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Facebook, Google Could Fall Apart

Eric Jackson says the web's top companies never seem to last

(Newser) - Right now, Google and Facebook seem invincible, but in five to eight years they could well be gone, argues Eric Jackson in Forbes . "Not bankrupt gone, but MySpace gone." After all, it's happened to loads of web giants before them. The more you look at the Internet,... More »

Top 1% of Mobile Addicts Use Half the Bandwidth

And the gap is growing, new report finds

(Newser) - The most voracious mobile users are hogging the majority of the world's mobile broadband traffic—and the gap between them and non-power users is growing, according to a new report. Arieso, an English company that advises mobile operators, believes that the top 10% of mobile users generate 90% of... More »

Mount Everest Gets 3G Coverage

It's the highest mobile network base station

(Newser) - Can you hear me now? Ambitious climbers can now theoretically check their email from the top of the world, because new 3G mobile network service station was installed at the base of Mount Everest yesterday, CNN reports. At an altitude of 17,000 feet, it’s the highest such base... More »

PlayStation Phone Is Leaked—Maybe

Photos of prototype surface, but some have doubts

(Newser) - The much-rumored PlayStation phone looks to be the real deal. Engadget today provided photos of what it calls a prototype and says it would likely be on the market in 2011, with an outside chance of later this year. The phone would likely use Google's Android software and connect users... More »

How to Calm Stress 2.0

From disconnecting to breathing, relieve social-media angst

(Newser) - Mobile devices might be great for social networking, but extreme devotion to Facebook, Twitter & Co. can lead to “Stress 2.0,” Soren Gordhamer cautions. Fortunately, he has tips for dealing with it:
  • Disconnect, even just briefly. When you stop absorbing information, go outside, eat lunch, chat up
... More »

1-800-Flowers First Retailer Inside Facebook

(Newser) - continues its record of early technology adoption, Robin Wauters writes in TechCrunch, opening a storefront within Facebook. The company hit the Internet at the surprisingly early date of 1992, and was the first retailer on AOL two years later. It claims it’s the first retailer operating on... More »

Introducing Web 3.0

Mossberg and Swisher: it's an iPhone revolution

(Newser) - Web 2.0’s a thing of the past, write Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher for All Things D. "Something major is happening at the intersection of tech and media, and we think it deserves its own new hyped-up name,” they announce. Web 3.0 is the era... More »

AT&T Rolls Out $50 Mini-Laptops

For customers who sign up for a combined home-and-mobile broadband plan

(Newser) - AT&T is trying out a program that would make buying a laptop a bit like buying a cellphone. Walk into one of its Atlanta or Philadelphia retail outlets, and you’ll soon be able to nab a “mini-laptop” (or netbook, as the rest of the world calls them)... More »

Wi-Fi Goes for a Ride—in the Slow Lane

In-car system is reliable but may distract drivers: Mossberg

(Newser) - Wi-Fi has moved to the car, with Chrysler and Autonet Mobile teaming up to offer connectivity on wheels. It's a neat idea that works reasonably well, writes Walt Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal, though speed isn't great, and the initial cost is steep. Moreover, "the company says the... More »

Lower-Income Buyers Snatch Up iPhones

Increasingly, consumers are turning to the iPhone for music, Web browsing and calls

(Newser) - Lower-income households are snatching up iPhones at a faster rate than their more financially flush counterparts, reports the Wall Street Journal, potentially attracted by its multiple uses—and single fee. By relying on the “Swiss-Army knife kind of device” to make phone calls, listen to music, and access the... More »

New Phones Compete With Software, Not Hardware

Applications and entertainment options more important than iPhone's aesthetics

(Newser) - The iPhone may have buzz, Wired writes, but the smartphone market is deviating from the model of Apple’s “Jesus phone,” particularly in the software area. Wary of Apple’s restrictive software development policies, Wired pegs the Nokia N95, with an open source application platform, as more influential... More »

AT&T, Verizon Will Dominate New Airwaves

Wireless spectrum auction saw no major first-time entrant

(Newser) - AT&T and Verizon were the two top bidders in the airwaves auction that ended this week, representing 80% of the FCC’s record $19.6 billion haul and positioning themselves to offer advanced wireless Internet services, reports the Wall Street Journal. Google, sans licenses, was another winner, gaining open... More »

Yahoo Debuts 'Smart' Mobile Bookmarking Tool

Firm is attempting to stake a claim in mobile internet software before Google

(Newser) - Yahoo, keeping up its relentless pace of product launches, announced the debut of a Web bookmarking service for cell phones intended to help users organize their mobile Internet experience, Reuters reports. Called OnePlace, the tool allows users to mark not just individual sites but a collection of 'smart' content feeds... More »

Intel Pushes 'Atom' Chips

Tiny microprocessors are intended for mobile Internet devices and low-end computers

(Newser) - Intel will push its tinest new chips behind the brand name Atom in an effort to create demand for two emerging types of computing devices. The Atom line includes chips already announced by the company, reports the Wall Street Journal. One, formerly known as Silverthorne, is aimed at cellphone-sized devices... More »

Intel Joins Push for Low-Power Chips

Promoting chips geared toward mobile Internet devices

(Newser) - Intel is developing a low-power-consuming chip aimed at a new category of mobile Internet devices, or MIDs, which range between a cell phone and laptop in size. The company’s new MID chip, expected out in the second quarter, draws about a tenth of the power used by Intel’s... More »

AT&T and Yahoo Forge Alliance

Yahoo nets AT&T's subscribers in search and ad deal

(Newser) - Yahoo and AT&T announced a new alliance today in which Yahoo will provide search and advertising on AT&T’s mobile phones, the San Jose Mercury News reports. AT&T in turn will get their web portal redesigned by Yahoo, through which their customers will get access... More »

Google to Bid on Wireless Spectrum

Search giant expected to jump into FCC auction fray today

(Newser) - Google will announce today that it does plan to bid  for a  slice of wireless spectrum coming up for FCC auction in January, the Wall Street Journal reports. A winning bid would allow it to provide wireless phone and Internet service, to partner with other providers, or to lease out... More »

Mobile Web: Hyped, But Not Used, For Now

The cellphone Internet experience has yet to attract frequent users

(Newser) - The mobile web, or cellphone-based Internet, has been the focus of a lot of attention lately, whether its iPhone hysteria or buzz over handset hardware companies joining Google’s Open Handset Alliance. The New York Times reports that the hype hasn’t helped the existing mobile web do very well:... More »

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