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Chef Makes an Unusual Request, Michelin Grants It

It has allowed Sebastien Bras to give up his stars

(Newser) - In an unprecedented move, the Michelin guide allowed a three-star chef to withdraw his restaurant from its prestigious listings on Tuesday. Sebastien Bras had announced in September that he didn't want Le Suquet restaurant in southern France to figure in the guide anymore because of the huge pressure involved.... More »

Michelin Has Spoken: NYC No Longer US Culinary Capital

San Francisco reigns over NYC in 3-star Michelin restaurants

(Newser) - No longer is New York City the culinary capital of America, based on restaurants with three Michelin stars. The 2018 Michelin Guide for New York City, released Monday, gives only five of the city’s restaurants the coveted three-star rating, down from six last year. Meanwhile, the 2018 Michelin Guide... More »

Michelin Star Is Great Honor One Hotel No Longer Wants

Boath House joins French chef in asking to have stars removed

(Newser) - People haven't distanced themselves from a star this quickly since Mel Gibson. The BBC reports a week after a top French chef asked for his three Michelin stars to be removed , a luxury hotel in Scotland made the same request of the star it's held for the past... More »

Acclaimed 3-Star French Chef: I Want Out of Michelin

Sebastien Bras has had it with the pressure of being in the guide

(Newser) - To receive a Michelin star, let alone three, is a coveted honor for most chefs. But Sebastien Bras isn't most chefs, announcing Wednesday he wants his restaurant, Le Suquet in Laguiole, France, out of the famous guide due to the pressure, the Guardian reports. The three-star chef made his... More »

London Poised to Beat Paris as Foodie Haven: Michelin Boss

City now home to 60 restaurants with Michelin stars

(Newser) - Looks like London's not just meat and potatoes anymore. After 16 British restaurants got their first Michelin star yesterday and three their second, the city is rivaling Paris as a destination for fine dining. In total, London boasts 60 starred restaurants; four of those have three stars and eight... More »

Michelin Names First Chinese 3-Star Chef

Hong Kong master began as chicken-plucker

(Newser) - The Michelin Guide's first three-star Chinese chef is no celebrity who's pushing cookbooks and TV shows, the New York Times reports. Chan Yan-tak, who grew up as a kitchen hand and worked his way through Hong Kong restaurants, even quit the business to take care of his daughter. "My... More »

Michelin Guide Names German Woman Editor-in-Chief

Foodie bible looks beyond Paris

(Newser) - The prestigious French Michelin restaurant guide today named a German woman editor-in-chief, the Telegraph reports. German cuisine has a stereotype somewhere along the lines of overcooked sausage and sauerkraut, so the news that Juliane Caspar will become the world’s most powerful restaurant reviewer has been greeted with some shock... More »

Michelin Guide Goes Interactive

Gastronomy bible's website lets amateur cooks weigh in

(Newser) - Before it was the last word in gastronomy, the Michelin Guide was a free book designed to spur travel, and hence sell tires. Now, it’ll be free once more, thanks to a revamped Web strategy, BusinessWeek reports. Michelin’s redesigned site will not only give away more content, it’... More »

Michelin Guide Knocks Classic Paris Eatery

After losing crown to Tokyo, more bad news for French cuisine

(Newser) - Now that the Michelin food critics have declared Tokyo the world's culinary capital, this week's publication of the 2008 guide to France had the feeling of a day of reckoning. Sure enough, the red book reduces Paris' vaunted Le Grand Véfour from three stars to two, citing inconsistency at... More »

For Fine Dining, Tokyo Reigns Supreme

Michelin guide heaps stars on Japanese capital's restaurants

(Newser) - Paris has lost its crown as the world's leader in haute cuisine, reports the Telegraph, as the new Michelin guide to Tokyo showered the city's restaurants with acclaim. The first edition of the culinary bible awarded no fewer than 191 stars to 150 restaurants in the Japanese capital—nearly double... More »

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