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Google, Facebook Don't Crack Top 5 Highest-Paying Companies

Ever heard of AT Kearney?

(Newser) - If you're offered a job at any of these companies in the US, you best take it. According to 24/7 Wall St , they're the highest-paying employers. The top 10, all within the consulting or tech industries, along with the median total compensation per year: More »

SEC Dumps Millions on Consultants

And critics say it's not getting its money's worth

(Newser) - The Securities and Exchange Commission is, by its own admission, something of an organizational mess right now, so it's done what many corporations have done: called in consultants. In less than a year, the SEC has spent more than $8.5 million on consultants, Reuters reports, hiring first the... More »

After Senate, Santorum Got Rich on Consulting Gigs

He's made millions off Senate experience

(Newser) - A funny thing happened between the end of Rick Santorum’s Senate career and his now-ascendant presidential run: He became a millionaire. Santorum has oft touted his blue collar upbringing, and when he left the Hill in 2006 he was indeed one of its least wealthy denizens, with assets valued... More »

Coming Soon: Cheney, Cheney & Cheney?

Dick and Liz likely to join Mary's political consulting biz

(Newser) - Need advice on the ins and outs of waterboarding or invading a rogue nation? Look no further than Mary Cheney's new political consulting firm. Cheney, the former veep's lesbian daughter, is leaving her job to start her own company, and insiders say she plans to bring both dad Dick and... More »

Surgeon General Nominee Consults for Burger King

Benjamin served on fast-food company's nutritional advisory panel

(Newser) - Burger King has paid Regina Benjamin, President Obama’s pick for surgeon general, $10,000 this year for serving on an advisory panel to the fast-food giant, the Washington Times reports. Administration reps say the Alabama physician used her position on Burger King’s nutritional advisory board to advocate for... More »

Bush Press Flak Fleischer Now Coaches Jocks

Longtime fan Fleischer brings media know-how to NFL, MLB

(Newser) - President Bush’s onetime press secretary has embraced another passion: sports, the Washington Post reports. Helping athletes from the NFL, Major League Baseball, and elsewhere deal with the media blitz was an easy transition, Ari Fleischer says: “The only two institutions in our society that have their events covered... More »

$700K in Fees Could Bring Panetta Scrutiny

CIA nom got speaking, consulting money from troubled banks

(Newser) - President Obama’s nominee to head the CIA could be the next to come under scrutiny after the Wall Street Journal reported today that Leon Panetta has made more than $700,000 in the past year in speaking and consulting fees—with some coming from troubled banks and an investment... More »

Economic Crisis Wallops Business Grads

Current students jockey for fewer jobs; programs see surge in applications

(Newser) - With the financial world in free-fall, recent business-school graduates are finding fewer jobs and fierce competition for the ones that remain, Business Week reports. “A lot of the factors affecting my future employment are out of my hands,” said one MBA student preparing to hunt for a job... More »

Wall Street Sets Up Shop in DC

Firms descend on Washington to work on the bailout

(Newser) - With Washington the focal point of the financial crisis, consulting, real estate, and legal firms are moving from New York to DC, the Washington Post reports. Financial firms see vast opportunities to advise DC companies on the bailout bill and fight for Treasury contracts. Why relocate? “Our business is... More »

Penn, Hughes Form Crisis-Management Team

Penn, Hughes push damage control for corporations, image control for themselves

(Newser) - Former Clinton strategist Mark Penn and former Bush adviser Karen Hughes are joining forces to create a corporate consulting organization at Penn’s current firm, the Wall Street Journal reports. The unlikely pair’s bipartisan endeavor will advise troubled corporations in areas of communications and public affairs—while serving to... More »

How to Get His Groove Back

Public relations experts weigh in on how the former president can unsully his image

(Newser) - After a nasty campaign, Bill Clinton has a serious image problem. But if he moves quickly, he can escape any long-term damage, reports Politico, which surveys experts in the field for advice on his behalf. “He needs to put this story behind him by Labor Day,” said one,... More »

Business Woes? Call a Corporate Psychic

Execs search farther afield for help

(Newser) - More businesses are seeking a new breed of consultant to give them guidance in tough economic times, Newsweek reports: psychics. Blue chip operations across the nation, from tech concerns to corporate law firms, are coughing up big bucks to hire “intuitionists,” with executives hoping their otherworldly expertise will... More »

Rudy Partners Served Some Sketchy Clients

Singapore gambling venture linked to organized crime

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani's presidential bid has focused on his record as mayor of New York, while his highly lucrative run at Giuliani Partners has received little scrutiny. The company declines to reveal all the clients in its far-flung portfolio, but the Chicago Tribune did some digging on one, a proposed $3.... More »

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