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Small Cars Don't Do So Well in Crash Tests

Mini Cooper Countryman gets 'good' rating; Nissan, Mazda, and Fiat models tank

(Newser) - Not that we'd ever want this to happen, but if you're going to get into a crash in a tiny car, you might want to be in a four-door Mini Cooper Countryman. That's the only small car out of 12 tested that earned a "good" rating... More »

Your Next Doctor's Visit: Sitting in Your Car

A USC center wants cars to monitor our health

(Newser) - Most of us tend to our car's every need, but what if our cars returned the favor? Well, USC's Center for Body Computing is already on the case, reports. They're getting in on a USC project called Nigel, a Mini Cooper equipped with 230 sensors... More »

BMW Recalls Minis for Fire Risk

Recall affects 89K cars in US, 235K worldwide

(Newser) - Ah, the Mini: small, fast, luxurious, and only a little prone to catching on fire. BMW has issued a recall on 235,535 Mini Coopers, including some 89,000 in the US, over a possible glitch in the circuit board that controls the water pump that cools the car's... More »

Flashy Fare at Detroit Auto Show

Ogle the new beauties here

(Newser) - These may be dire times for the auto industry, but that hasn’t stopped it from putting on a show. Plenty of concept cars are taking their bows at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Wall Street Journal notes; sort through some highlights in the slide... More »

Hertz Rolls Out Car-Share Plan

Eying Zipcar's success, rental giant will rent you a Prius for $10 an hour

(Newser) - Look out Zipcar—car rental giant Hertz is jumping into the auto-sharing fray with hourly rentals in New York, Paris, and London, reports the New York Times. Hertz Connect customers will pay from $50 to $1,500 annually to subscribe and have access to cars for as little as $8.... More »

Mini Debuts an SUV

BMW to premiere its 4WD model next month

(Newser) - The newest car to roll off BMW's Mini line may have more in common with a Ford Escape than with its cousins Cooper and Clubman, reports The new model, which may be called the Crossman, premieres next month at the Paris Motor Show, and anticipation is mounting. Not... More »

The 15 Most Fuel Efficient Cars

(Newser) - Toyota’s Prius may hold the crown for fuel-efficiency, but that doesn’t mean it’s lonely at the top. BusinessWeek takes a look at the 15 cars with the best mileage—30 mpg combined city and highway or better.
  • Mercury’s 2009 Mariner Hybrid offers mileage better than the
... More »

Drivers Order Big Extras for Small Cars

Downsizing buyers want jumbo comforts in smaller vehicles

(Newser) - American drivers are ditching their SUVs for smaller vehicles in droves—but they're cramming in all the extra comforts they can, reports the New York Times. Buyers are spending thousands on bonus features such as heated leather seats and top entertainment systems. The trend gives a rare glimmer of hope... More »

BMW to Zap Calif. With 500 Electric Minis

Test will comply with state law requiring automakers to offer no-emission vehicles

(Newser) - BMW will roll out an electric model of its iconic Mini in California, which has mandated that automakers in the state must offer no-emission alternatives, reports Automotive News. The cars will be mostly assembled in BMW's England plant, but sent to Munich for electric powertrains. The initial 500 electric Minis... More »

City Dweller: Drive These Top 10

Check out this list of the Top 10 vehicles for urbanites from Forbes

(Newser) - City streets are tight, and the stop-and-go driving eats up over-priced gas. Then there’s the parking … if you can find it. Forbes says urbanites should consider one of these city-friendly rides:
  1. Audi A3: Handles well, loaded with safety features, tiny turning radius
  2. Mazda3: Great at dodging potholes, safe
... More »

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