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Logan Claws Out an $85.3M Win

Adamantium on display as 'Moonlight' is rising

(Newser) - The R-rated X-Men spinoff Logan slashed into the weekend box office, reports the AP , opening with a massive $85.3 million that surpassed expectations and ranks among the top March debuts ever. The 20th Century Fox release features Hugh Jackman in what he has hinted could be his final performance... More »

This Is Not Your Typical Superhero Movie

Hugh Jackman's latest turn as Wolverine is fantastic in 'Logan'

(Newser) - After 17 years as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman is apparently calling it quits. If so, critics love his finale. In Logan , Wolverine believes himself to be one of the world's last remaining mutants. Then he meets a mute girl with claws just like him. Here's what critics are saying:... More »

Jackman Surprises Young Fan With 'Wolverine Pose'

Radio show video will warm your heart

(Newser) - In case you weren't already a little bit in love with Hugh Jackman, this should do the trick: The X-Men star recently surprised a 9-year-old boy with Cystic Fibrosis who was visiting KIIS 1065's Kyle & Jackie O Show . Domenic, whose visit was arranged by the Make A... More »

The Wolverine Claws to No. 1

Opens with $55M domestically, $86.1M internationally

(Newser) - The Wolverine, the latest cinematic installment in the sprawling X-Men franchise, sliced and diced its way to the top of the box office this weekend, opening with $55 million, the AP reports. That's actually $10 million less than it was expected to make, notes the Hollywood Reporter , though it... More »

The Wolverine Franchise Heals Itself

Critics say Hugh Jackman's latest is much, much better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine

(Newser) - Apparently the X-Men franchise has a healing factor. The Wolverine opens today, and while it's not perfect, critics seem to agree that it's a return to form for everyone's favorite clawed mutant. Here's what people are saying.
  • Rest easy, fans: "The Wolverine is a whole
... More »

Get the Freaking Phone! Jackman Stops Play for Fan's Cell

Actor steps out of character to confront audience member

(Newser) - Don't mess with the wolverine. Miffed Hugh Jackman stopped his Broadway play in its tracks to tell an audience member to turn off his cell phone. Jackman suddenly pulled out of character and asked the errant cell-phone user: "Do you want to get that?" while the the gadget rang.... More »

Angels & Demons Blessed With $48M Win

(Newser) - Angels & Demons ascended to the box office heavens this weekend with a $48 million debut, Entertainment Weekly reports. That’s well behind The Da Vince Code’s $77.1 million opening in 2006, due in part to Star Trek’s strong second-weekend haul of $43 million. Wolverine came in... More »

Star Trek Boldly Goes for Box Office Win

(Newser) - Star Trek set phasers for box office “kill” this weekend with a $76.5 million debut, Entertainment Weekly reports. Falling short of Wolverine’s $85.1 million opener last week, the take still exceeds expectations and bodes well for a franchise that needs a boost. Wolverine dropped a hefty... More »

Wolverine Bites Into $87M Box Office

(Newser) - Wolverine tore the box office apart this weekend, clawing in $87 million, USA Today reports. Though that’s less than the debuts of last summer’s opener (Iron Man, $98.6 million) and the top-grossing X-Men film (The Last Stand, $102 million), it still bodes well for a blockbuster season.... More »

A Tough Guy for Everyone

Why Wolverine has had such lasting appeal

(Newser) - Wolverine has endured. The character has two comic-book series, a new blockbuster movie, and his own exhibit at New York’s comic museum 35 years after being introduced as a sidekick. Why has Wolverine had such long lasting appeal? With a dark, mysterious past, and a “penchant for berserker... More »

Wolverine Lacks Claws

Sharp performance from Jackman saves stale X-Men spinoff from total mediocrity

(Newser) - A charismatic Hugh Jackman gamely slashes his way through X:Men Origins: Wolverine, say critics, but he's let down by a stale script and effects that fail to lift the movie above generic superhero fare.
  • Hollywood.com: The "action-filled spinoff delivers on the brawn but not the soul of
... More »

Swine Flu Derails Wolverine in Mexico

No new launch date announced yet

(Newser) - Even Wolverine isn’t safe from swine flu. The X-Men Origins film's Thursday launch is being delayed in Mexico City since most of the theaters will likely be closed, Variety reports. Major theater operators have already shut down following a request from the mayor, and the rest are expected to... More »

Summer's Film Fare: Prequels

Hollywood faces challenges of reviving classics

(Newser) - Hollywood’s set for a summer of prequels, with the backstories of Star Trek, X-Men, and Terminator ripe for the telling. But how do you make a film exciting when everyone knows how it turns out? “We didn’t want to fall into the trap of the first three... More »

Catfight With Hef Ex Drags On

Plus, Sam won't restrain LiLo, and more

(Newser) - Holly Madison’s cyber catfight continues, Perez Hilton reports. A Las Vegas reporter—whom Holly dissed after being called a “bad interview” on Twitter—shot back that Holly “has made a ‘career’ out of dissing other women to get to the top,” and claims to be... More »

Pirated Wolverine Already Viewed by 1M

Execs fear massive downloading will claw into box-office take

(Newser) - Canned Fox columnist Roger Friedman is in very good company—the unfinished copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine has been downloaded more than a million downloads since it was leaked online, TorrentFreak reports. Execs are panicked by the leak—described by Gawker as the "biggest Hollywood crime of the decade"... More »

Fox News Columnist Fired Over Wolverine Pirate Review

Columnist clarifies he did not download film

(Newser) - Gossip columnist Roger Friedman has been officially ousted from Fox News after reviewing a pirated copy of sister-company 20th Century Fox’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. After yesterday afternoon’s meeting between Friedman and Fox News execs, the two parties “mutually agreed to part ways immediately,” according to a... More »

Columnist Fired (or Not) Over Review of Pirated Wolverine

FoxNews.com's Friedman to argue for job today

(Newser) - The fate of longtime Fox News columnist Roger Friedman is unclear, but one thing is certain: It probably wasn’t a great idea to review a pirated copy of a sister company’s movie. Fox News-parent News Corp. said Friedman was canned after posting Thursday’s positive review of the... More »

Hey Brother, Can You Spare a Screenplay?

Hollywood desperate to finish scripts before Halloween writer strike

(Newser) - Last week, Paramount issued an urgent call for someone, anyone, to doctor its Wolverine script—fast. Across Hollywood, studios and writers alike are desperately rushing to finish scripts before the Writers' Guild’s Halloween strike deadline, the LA Times reports. “Everybody is living in the impending doom,” said... More »

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