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Activist Investor Wants to Scrub Entire Yahoo Board

Starboard says it's got 9 nominees to take over for floundering Internet company

(Newser) - Yahoo's entire board of directors should be swapped out, per an activist investor, and the AP reports that Starboard Value is going to nominate nine new board members Thursday, ratcheting up tensions between itself and the beleaguered Internet giant. The Wall Street Journal says it reviewed a letter from... More »

Weinergate Prompts Airline Special

It's 'too hard to resist'

(Newser) - Now we can all cash in on Weinergate: Spirit Airlines is holding a special deal dubbed “The Weiner Sale.” The fares are “too hard to resist,” notes one ad, viewable at the Frisky . There’s even a “Weiner Sale Expansion,” though the fares won’... More »

Broke, California Holds Huge Garage Sale

(Newser) - Just how bad has California’s budget crisis gotten? So bad that it’s holding what it’s calling the “Great California Garage Sale” this weekend, hoping to unload piles of junk and wasteful property that the state’s accrued over the years. Hundreds of items will be available,... More »

Your Lowly Penny Can Actually Buy Something

Retailers lure back to school shoppers with 1¢ gimmick

(Newser) - Retailers, scrambling to connect with the fragile consumer psyche, have turned to the lowly penny for a boost, offering everything from clothing to crayons for a single cent, the LA Times reports. Nearly taken out of circulation three years ago, the penny may be a lousy coin, but it’s... More »

Swedish Firm Nabs Pirate Bay for $7.7M

Buyers to remodel site so content providers 'get paid'

(Newser) - A Swedish software company has purchased file-sharing site Pirate Bay for $7.7 million after the site was fined $3.6 million, the Register reports. “We would like to introduce models which entail that content providers and copyright owners get paid for content that is downloaded via the site,... More »

China Won't Allow Hummer Sale: Report

Country KOs GM deal with manufacturer over environmental worries

(Newser) - Beijing will halt GM’s sale of the Hummer brand to a Chinese machinery firm over pollution concerns, according to Chinese state radio. The purchase would run counter to the government’s goal of reducing pollution caused by manufacturing, the BBC reports. The Chinese firm shrugged off the report. “... More »

What's the Globe Really Worth?

Some say Times Co. should pay to dump it

(Newser) - With the New York Times Co. said to be looking for a Boston Globe buyer, David Carr polled experts to see what the paper might be worth—a question, he writes in the Times, that reaches beyond the Globe itself as the newspaper industry struggles. Carr got quite a range... More »

Ginsburg Delays Chrysler-Fiat Deal

(Newser) - Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg today put a temporary stay on the sale of Chrysler to Italian automaker Fiat, SCOTUSBlog reports. Ginsburg’s motion allows the justices to further consider the matter, and either postpone the sale or let it go forward. A full postponement of the sale would... More »

GM Strikes Hummer Deal

Buyer, price not disclosed

(Newser) - General Motors has announced a "tentative" plan to sell its Hummer brand to a buyer who could take control by the end of the third quarter, says the Wall Street Journal. The firm didn’t say who was buying it or for how much, but noted that the purchaser... More »

Playboy on Block for $300M

Hef said to be loathe to part with firm

(Newser) - With the magazine at its heart struggling against the tide of the Internet, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy empire is seeking a buyer for $300 million, the New York Post reports. That’s three times its current market capitalization, but sources say Hef won’t sell unless he can get the... More »

Redstone Sued Over Midway Games Sale

Stake in Mortal Kombat company sold for peanuts for tax writeoff

(Newser) - Creditors of the video-game company behind the Mortal Kombat series are suing Sumner Redstone and board members after Redstone, Midway’s former majority owner, sold the company in a “fraudulent transfer,” the Chicago Tribune reports. Creditors say the media mogul sold his 87% stake for just $100,000... More »

Slumdog Dad: I'm Not Selling My Kid

Rumors part of a 'dirty' media scheme, he says

(Newser) - The father of Slumdog Millionaire child star Rubina Ali tells the BBC he’s not selling his daughter, contrary to a News of the World report he called a “dirty” scheme. The media “made fun of our poverty,” Rafiq Qureshi said. “They tricked us into this... More »

Tight Times Force Sentimental Sell-Offs

But many make far less than they'd hoped from collectibles

(Newser) - With money tight, many are seeking to part with collectibles they’d hoped to hold onto—and reaping smaller rewards than they’d expected, the Chicago Tribune reports. “I wanted my daughter to have some sort of family heirloom. It can’t be that way right now,” said... More »

Posh Eateries Uncork Deals in Downturn

(Newser) - High-end eateries are rolling out three-course deals and wine specials to lure America's hungry in hard times, CNN reports. "A year ago, to be honest, I didn't have to hit that three-course menu at $35 a head," said a Manhattan restaurateur whose business is down 20%. "... More »

Everything Must Go: Hard Times Create Yard Sale Boom

'Thrift economy' thriving as households struggle to meet mortgage payments

(Newser) - Yard sales are on the rise nationwide as the economy heads for the cellar, the New York Times reports. Flyers for sales cover lampposts in formerly booming communities as struggling homeowners seek to raise cash from selling off all the non-essentials—even children's toys. Many of the bargain-hunters are in... More »

$19B Buyout of Clear Channel Nearly Dead

Credit woes have sale of radio giant to private firms crumbling

(Newser) - A $19 billion bid to privatize Clear Channel appears likely to fall through as buyers and financiers bicker—with credit-crunch-induced liquidity woes a major stumbling block, the Wall Street Journal reports. A credit agreement between private equity firms and the banks funding the move has become shaky. “No one... More »

Motorola May Sell Ailing Cell Phone Division

Company struggling against smart phone competition

(Newser) - Motorola, battered by more innovative competitors in the cell phone industry, is considering spinning off or selling its flagship mobile phone division to concentrate on other parts of its business. Motorola, which once rocked the industry with its innovative StarTAC flip phone and the ultra-slim Razr, now plans to refocus... More »

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