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Stunt raises money for expedition, and researchers find 'Romeo' a potential mate

(Newser) - He is shy and not very active, and she is the opposite on both counts, but there are high hopes that this union via will be a lasting one. The "he" in this equation is a Sehuencas water frog named Romeo, explains the Guardian . For the last... More »

Possibly Last Frog of His Kind Turns to Online Dating

Scientists create a profile that is actually a fundraiser to help him find a mate

(Newser) - A water frog dubbed Romeo by scientists has been calling for a mate from his museum home in Bolivia for about a decade now. The problem is that Romeo may well be the last frog of his species, explains Quartz . Researchers, however, haven't completely ruled out hope of finding... More »

Mensa Helping the Brilliant Find Love

Thanks to new partnership

(Newser) - Good news for brainiacs who are struggling to find love: has partnered with Mensa to help bring the IQ-blessed together. This week saw the launch of a Mensa-specific channel on dubbed Mensa Match , where, as USA Today explains, access is limited to those who meet Mensa'... More »

For $5K, Will Find Lookalikes of Your Ex

New facial-recognition service costs a pretty penny

(Newser) - is rolling out a pricey new service that's causing some double-takes: It promises to match up clients with people who look like their exes. The premise is pretty simple: People send in photos of their former loves, and facial-recognition software then scans the possible matches available to... More »

Martha Stewart Narrows Down Suitors

Will email 2 today, she promises Matt Lauer

(Newser) - So Martha Stewart really is going through with this whole thing . After posting a profile on the dating site, Stewart, not surprisingly, received 1,000 messages from interested suitors. She managed to narrow it down to five potentially good matches, and out of those five she's going... More »

See Martha Stewart's Profile

She's looking for a younger, taller man

(Newser) - On Today Monday, Martha Stewart agreed to join—and now her profile is live, Time reports. While it doesn't reveal her to be a person who enjoys romantic candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach, it does inform us that she is looking for an "... More »

'Playa's' Dating Spreadsheet Goes Viral

'Mixed pics, great bod,' notes one assessment

(Newser) - An online dating cad's meticulous spreadsheet on his possible matches has gone viral. "Mixed bag of pictures, but great bod," notes the shopper about one woman, whom he rates a 7.5. The detailed spreadsheet—which includes age, appearance ranking, dates of online contact, date schedule, and... More »

3 Dating Sites Will Screen for Predators, eHarmony, Spark Networks agree to make sites safer

(Newser) - Three of the biggest online dating services are moving to make the billion-dollar industry a safer one for users., eHarmony, and Spark Networks have signed an agreement to screen prospective clients for histories of sexual assault, violence, and identity theft, the Los Angeles Times reports. The companies have... More »

Scientists Spot Trouble With Online Dating

'Supermarkets of love' no better than bars for meeting people: Study

(Newser) - Online dating could help you find your perfect match—but your chances aren't any better than they'd be at a bar, a study suggests. You can't tell much about the people listed on sites like Browsing such lists "overloads people and they end up... More »

Republicans Take Orgasm Lead in Poll

Conservatives report having less sex, but bigger percentage of fireworks, than liberals

(Newser) - Here's a tidbit stunning enough to interruptus your coitus: Republicans—no, make that conservative Republicans—report the highest rate of orgasms, according to a new sex poll. More than half of those who identified themselves as conservative Republicans said they reached orgasm almost every time they had sex, compared... More » User's Monthly Haul: $1K Worth of Dinners

NYC 23-year-old saved money by dating online suitors

(Newser) - How did a young woman in New York City rack up $1,200 a month in free fancy dinners? By signing up for online dating site and orchestrating a rotation of suitors eager to wine and dine her. "Before I barely had enough money to pay for... More »

We Need a for College Admissions

Our current system is badly outdated: Kevin Carey

(Newser) - It's time to bring the college admissions process into the modern age, writes Kevin Carey at the Atlantic . He doesn't mean the process by which elite students get into Ivy League schools—he means the real world, where the vast majority of students end up picking a school... More »

7 Startup Ideas That've Been Beaten to Death

Sick of Groupon knockoffs yet?

(Newser) - Sure, maybe the little kid down the block just happened to think of setting up a, um, limeade stand right after you started hawking lemonade, but in the real-life world of startups the consequences are somewhat more serious—and annoying. Business Insider runs down the seven moldiest startup trends out... More », Don't Bother Screening Sex Offenders

The effort may do more harm than good, writes Benjamin Radford

(Newser) - In response to a lawsuit , announced it will start checking its members against a national sex offender registry —but that's not news worth getting excited about, writes Benjamin Radford on LiveScience . "There are several obvious flaws with the plan," including the fact that members... More » Will Now Check Sex Offender Registry

Action has nothing to do with attack lawsuit, company says

(Newser) - has decided to check members against a national registry of sex offenders following a lawsuit —though the company says the move is not in direct response to the suit. A California entertainment executive sued for the action earlier this month after she was allegedly attacked by a... More »

Woman Sues Over Sex Assault

Attacker had history of attacks, victim demands screening

(Newser) - A Los Angeles entertainment executive is suing an online dating site for failing to screen out a man who she says sexually assaulted her. The woman is seeking an injunction barring from signing members until it begins a process to filter out sex predators like her alleged attacker,... More » Hooks Up With OkCupid pays $50M for its free-service rival

(Newser) - has bought rival OkCupid for $50 million, consolidating its hold on the online dating market, Mashable reports. The acquisition provides—a high-end service that charges its 5.8 million users—with access to lots of new customers. OkCupid is a mostly free site with 3.5... More »

Cops: Con Man Scammed $140K From Online Dates

Posed as multimillionaire pal of George Bush

(Newser) - A New York lothario posing as a multimillionaire Navy commander and confidante of George Bush scammed close to $140,000 from women he met on online dating sites, according to Westchester authorities. After cultivating relationships with women met on sites like, Jesus Nasser asked for loans, explaining that... More »

Kate Spoofed in Dating Video

(Newser) - Poor Kate. While hubby Jon has fun with his latest junior girlfriend, she's home with the eight kids—and being lampooned in a spoof dating video. The ersatz Kate, who dubs herself "KatePlus8Minus1Hawaiian," says she's seeking a guy who appreciates a "backwards mullet" and "... More »

Lovesick New Yorker Sues

Most listed on site actually don't subscribe, says NY man

(Newser) - A Brooklyn man is suing over “humiliation and disappointment” suffered by users who seek dates with non-subscribers, the New York Post reports. Most people listed on the site, he says, “are canceled subscribers or never subscribed at all.” And those who e-mail them “feel... More »

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