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This Jacket Will Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

It can be yours for $169, plus add-ons

(Newser) - Not yet terrified that you'll suddenly burst into flame? Put on one of Hiral Sanghavi's jackets. The man behind Kickstarter's BauBax travel jacket —which last year became the fourth most-funded project on Kickstarter, raising $9.2 million —hopes to raise $100,000 with his new... More »

Feds Investigate Samsung's Use of Patents

First reveal of the inquiry comes from ... Apple

(Newser) - The latest volley in the Apple-Samsung wars : Apple has revealed that the Justice Department is investigating its rival over the possible misuse of Samsung patents. The news came in a legal filing by Apple with the US International Trade Commission, but the Dow Jones news service confirms that the inquiry... More »

Kiss Your Wireless Router Goodbye

New WiFi Direct would eliminate need for hotspots

(Newser) - If setting up a wireless router just sounds a little too daunting, new technology looks to make unplugging a lot easier. WiFi Direct, slated to roll out in the middle of next year, will turn every device enabled with it into a miniature access point, able to create connections with... More »

A Digital Pill a Day May Keep the Doctor Away

Wireless monitoring aims to cut visits and billions in health costs

(Newser) - As Congress debates ways to save on health care, Silicon Valley has an idea of its own: cutting costs through wireless technology, the Wall Street Journal reports. One startup has built a tiny, edible chip that attaches to pills and keeps track of whether patients are taking their medication. Remote... More »

Car Tech Advances Can Recharge Detroit

(Newser) - Detroit needs to heed Henry Ford's advice and take failure as "the opportunity to begin again more intelligently," Sebastian Thrum and Anthony Levandowski write in the New York Times. Here are four technologies that can help the Big Three automakers turn things around:
  • Car-to-car communication: Wireless technology will
... More »

'Wearable' Gadgets Respond to Body Movements

Japanese wireless carrier tests new technologies

(Newser) - Someday, you may be able to tap your fingers to control your DVD player or roll your eyes to pump up your music player’s volume—if technology under development by Japan's top mobile carrier comes to fruition, the AP reports. A cell phone shaped like a large ring that... More »

BlackBerry Holds Its Own Against iPhone

Business-friendly Bold tips hat to Apple, but doesn't cede ground

(Newser) - The release of the new 3G BlackBerry Bold Monday sent Research in Motion’s shares up 6.93%, to $141.97. The reason, according to Forbes, is the BlackBerry’s business focus, which lets it maintain its edge over the popular but business-weak iPhone. The Bold apes the iPhone in... More »

BlackBerry Gets a Bold Facelift

Slick new look, features may help it battle iPhone

(Newser) - The new BlackBerry Bold was unveiled today, sporting a sleek update aimed at keeping its traditional business clientele from defecting to the iPhone. The silver-rimmed Bold is Research in Motion's first to run on speedy 3G wireless networks designed to handle multimedia content and has a faster processor to handle... More »

Wireless Makers Work Out Deal for Faster Net

Royalty agreement may lead to better networks, speedier browsing

(Newser) - Big wireless equipment companies have worked out a royalty deal allowing for the adoption of new technology that should speed up the wireless web. The companies have agreed to limit the royalties they charge each other for patents related to a technology called long-term evolution, or LTE, reports the Wall ... More »

AT&T, Verizon Plan New WiFi in Old TV Spectrum

Telecoms envision WiFi that can penetrate deep into buildings

(Newser) - Verizon and AT&T are talking big about recent bandwidth acquisitions at an FCC auction, the Washington Post reports. The companies promised fast, high-tech new networks in the next few years based on long-range frequencies, newly available from television broadcasters, that can penetrate deep into buildings. A Verizon spokesman said... More »

Bluetooth to Combine With Wi-Fi

Products for speedy data transfer could be available next year

(Newser) - Bluetooth companies plan to combine the technology with Wi-Fi to increase speed, an industry group said. The combination could facilitate the speedy transfer of large amounts of data—like music, pictures, or video—between devices, like your laptop and cellphone. The first products with the combined technology should be available... More »

FCC to Re-Test Wireless Internet Devices

Companies seek to broadcast web over unused TV airwaves

(Newser) - After a series of unsuccessful tests, the Federal Communications Commission is heading back to the lab to assess a new round of devices for broadcasting high-speed Internet in the white space available in between TV airwaves. The prototypes come from a coalition of top-tier bidders, including Microsoft, Philips, and Intel,... More »

Wireless Tech to Cut HDTV Cord

Rival picture slingers are finally heading to market

(Newser) - Electronics companies are finally going to get rid of that ugly cord running from your lovely HDTV to its cable box. At least three different wireless high-definition technologies will be duking it out beginning Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and manufacturers promise you’ll be able... More »

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