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The Latest King Kong Is Worthy of the Legend

You're in for 'shocking violence,' 'great fun'

(Newser) - A team sets out to explore a mysterious island in the aftermath of the Vietnam War and soon discovers the fist of a massive monkey in Kong: Skull Island . It might be a familiar story, but critics are mostly applauding Jordan Vogt-Roberts' telling. Here's what they’re saying:
  • Richard
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Critics Gush Over Wreck-it Ralph

Sarah Silverman's performance may be her 'finest acting work'

(Newser) - Disney's new animated movie Wreck-it Ralph is rocking Rotten Tomatoes with an 85% rating, and some critics say it's the best animated movie of the year. The laffer features the voices of Sarah Silverman and John C. Reilly as video game stars in an 8-bit arcade world. A... More »

Cirque du Freak a Bloodless Bore

Vampire's Assistant has an identity crisis

(Newser) - Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant isn't particularly freaky, and it sure could use some assistance. Some critics' takes:
  • Peter Travers doesn't deign to explain the film's loose ends. "All you need to know is that the movie is a setup for sequels that I hope never come,"
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Snarky Stars Wage Protest in Prop 8 Musical

Jack Black is Jesus in 3-min. online rip on gay-marriage ban

(Newser) - Hollywood found a new way to protest California’s passage of anti-gay-marriage Proposition 8: song and dance, the AP reports. Prop 8: The Musical, posted on FunnyOrDie, features Jack Black as Jesus reminding the religious right that shrimp cocktail is also a Biblical “abomination.” The hero of the... More »

Step Brothers Is Harmless Fun

But don't expect too much from the 'infantile' flick

(Newser) - Step Brothers is not exactly comedy gold, but it does have some redeeming moments, critics say. While the story of two man-boys forced to live together isn’t always amusing, there are some “funny-gut-busting” scenes spawned from “the comic chemistry of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly,”... More »

Beastie Directs Film, Reilly Does Double Header

Esquire picks 5 performances to watch next month

(Newser) - Who will reign in pop culture next month? A dead drug addict and rapper-turned-filmmaker are on Esquire's list of predictions:
  1. Actor John C. Reilly will compete with Will Farrell for jokes in the upcoming laffer, Step Brothers.
  2. Beastie Boy Adam Yauch has directed Gunnin' for that #1 Spot, a doc
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Dewey Cox Rocks!

Despite being a little uneven, Judd Apatow parody provides lots of laughs

(Newser) - Judd Apatow's Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story "is less thoughtful satire and ... more the distant cousin of Airplane!," writes Brian Orndorf of Starring John C. Reilly as a blues prodigy who ultimately experiences success, failure, and redemption, it plays like "an extended riff on... More »

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