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Netflix Now Lets You Watch Offline

New download option ready for some content

(Newser) - Netflix is now providing a free option that users have been asking about for a long time: the ability to watch stuff offline. Not everything is available for download, notes Gizmodo , but big titles such as Orange Is the New Black and Stranger Things are, and more titles are "... More »

New Service: Download Movies at Airports

Digiboo kiosks offer films for your USB stick

(Newser) - Tired of bad airline movies? Now you can pick your own before you get on the flight. A new service called Digiboo provides airport kiosks where you can download movies onto your USB 3.0 stick in a matter of seconds, the Los Angeles Times reports. Thanks to licensing deals... More »

Look Out, Downloaders: It Now Pays to Sue You

Virginia lawfirm makes RIAA actions pale by comparison

(Newser) - The recent lawsuit against those who illegally downloaded the Hurt Locker is likely just a sign of things to come. But that's not because the movie industry has suddenly decided to go after pirates; it's because a group of lawyers—they go by the name the US Copyright Group—has... More »

Video Service Could Be Behind Amazon Glitches

Pending TV and movie streaming may be snarling system

(Newser) - Amazon's new digital video service could be behind the glitches that have been plaguing the site, reports the New York Times. The online retailer was knocked offline for two hours last week and suffered sporadic problems yesterday. Analysts believe the company may be rejigging its distribution system ahead of the... More »

Netflix Streams Movies Direct to TV

Subscribers can bypass mailbox entirely with $99 set-top box; selection limited

(Newser) - Netflix today began marketing a $99 set-top box that lets subscribers play any of 10,000 movies and TV shows on their televisions, free. The device, made by start-up Roku, is cheaper and better than competitors like Apple TV, some analysts told the New York Times. Still, it faces obstacles... More »

Hollywood Shouldn't Fear the Internet

Viewers will flock to online movie downloads: Economist

(Newser) - Hollywood is ignoring the public's desire to download films at its own peril, the Economist reports. It's no surprise that studios are sticking to their business model, especially with huge DVD profits, but the industry could reap fine earnings from downloads. Meanwhile, pirate sites like the surprisingly spiffy More »

Online TV Ads More Effective

Internet viewers find content, advertising more 'engaging' than in conventional spots

(Newser) - Online video advertising is dramatically more effective than conventional TV commercials, a new study finds. Individuals viewing television shows online were found to be 47% more engaged by advertising than other viewers were by commercials during traditional broadcasts, and 25% more engaged by the programming itself, Ars Technica reports. More »

7 Stories