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Toronto Therapist Had Sex With Male Patients

Melvyn Iscove will likely lose his license

(Newser) - A Toronto psychiatrist who considered homosexuality a "disorder" also had sex with male patients in his office—and will likely lose his license over it, Newsweek reports. Melvyn Iscove, 72, has been found guilty of sexually abusing two men who came to him in the 1990s and early 2000s.... More »

Report: Yale Psychiatrist Spoke With Lawmakers About Trump

Politico reports Yale psychiatry professor Dr. Bandy X. Lee was in DC for 2 days

(Newser) - Yale University psychiatry professor Dr. Bandy X. Lee has President Trump's mind on her mind. She entered the spotlight in the fall with the October release of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, a book she edited that collected assessments from 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts on the... More »

Adam Lanza's Therapist Gave Up His License

Psychiatrist allegedly had sexual relationship with patient: records

(Newser) - A psychiatrist who saw Adam Lanza several years ago gave up his license last year after he was accused of sexual relations with a patient, the AP reports, based on newly-available public records. Dr. Paul L. Fox hadn't seen Lanza since Lanza was about 15, he told police following... More »

Lawyer: Guy Attacked With Sledgehammer Over $1.5M

Weird attack was supposedly over life insurance money

(Newser) - With two psychiatrists, a $1.5 million life insurance policy, and a sledgehammer, an attempted murder case in Manhattan has all the elements of a 20/20 episode—at least according to the victim's lawyer. Michael Weiss had conveniently just changed his life insurance policy to benefit fellow shrink Pamela... More »

Widow of Aurora Victim Sues Holmes' Psychiatrist

He should have been in custody, says lawsuit

(Newser) - The widow of one of the people killed in the Aurora, Colorado, rampage has sued the psychiatrist of alleged shooter James Holmes, reports the Denver Post . The lawsuit argues that the University of Colorado's Lynne Fenton should have had Holmes placed in temporary custody after he spoke of his... More »

Holmes Called School 9 Minutes Before Shooting

Dialed in to switchboard that could reach psychiatrist

(Newser) - Out of yesterday's Aurora massacre hearing: a big new detail and a big setback for Colorado prosecutors.
  • The notebook: Prosecutors have been trying to get their hands on a notebook that James Holmes sent to Dr. Lynne Fenton that reportedly contains a graphic description of his massacre plans. But
... More »

Psychiatrist Warned Campus Cop About Holmes

It's not clear what officer did about warning

(Newser) - The psychiatrist who treated James Holmes before the Aurora massacre was so worried about his behavior that she broke patient confidentiality and warned a campus police officer about him, as well as the University of Colorado's threat team , sources tell ABC . It's not known what the officer she... More »

Dark Knight Suspect Was Seeing Psychiatrist

James Holmes' doctor specialized in schizophrenia

(Newser) - James Holmes was indeed seeing a psychiatrist before the Dark Knight shooting spree, one who specialized in schizophrenia. The revelation emerged today in court documents, reports the Washington Post . Defense attorneys want authorities to turn over a notebook that Holmes sent to Lynne Fenton of the University of Colorado before... More »

Holmes Sent Massacre Plans to Psychiatrist: Report

It apparently sat unopened in mailroom until after the killings, says Fox News

(Newser) - Police say James Holmes planned his Colorado massacre months in advance, and a new report from Fox News suggests that he sent a notebook with details to a psychiatrist ahead of time. Unfortunately, it wasn't discovered until Monday—it apparently sat unopened in a mailroom at the University of... More »

Psychiatrist Kills Too Fat for 15 Son, Self

13-year-old had just finished year at weight-loss boarding school

(Newser) - A prominent Maryland psychiatrist specializing in women's health shot her 13-year-old son dead before killing herself, police say. The son, Ben Barnhard, had recently completed a year at the boarding school for overweight kids featured in the Style Network show Too Fat for 15, which tracked his loss of... More »

