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Hustler Offers $1M Reward for Damaging Info on Trump

Good way to make a quick buck

(Newser) - The Houston Chronicle reports that Larry Flynt and Hustler are offering a $1 million bounty for anyone who can produce "verifiable video footage or audio recordings" showing Donald Trump "engaging in illegal activity or acting in a sexually demeaning or derogatory manner." The magazine has promised to... More »

Drivers Blame Adult Store's Mannequins for Crashes

Hustler Hollywood store in Oklahoma City is distracting, they say

(Newser) - A Hustler Hollywood store opened in Oklahoma City on June 12, and since then, there have been eight car accidents near the adult establishment. At least two drivers say the mannequins in the store windows might be to blame. "I just had a minor fender bender looking at the... More »

Larry Flynt: $1M for Romney's Tax Returns

Hustler publisher puts ads in major newspapers to dig up info

(Newser) - Hustler publisher Larry Flynt is ready to cough up a cool $1 million for an up close and personal look at something lusted after by Democrats everywhere: Namely, Mitt Romney's tax returns. Flynt is offering the reward to anyone who can dig up new evidence of the GOP candidate'... More »

Casey Anthony Offered $500K for Hustler Shoot

Porn kingpin says his offer makes others look like chicken feed

(Newser) - Larry Flynt is offering his services as ringmaster of the Casey Anthony circus. The Hustler publisher says he is willing to offer her $500,000, plus 10% of profits, to pose nude, CNN reports. Flynt says the offer—which the Anthony camp dismisses as "nonsense"—will make a... More »

Larry Flynt: Murdoch Crossed the Line

Porn publishing king weighs in on the News of the World scandal

(Newser) - Larry Flynt may be the king of smut publishing, but don't get him wrong. The man still respects some good, old-fashioned boundaries when it comes to the press. It's this very respect, he contends, that sets him apart from fellow media magnate Rupert Murdoch. In an op-ed piece... More »

Larry Flynt Offers Weiner a Job

Congressman is a 'victim of hypocrisy,' says 'Hustler' publisher

(Newser) - He's serious, really. Porn king Larry Flynt has offered newly unemployed Anthony Weiner a job in the Internet department of Flynt Management. "This offer is not made in jest," Flynt wrote in a letter he fired off to the former congressman. Flynt is offering 20% more than... More »

Hustler Fined $14K for Condom-Free Porn

California safety officials slap Larry Flynt's porn house with citation

(Newser) - Larry Flynt's Hustler Video and another porn production company have been fined by California workplace safety officials for filming unsafe sex. Hustler was fined $14,175 for three violations, including failure to provide condoms or other equipment to protect performers from assorted bodily fluids, AP reports. Activists have targeted the... More »

Directors Race to Make First 3-D Porn Film

Will it be Asian, Italian, or Hustler ?

(Newser) - You've seen Avatar. Now get ready for something a lot more touchy-feely: the world's first 3-D porn movie. Filmmakers in the US, Asia, and Europe are racing one another to be the first to create a multi-dimensional heavy breather. Hong Kong director Christopher Sun is filming his $3.2 million... More »

Porn Kings Want Federal Bailout

$5B sought to 'rejuvenate sexual appetite'

(Newser) - Recession depression has hampered America's sex drive, claim Larry Flynt (of Hustler fame) and Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild). The adult-entertainment kings want a federal bailout for slumping DVD sales, down 22% in the past year. Placing themselves alongside Detroit’s automakers in national importance, the duo says Congress should... More »

Bad Porn Spurs Flynt V. Flynt

Hustler mogul sues to block nephews' use of his name on 'knock-off' smut

(Newser) - Larry Flynt is taking his nephews to court to stop them from slapping the Flynt name on what he considers to be low-quality porn, reports the Los Angeles Times. The porn mogul accuses his kin of tarnishing his famous name with "inferior products" and "knock-off goods,"... More »

'Kristen' Was 17 in Wild Videos, Says Lawyer

Girls Gone Wild boss may put nude footage online anyway

(Newser) - Girls Gone Wild mogul Joe Francis thought he'd hit the jackpot when he discovered he had raunchy videos of the call girl from the Spitzer sex scandal on file. But his find may prove less of a bonanza than he'd hoped, now that Ashley Alexandre Dupre has said she was... More »

'Kristen' Could Make Millions on Instant Fame

Experts advise cashing in on notoriety fast— and investing well

(Newser) - Fame (or infamy) is beginning to pay off for Eliot Spitzer "escort" Kristen: the aspiring R&B star has now scored $200,000 from downloads of her song—which the New York Post helpfully calculates is worth over four dozen Spitzer hookups. Meanwhile, men's mag Hustler has offered Ashley... More »

Stardom Beckons for 'Kristen'

'Kristen' already cashing in on massive media interest

(Newser) - The now famous young "escort" in the prostitution case that torpedoed New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer is enjoying a boost to her budding music career, thanks to all the publicity. Ashley Alexandra Dupre's MySpace page has chalked up over 5 million hits since the scandal broke, and her R&... More »

Porn Pioneer Vows to Take More DC Scalps

Flynt says he's about to out a GOP senator, bust a hypocrite candidate

(Newser) - Hustler publisher and professional muckraker Larry Flynt is “arguably the greatest student of the American underbelly since J. Edgar Hoover"—and now he’s got big conservatives in his sights, writes Vanity Fair. Flynt, who has often offered money for the unmasking of gay or adulterous politicians, insists... More »

YouPorn Is Killing the Porn Biz

(Newser) - As with so many other industries, porn is under assault from the changes wrought by the internet. Claire Hoffman chronicles the challenge a free file-sharing porn site, YouPorn, poses to adult industry goliath, Vivid Entertainment, in Portfolio magazine. The ready availability of pornography on the internet has sent DVD sales,... More »

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