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Redbox, Verizon Launching $6-a-Month Movie Streaming

Netflix competitor expected to open to public next year

(Newser) - Watch out, Netflix, here comes Redbox: The movie-rental kiosk company is teaming up with Verizon, as expected , to launch a Netflix competitor. Redbox Instant by Verizon will offer unlimited streaming for just $6 a month, according to AllThingsD . That's less than the $7.99 Netflix charges for the same... More »

YouTube to Rent Paramount Movies

About 500 titles include 'Transformers' and 'The Godfather '

(Newser) - In a new deal, YouTube will be renting flicks produced by Paramount Pictures. Paramount will make available 500 movies, including Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Transformers, and The Godfather trilogy, reports Bloomberg Business Week . The titles will be online in a few weeks and cost $2.99 to $3.99... More »

Netflix Won't Die, It Just Won't Rule the World

The streaming video service will be fine, it just won't rule the world

(Newser) - Yes, its stock has plunged 70% since July , and yes, it has shed 800,000 subscribers , but Netflix isn’t doomed, writes Holman Jenkins of the Wall Street Journal —it’s just not going to rule the world, either. The problem isn’t so much that people loved their... More »

Netflix Loses 800K Customers

As stock plunges, CEO blames Tea Party, Occupy Wall St.

(Newser) - The horror movie isn't over for Netflix shareholders. The company, facing a customer revolt over price hikes, posted third-quarter results that were even worse than expected, Bloomberg reports. The company has lost around 800,000 subscribers since June, leaving it with 23.8 million, when it had predicted that... More »

Whoops: Qwikster Tweets Definitely Not From Netflix

Tweets on weed, bench pressing, and boredom

(Newser) - Unless Netflix has recently discovered a passion for pot, the @Qwikster Twitter account doesn’t belong to the company, and that's an unfortunate (and hilarious) oversight. Writing for TechCrunch , Alexis Tsotsis calls it an "immediate chink in the company’s rebranded armor, other than the fact that, like... More »

Netflix Spins Off 'Qwikster,' CEO Admits 'I Messed Up'

Reed Hastings explains recent price hike, but many still not happy

(Newser) - Netflix’s recent price hike caused rampant backlash , cost the movie rental service one million subscribers , and sent the company’s stock tumbling. Last night, CEO Reed Hastings admitted in a blog post , “I messed up.” But he’s not offering a reversal on the price hike, simply... More »

Netflix Expects 1M Fewer Subscribers

Shares slump on lowered projections

(Newser) - Netflix is taking its lumps today over its price hike and plan changes. After the company announced that it expects to have 1 million fewer US subscribers than projected at the end of the third quarter—24 million, instead of 25 million—its shares slid about 15%, reports MarketWatch . The... More »

YouTube Starts Movie Rentals

3K movies from around the world now available

(Newser) - While clips of cute kittens, backyard wrestling, and teenage lip-syncers are fascinating, YouTube has decided to beef up its online offerings with something a little ... lengthier: It added 3,000 real movies to rent yesterday. The movie service includes new titles and classics from Hollywood, Bollywood, and even Nigeria's... More »

New to Facebook: Movie Rentals

Warner Bros service launches with Dark Knight

(Newser) - Look out Netflix? Warner Bros. has decided to test out a movie rental service on Facebook, according to the Hollywood Reporter . Anyone who "likes" The Dark Knight will be able to spend 30 Facebook credits, meaning $3, to stream the movie to their computer, where it'll be viewable for... More »

3 Things That Killed Blockbuster

Netflix takes leading role in company's imminent bankruptcy

(Newser) - With Blockbuster, once the dominant US video-rental chain, on the verge of bankruptcy, Daniel Indiviglio takes a look at three crucial factors in the demise of an outfit whose “fate was mostly sealed by its failure to embrace technology quickly enough.”
  • Netflix: “Its business model merged technology,
... More »

Online TV, Movie Guide Impresses

Clicker takes the drudgery out of finding what you want

(Newser) - The Web is so rich with TV and movie options that organizing the content is a daunting task. “You could browse multiple sites, including crowd-pleasers like Hulu, but that's too slow and tedious,” Jeff Bertolucci writes. Enter Clicker , a new aggregating website its CEO calls “one part... More »

Best Buy Noses Into Online Movie Market

Streaming service will come pre-loaded on gadgets

(Newser) - Best Buy has partnered with online provider CinemaNow to develop a movie downloading service that will come preloaded on the bulk of its Internet-capable electronics. The move follows a 13% slump in DVD sales for the year that has had the company casting about for a new revenue stream. It... More »

Netflix's Speedy Secrets Revealed

Workers sort 650 discs per hour; machines scan 30K hourly

(Newser) - Distributing DVDs out of 58 warehouses across the US, Netflix keeps its operations very quiet and extremely efficient; the unmarked building that houses Chicago-area operations was so nondescript he wouldn’t be able to find it again, Christopher Borrelli writes for the Tribune. Inside, workers, many apparently grandparents, whose shifts... More »

Web Eats Hollywood's Hedge Against Recession

Free online content elbows out movies, TV as consumers trim expenses

(Newser) - The rise of free online content threatens to tarnish Hollywood's long-held belief that it is recession-proof, the Los Angeles Times reports. Tinseltown thrived in previous downturns, but with escapism now just a click of the mouse away, thrifty consumers are cutting cable subscriptions and movie tickets from their budgets. More »

Jobs Pulls Thin Laptop Out of Air

Apple debuts ultra-thin MacBook Air at Macworld; confirms foray into movie rentals

(Newser) - Steve Jobs today slid his latest trick not from up his sleeve, but from a manila envelope. The Apple CEO unveiled the ultra-thin MacBook Air laptop at the Macworld Expo, reports the AP. Boasting a 13-inch screen, the new Mac ranges in thickness from 0.16 inches to 0.76... More »

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