Gores Exemplify the Rise of the Late-in-Life Divorce

Boomers are solidly part of 'Me' generation

(Newser) - The Gore divorce has marriage experts everywhere discussing it, and late-life divorce in general. Divorces like the Gores are bound to become more common, most agree, both because couples are living longer, and because of generational shifts in marital expectations. “Baby Boomers are part of the 'Me' Generation—what's... More »

Nannies Turn Baby Boys Into Skirt Chasers: Shrink

They fall in love with the 'other woman'

(Newser) - Nannies introduce the idea of the "other woman" into the psyche of baby boys and make them more likely to be womanizers when they're grown, a psychiatrist claims. Even after marriage, he'll have "at the back of his mind the notion of this other woman, who knows and... More »

Hasan May Plead Insanity: Lawyer

Not-guilty plea likely in Fort Hood shooting

(Newser) - Maj. Nidal Hasan, the Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people in a shooting spree at Fort Hood, Texas, will likely plead not guilty to the charges against him and may use an insanity defense at his military trial, his attorney said today. John Galligan, the civilian attorney for Hasan,... More »

Boss Warned of 'Serious' Hasan Concerns 2 Years Ago

2007 memo outlines supervisor's 'serious concerns'

(Newser) - Nidal Hasan's supervisor at the Walter Reed Medical Center warned that the psychiatrist was unprofessional and lazy in a harshly critical performance evaluation in 2007. Hasan "demonstrates a pattern of poor judgment and a lack of professionalism," the report states, noting that he proselytized to his patients and... More »

Speed Shrinking Offers Quicker Fixes

... And promotes shrinks' books, in 180-second encounters

(Newser) - Freud must be shuddering in his grave, but that doesn't bother Susan Shapiro, the author of Speed Shrinking and the cheerful organizer of speed-dating-style therapy sessions for New Yorkers. On a recent evening, 200 talk-therapy-seekers stood in line at a lecture hall for their turn to spill their problems and... More »

Army Medicine Failed Hasan, Shooting Victims

Shooter wasn't promoted because it was PC; it was necessity

(Newser) - Media coverage of the Fort Hood killings has been factually challenged and quick to jump to conclusions about terrorism and political correctness, but the underlying problem is much bigger, Mark Benjamin argues. The real question: Why was alleged shooter Nidal Malik Hasan an Army psychiatrist in the first place? Given... More »

Witnesses: Major Yelled 'Allahu Akbar' Before Firing

Family says he is devout, not extremist

(Newser) - Witnesses to the Fort Hood rampage say gunman Nidal Malik Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar"—Arabic for "God is Great"—as he opened fire. The Army hasn't confirmed the callout during the "calm and measured" shooting spree that killed 13. Hasan is a devout Muslim, but... More »

Fort Hood Death Toll Hits 13

SWAT teams, FBI scour suspect's home

(Newser) - The death toll from yesterday's shootings at Fort Hood hit 13 early this morning after a woman died of her injuries, a military spokeswoman says. A SWAT team and FBI agents raided the Killeen, Texas, home of suspected shooter Nidal Malik Hasan overnight in an effort to learn what could... More »

Gunman Hasan a Lifelong Muslim, Devout Soldier

He counseled returning soldiers with PTSD

(Newser) - The details emerging about Nidal Hasan, who authorities say is responsible for the worst mass killing on a US Army base, paint a picture of a man torn by contradictory loyalties. Hasan was a lifelong Muslim, an imam at his mosque said, but not an extremist. He had served 8... More »

'Death Is Not Imminent' for Hasan Despite Multiple Shots

Plus, a report that he was yelling in Arabic

(Newser) - Suspected Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan isn’t mortally wounded despite taking at least four bullets, military officials say tonight. “I would say his death is not imminent,” notes a spokesman at the Texas military base where the Army psychiatrist killed 12 and injured 31 earlier... More »

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