria's Secret Buys From Child Labor Sources: Report

Kids pick cotton at West Africa farms

(Newser) - Victoria's Secret says it's rushing to investigate claims that it buys supplies from farms that use child labor. A Bloomberg report today described a 13-year-old girl in the West African country of Burkina Faso who faces beatings at the farm where she picks cotton. That cotton is ultimately... More »

Miranda Kerr Models $2.5M Victoria's Secret Bra

Diamond-encrusted bra is the only one of its kind, so far

(Newser) - Victoria’s Secret stepped up its game last night with the introduction of the $2.5 million Treasure Fantasy Bra, a cool half-million more than last year’s $2 million offering . Miranda Kerr modeled the diamond-encrusted bra during last night’s fashion show, just 10 months after giving birth to... More »

Victoria's Secret Quietly Destroys All Returns

Even if they've never been worn

(Newser) - Marie Wolf got quite a shock when she returned an unworn $70 pair of sweatpants to Victoria’s Secret a few weeks ago. A clerk happily refunded her money—then took out some scissors and sliced the pants to shreds, explaining that it was store policy. Wolf was outraged, she... More »

Sad Secrets of the Modeling World

New book tells of model who ate OJ-soaked cotton balls

(Newser) - Sessilee Lopez is a model who has walked the runway for Victoria's Secret, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Tam, and others. Mom Janice Celeste self-published a book for would-be big-time models' parents, called Making a Supermodel. Fashionista was kind enough to read through the 70 pages and pick out the fairly sad,... More »

Rainbows, Wings Rule Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Check out some of the craziest looks

(Newser) - The Angels strutted down the catwalk last night for the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show, bedecked in race car gear, rainbows, and of course, lots of wings. Click through some of the looks in the gallery, or see Celebuzz for plenty more. More »

Adriana Lima Unveils $2M Bra

Victoria's Secret 'Bombshell Fantasy Bra' is quite sparkly

(Newser) - Got an extra $2 million burning a hole in your pocket? Then the new Victoria’s Secret “Bombshell Fantasy Bra” is for you. Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima modeled the Damiani-designed bra at a luncheon yesterday, and insisted that the push-up bra is “comfortable” and keeps “... More »

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