Kathleen Savio

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Drew Peterson Guilty in 3rd Wife's Murder

Ex-cop killed Kathleen Savio: jury

(Newser) - After five years of headlines, the Drew Peterson murder case has come to a verdict: The former Chicago-area police officer is guilty of killing Kathleen Savio, his third wife, the jury says. His maximum sentence would be 60 years. It's a victory for a prosecution that based its arguments... More »

Drew Peterson Choked Wife: Pal

He said he could make her death look like an accident: witness

(Newser) - Former suburban Chicago cop Drew Peterson once choked his wife, and then asked her: "Why don't you just die?" a friend of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, testified yesterday. Peterson is on trial for allegedly killing Savio and trying to make it look like an accidental drowning in... More »

Drew Peterson Finally on Trial in Wife's Death

3-year wait ends as 'very unusual' case begins today

(Newser) - A pool of 200 potential jurors has waited three years for the Drew Peterson murder trial to begin; today, jury selection will finally begin in what's set to be a rather unorthodox case. Those selected to hear the case will listen to what is, in effect, posthumous testimony based... More »

Drew Peterson Jury Will Hear of False Alibi

Ex-cop allegedly forced fourth wife to lie for him, says pastor

(Newser) - Bad news for Drew Peterson ahead of his murder trial: A pastor will be allowed to testify that Peterson forced his fourth wife to provide a fake alibi for him the night his third wife was killed, the Chicago Tribune reports. The pastor says Stacy Peterson told him Drew was... More »

Cop's Dead Wife to Testify From 'Beyond the Grave'

Hearsay evidence allowed in Drew Peterson murder hearing

(Newser) - Drew Peterson, the Illinois cop accused of killing one of his wives and suspected in the disappearance of another, gets to hear from his dead third wife today in an evidentiary hearing, reports the AP . An Illinois judge will be evaluating hearsay evidence from the wife he is accused of... More »

New Autopsy: Peterson's 3rd Wife Murdered

Bruises show struggle; coroner had called death accidental

(Newser) - Drew Peterson’s third wife was killed, a new autopsy says, countering the original coroner’s report that concluded Kathleen Savio’s death was an accident, CNN reports. Bruises point to a struggle in the new autopsy by a top forensic pathologist. Peterson, a former Illinois cop, has been charged... More »

Peterson Sought to Hire Hitman: Prosecutors

(Newser) - Drew Peterson attempted to pay someone $25,000 to kill his third wife in 2003, a year before she was found drowned in her bathtub, prosecutors alleged today. The disgraced former cop, who has been charged with murdering Kathleen Savio himself, tried and failed today to have his $20 million... More »

Female Body Found Near Peterson Home

Focus on murder suspect's wife, another missing woman

(Newser) - Drew Peterson’s infamously bad luck might have just gotten worse: Authorities uncovered a decomposing woman’s body and a mysterious blue barrel near his Illinois home yesterday. If the woman turns to be his fourth wife, Stacy, it could undermine his claim she fled with another man. But the... More »

Prosecutors Eye Savio Divorce in Peterson Case

Ex-cop risked losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in split

(Newser) - Drew Peterson prosecutors are scrutinizing his divorce from Kathleen Savio as they ready their murder case against him, the Chicago Tribune reports. Peterson could have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the pair’s split—but Savio was found dead in a bathtub one month before the trial that... More »

Peterson's Kids Say He's Innocent

Statement from eldest son says children support father

(Newser) - Drew Peterson’s adult son says he and his four siblings know their dad’s innocent of murder, the Chicago Tribune reports. “All of the children of Drew Peterson fully support their father and know that he is innocent of the charges against him,” Stephen Peterson said today... More »

Peterson Murder Case Hinges on Flimsy Evidence

Prosecution counting on 'beyond the grave' testimony from victim

(Newser) - The murder case against Drew Peterson is likely to hinge on circumstantial evidence and hearsay testimony, the Chicago Tribune reports. Prosecutors will be relying on a new statute that some are calling “Drew’s Law,” which will allow victim Kathleen Savio to “testify from beyond the grave,... More »

Peterson Cracks Jokes at Murder Hearing

Ex-cop smirks as arraignment on murder charge delayed

(Newser) - Drew Peterson smirked and wisecracked his way through a court hearing yesterday, the Chicago Tribune reports. "Look at this bling. Look at this nice spiffy outfit. Three squares a day," the shackled ex-cop cracked on his way into court, where he was told his arraignment on murder charges... More »

Peterson Arrested in Murder of Third Wife

(Newser) - Police have arrested Drew Peterson in connection with the murder of his third wife, the Chicago Tribune reports. The death of Kathleen Savio, 40, who was found drowned in a bathtub in 2004, was initially ruled an accident, but police reopened the case when Peterson's fourth wife went missing. She... More »

Fam of 3rd Wife Sues Peterson for Her Death

Lawyer who won OJ civil suit files before grand jury expires

(Newser) - Sick of waiting for a grand jury to act, Kathleen Savio’s family has filed a wrongful death suit against husband Drew Peterson, the Chicago Tribune reports. The grand jury, which expires next month, has been investigating the death of Savio, Peterson’s third wife, and the disappearance of fourth... More »

Drew Peterson: I Wouldn't Trust Me, Either

Murder suspect says he understands fears of fiancée's family

(Newser) - Drew Peterson, divorced from wives No. 1 and 2 and suspected of killing wives No. 3 and 4, understands why the family of would-be wife No. 5 is none too pleased with their engagement, ABC reports. “I would have concerns if I were the friends and family of this... More »

Drew Peterson Engaged Again

Would-be wife No. 5 is also 23; but murder suspect is still married to missing No. 4, Stacy

(Newser) - Drew Peterson, whose wife Stacy has been missing since last year, wants to move on to bride No. 5, his lawyer tells the Chicago Sun-Times. “He proposed and she accepted,” Joel Brodsky says, though “I guess he’s got to get divorced.” Peterson doesn’t see... More »

Peterson Faces Lawsuit in Third Wife's Death

Family to file wrongful death action as judge cites murder findings

(Newser) - A judge yesterday replaced the executors for the estate of murder suspect Drew Peterson's third wife, paving the way for a wrongful death suit against the ex-cop. The judge cited recent autopsy findings saying Kathleen Savio was murdered. Her family now plans to file a wrongful death suit within weeks,... More »

Drew Peterson Will Take Your Questions

High-profile suspect to field viewer queries on 'Larry King Live'

(Newser) - Drew Peterson, suspected in the disappearance of his fourth wife while police investigate the death of his third, will field viewers’ questions on "Larry King Live" tonight, the Chicago Tribune reports. The show offers the first chance for the public to question the ex-cop, who says he's been convicted... More »

Stacy Called Kathleen's Divorce Lawyer

Drew Peterson's missing wife followed slain predecessor

(Newser) - The Illinois attorney who represented Drew Peterson's slain third wife, Kathleen Savio, in her divorce from Peterson said yesterday that missing fourth wife Stacy had also made tentative contact with him about a divorce, just days before her disappearance. Drew Peterson told the Chicago Tribune he was "pretty shocked"... More »

Peterson: I'm Ready for Jail

Suspect in wife's disappearance says he's innocent, but is 'prepared' for arrest

(Newser) - Drew Peterson, the ex-cop suspected in the disappearance of his fourth wife, said today he is psychologically ready for arrest and even time behind bars, the Chicago Tribune reports. On NBC’s Today show, Peterson maintained his innocence in the October disappearance of Stacy Peterson and in the 2004 murder... More »

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