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Azealia Banks Loses It on Flight

Hurls homophobic slur at flight attendant, among other things

(Newser) - Azealia Banks lost it on a NY-to-LA flight last night, a passenger sitting next to her on the Delta plane tells TMZ . The passenger says just after the flight landed in the wee hours of this morning, the rapper tried to exit the plane but was blocked by a couple... More »

Autistic Brains Ruined in Freezer Meltdown

Harvard-affiliated hospital freezer suffers inexplicable failure

(Newser) - A freezer failure has severely damaged one third of the world's largest collection of autistic brains, leaving researchers baffled and upset, the Boston Globe reports. The meltdown occurred at Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital, where the fridge thermostat malfunctioned and two alarms failed to go off when the temperature rose from... More »

Diagnosis for Kony 2012's Russell: Reactive Psychosis

Jason Russell will remain hospitalized for weeks: family

(Newser) - The family of Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell says his half-naked romp through San Diego was caused by "brief reactive psychosis, an acute state brought on by extreme exhaustion, stress, and dehydration." His wife had earlier said as much , but the new statement claims this is his official... More »

Meat Loaf Loses It... Over Art Supplies

'I bought those motherf**king sponges!'

(Newser) - Where else but Celebrity Apprentice can you watch Meat Loaf totally, totally lose it on Gary Busey? The "mother of all meltdowns" happened on last night's episode, sparked by ... art supplies, PopEater notes. Specifically, Meat Loaf's missing art supplies, which he claimed were stolen by Busey. The resulting tantrum... More »

'48 Hours to Worse Than Chernobyl'

The Japanese have lost control, officials warn

(Newser) - Officials around the world are increasingly concerned that Japan's mounting nuclear disaster is out of control. "It would be hard to describe how alarming this is right now," an American official tells ABC News . He warns that unless Japan can get all of its crippled nuclear plants under... More »

Japan Declares Emergency at 2nd Nuke Plant

22 people found to be contaminated at Dai-ichi plant

(Newser) - The International Atomic Energy Agency said today that Japan has declared a state of emergency at a second earthquake-ravaged nuclear plant after measuring higher-than-permitted levels of radiation. The IAEA says the source is being investigated, but all three reactors at the Onagawa plant are currently under control. Japan also said... More »

Risk of Meltdown Grows at Damaged Nuclear Reactors

Japan working to keep at least two from catastrophic failure

(Newser) - Wire services are scrambling to assess the danger surrounding Japan's damaged nuclear reactors, but this much is clear: At least two are in serious trouble, and officials were taking extraordinary measures to avert full-blown meltdowns. Phrases like "possible partial meltdown" ( from AP ) and "assuming the possibility... More »

Charlie Unveils Sheen's Korner

Because you hadn't seen enough of him this week

(Newser) - "You're either in Sheen's Korner, or you're with the trolls," proclaimed the ever-crazier Charlie Sheen in anointing his latest "disorganized, random experiment of sorts." What followed was 50 minutes of #winning Sheen. Watch a clip in the gallery, or click through to TMZ to watch the... More »

11 Dumbest Celebrity Alibis

We're not believing Charlie Sheen any more than we believed these others

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen had a bad reaction to some medicine , which caused him to trash a hotel room and have a hooker-related meltdown? Suuuuuure. The New York Daily News rounds up more ridiculous celebrity excuses:
  • Britney Spears: Why did she drive with a 4-month-old baby on her lap? Because that’s
... More »

Steven Slater: I Had 'a Few Sips' Before JetBlue Exit

He acknowledges his own 'bad manners' came into play

(Newser) - Steven Slater gave his first extensive interview since his dramatic exit from a JetBlue plane made him a folk hero , admitting to Larry King last night that “the perfect storm of bad manners … created this situation, including my own.” Slater describes the flight he was working... More »

Teacher's Desk-Throwing Meltdown Caught on Tape

Donald Wood apparently suffered nervous breakdown in class

(Newser) - A 17-year teaching veteran finally had enough, and his subsequent meltdown was caught on video. Donald Wood was teaching his 11th grade algebra class at Nashville’s McGavock High School when he decided a group of laughing students needed to “shut up.” They didn’t, and Wood started... More »

Britney Counseling Mel—Seriously

They're having late night heart-to-hearts

(Newser) - For advice on how to get re-hinged, lunatic ranter Mel Gibson has apparently been turning to ... Britney Spears. The disgraced star, 54, has been pouring his heart out to the poptart, sharing his fears that his recorded rants to his babymama Oksana Grigorieva are destroying his career, Britney has told... More »

Nine Best Reality TV Hissy Fits

Kate Gosselin isn't even the worst

(Newser) - Kate Gosselin is the latest in a long line of “celebrities” throwing temper tantrums on national television. E! rounds up eight more reality show meltdowns—watch the videos in the gallery:
  • Kenley Collins, Project Runway: She flips out when judges say her final creation looks like a “pink
... More »

Serena 'Got What She Deserved'

Tennis star's ego got the best of her in tense match

(Newser) - Serena Williams' “shameful performance” at the US Open—hurling multiple F-bombs at a lineswoman and smashing her racket—thwarted her attempts for another victory, and rightly so, Mike Lupica writes in the New York Daily News. Williams felt the lineswoman shouldn’t penalize her for a foot fault because... More »

Phoenix On 'Internal Exploration' Tour

(Newser) - Bizarre behavior aside, Joaquin Phoenix does have ambitions for his new career in rhyming, as he revealed in an interview with ABC News. “I want it to be big,” he said of his debut album, which is in the works. “Not big like popular. I want it... More »

Sis: 'Angry Christian Needs Help'

'He's incredibly stressed'

(Newser) - Christian Bale's sister found his profanity-riddled tantrum on a movie set disturbing, and believes the actor "needs help," reports the Telegraph. "It's terribly sad," said Bale's sister, Sharon. "He seems to be incredibly stressed and angry at the moment." Bale was arrested last year... More »

How to Survive the Apocalypse

Guardian explains how to kill pheasants, build shelter

(Newser) - Economic ruin, climate change, war—the apocalypse can’t be far off, right? Movies tell us that to survive the end of days we need “to sit in desirable country mansions, eat tinned tomatoes, develop post-traumatic psychosis and shoot each other,” Tanya Gold writes in the Guardian, noting... More »

Recession Shutters Famed Yale Club

Mory's has closed until further notice

(Newser) - Mory's, a legendary Yale University eating and drinking club that traces its roots to the Civil War—and whose membership includes two presidents named Bush—is the latest victim of the recession. A list of patrons that has included the likes of Al Pacino, Tom Hanks, and Jodie Foster hasn't... More »

Morgan Stanley Profit Dips, But Easily Beats Forecasts

(Newser) - Morgan Stanley reported a 3% percent drop in third-quarter earnings but easily beat Wall Street expectations, Bloomberg reports. The investment bank's profit fell to $1.43 billion, or $1.32 per share from $1.47 billion, or $1.38, a year ago. Analysts expected 78 cents a share. The relatively... More »

Britney Downed Toxic Cocktail Pre-Meltdown

Purple Monsters, Vicodin, Ritalin, Zantac, sleeping pills, oh my!

(Newser) - Oops, she popped pills again—and again, and again, reports the New York Post, describing the cocktail of 100 prescription pills pop spectacle Britney Spears washed down with a "Purple Monster" (a mix of vodka, Nyquil, and Red Bull) in the 36 hours leading up to her flip-out. Even... More »

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