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Trader Gets 3 Years in First 'Spoofing' Conviction

He was found guilty of 'spoofing' trades

(Newser) - Futures trader Michael Coscia has earned himself a footnote in books about financial crime and a cell in a federal prison for three years after becoming the first person ever convicted of "spoofing" in the US. Coscia, the 54-year-old chief of the Panther Energy Trading firm, was the first... More »

Psychopaths More Cautious Than Stockbrokers

Stock traders prove more reckless, ruthless in simulations, tests

(Newser) - Don’t call rogue traders like Kweku Adoboli a psycho—because that may not be fair to psychos. A new study from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland pitted a group of stockbrokers against a group of actual psychopaths in various computer simulations and intelligence tests, and found that... More »

Shadowy Citi Trader Demands $100M Payout

(Newser) - Andrew J. Hall, the man who runs Citi’s shadowy energy-trading unit, is demanding the company pay him up to $100 million to honor a previously agreed-upon 2009 pay package, the Wall Street Journal reports. If Citi doesn’t pay up, Hall could walk and sue, but paying could be... More »

Wall Street Pay Packages Roar Back, Led by Goldman

Goldman set to pay $700K per employee at current levels

(Newser) - It didn't take long: After a year of public apologies and vows to change, big pay packages are back on Wall Street. Goldman Sachs is set to pay about $700,000 per employee in 2009 based on current figures, nearly double last year's figure and even higher than before the... More »

Brokers Bail on Wall Street

Commissions shrinking as investors turn away from stocks

(Newser) - A rising number of stock brokers are abandoning the industry as markets fall and commissions dry up, the Wall Street Journal reports. More brokers have already departed this year than in any of the last 15 years, and experts expect the exodus to continue as investors shift assets out of... More »

Crisis Brings Day Traders Back to Wall Street

Risk-loving market riders experience new heyday

(Newser) - Some traders like to buy and hold positions based on rational market fundamentals. Then there’s Peter Milman, who’s constantly making—or losing—tens of thousands of dollars, perched over his computer making a furious stream of bets like an arcade pinball wizard. Day traders like Milman are having... More »

Traders Predict Obama Victory

Dems will win presidency, they say

(Newser) - Futures traders are betting Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee—and that the Democrats will take the White House. Although they expect Hillary Clinton to take three upcoming primaries, groups based in Iowa and Dublin give Obama an 86% chance of winning the party’s nod, compared to 12.... More »

Lawyer: SocGen 'Condoned' Trader's Deals

Bank couldn't have missed billions in moves: Kerviel's rep

(Newser) - The French trader who lost Société Générale $7.2 billion acted with the tacit support of the banking giant's management, which "condoned" his trades, Jérôme Kerviel's lawyer says. The assertion contradicts executives' claims that Kerviel acted alone. "Jérôme is a smart... More »

Rogue Trader Says SocGen Looked the Other Way

Kerviel says he was up $2B at the end of 2007

(Newser) - Jérôme Kerviel, the trader at the root of the $7.1 billion scandal roiling French banking giant Société Générale, says his bosses knew what he was up to, and they didn't stop him as long as he was generating huge profits—$2 billion by the... More »

SocGen Trader Charged, Faces 7 Years

Kerviel didn't siphon off a cent, wanted to be 'a stand-out trader'

(Newser) - Jérôme Kerviel, the rogue trader who cost France's third-largest bank over $7 billion, was charged with attempted fraud by French authorities today, Bloomberg reports. Abuse of trust, the most serious of four charges, carries a potential 7-year sentence and $1.5-million fine. Police want him kept in custody,... More »

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