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When Packs Cost $1 More, 1 in 5 Smokers Quit

Researchers say taxes are more effective than bans

(Newser) - Addiction has many costs, but at least when it comes to cigarettes, price can be a serious deterrent. In fact, one in five people quit smoking if the price of a pack jumps by $1, researchers report in the journal Epidemiology . They looked at the smoking habits of 632 smokers... More »

Cigarette Taxes Cut Down on Drinking, Too

Yale researchers see decreases, especially among men

(Newser) - States that raise taxes on cigarettes tend to see a decrease in smoking. But a decrease in drinking, too? Yes, say researchers at Yale, reports WebMD . They studied the drinking habits of residents in states where cigarette taxes increased and found that people were boozing less, too. It mostly applied... More »

Tobacco Giants Pummel Plan to Tax Cali Cigarettes

Proposition 29 vote up in the air before Tuesday vote

(Newser) - The battle over a proposed cigarette tax has turned surprisingly fierce in California, a state that once led the anti-smoking crusade, the New York Times reports. Proponents of the $1-a-pack plan, called Proposition 29, say it will raise about $735 million for cancer research. But $47 million in advertisements (mostly... More »

Aussies May Charge $20 Per Pack of Ciggies

(Newser) - Australians may be coughing up $20 for a pack of cigarettes if officials approve a new anti-smoking plan, the Age reports. The proposal, designed to cut Aussie smoking by a third, would ban all tobacco sponsorship and online sales, devote 95% of cigarette packaging to graphic health warnings, and tax... More »

Tobacco Bill's Winners: Philip Morris, Lawyers

We're smoking less because it's dumb, not because of policy: Will

(Newser) - President Obama might have praised Congress' tobacco bill, but for George F. Will, the new legislation gives just two muscular groups reason to celebrate: Philip Morris and "the Democratic Party's fountain of funds, the trial bar." New restrictions on cigarette advertising will help Philip Morris vault over competitors,... More »

SF Smokers May Have to Cough Up for Butt Cleanup

Mayor proposes hefty tax hike to make smokers cover litter removal

(Newser) - San Francisco's mayor believes non-smokers shouldn't have to cover the costs of cleaning up cigarette butts, the New York Times reports. Gavin Newsom has proposed a 33-cent tax on each pack of cigarettes sold, which he says will cover the $10 million a year it costs to pick up after... More »

Big Tobacco Suffers Big Setbacks in DC

Despite massive lobbying, regulation looks likely to pass

(Newser) - After years of winning its fights in Washington, Big Tobacco is steeling itself for a major defeat: Not only did Congress pass an excise tax hike of 62 cents a pack of cigarettes, which went into effect this week, but the House voted overwhelmingly to submit the industry to FDA... More »

Smokers Gasp at Highest Tax Hike Ever

They're hit twice as companies boost their profits, too

(Newser) - Smokers are feeling pinched by today's 62-cent hike in the federal cigarette tax, the biggest ever. Federal taxes now top $1 per pack, CNN reports. At the same time, manufacturers and retailers have raised prices to boost dwindling profits. "They're picking on smokers," an 83-year-old said of the... More »

Utah Considers Caffeine Tax

Legislators consider tithing both soda and coffee

(Newser) - After seeing multiple proposals to raise the tax on cigarettes fail, one Utah legislator has set his sights on another addictive substance: caffeine. Rep. Craig Frank has initiated a yearlong study on the impact of such a tax, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. If it can fly anywhere, Utah might... More »

NYC Cigs Hit a Smokin' $10 a Pack

Advocates hope 62-cent federal tax will reduce deaths, costs

(Newser) - Smokers in New York City will soon be shelling out $10 for a pack of cigarettes, the New York Post reports. Lawmakers plan to pay for the new Children’s Health Insurance Program law with a 62-cent federal tax on cigarettes, pushing the NYC price to a 10-spot—the nation’... More »

Obama Signs Kids' Health Bill

SCHIP extension, twice vetoed by Bush, brings care to 4M, adds 62¢ to cigarette tax

(Newser) - President Obama today signed into law a measure that will bring health care to an estimated 4 million children, CNN reports. The $35 billion expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, a move twice vetoed by President Bush, will be financed by adding 62¢ per pack to the... More »

Senate Passes Children's Health Insurance Bill

Expansion of health insurance for low-income kids passes over GOP objections

(Newser) - The Senate has passed a $32.8 billion bill to dramatically expand children's health insurance, the Washington Post reports. The State Children's Health Insurance Program will now cover 11 million low-income children, up from 7 million. The bill, which will be funded by an extra 61-cent tax on every packet... More »

Tax Soda: It's the New Tobacco

Less obese, less diabetic America just a couple of laws away

(Newser) - The cigarette tax "was the biggest health care breakthrough in the last 40 years in the United States," and its successor may be the 18% tax on non-diet soda New York Gov. David Patterson is pitching, writes Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times. Not only do empty... More »

Calif. Closer to Expanding Health Care

Assembly OKs $14B plan that mandates coverage for millions

(Newser) - The lower house of the California legislature yesterday approved a $14.4 billion bill to expand health care to millions of residents, a move analysts say could spark similar actions nationwide, the Los Angeles Times reports. But first skeptical state senators and voters must weigh in. The plan would require... More »

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