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RadioShack's 'Bleak' Ending Is Playing Out Online

Depressing tweets as once-giant retailer shuts more than 1,000 stores

(Newser) - As we all headed back to work after the Memorial Day weekend, little did we know that our options for purchasing germanium diodes, walkie-talkies, and electrolytic capacitors were starting to cruelly be yanked away. RadioShack has shuttered more than 1,000 of its storefronts since the holiday weekend and says... More »

Doctors Toss the 'No Screen Time Before Age 2' Rule

Pediatric group revises recommendations for kids to stress balance, not strict limits

(Newser) - Child experts are now acknowledging that electronic devices and online media are here to stay, and probably impossible to keep away from your kids—and new recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics reflect this sea change, USA Today reports. A press release notes that, per a trio of documents... More »

New Invention May End Age-Old Soldering

Makers of high-tech glue says it does same at room temperature

(Newser) - The end of good old soldering? Researchers at Northeastern University say they've created a metallic glue that gets the same job done at room temperature. If MesoGlue works up to expectations, it "may change the way we make electronics," reports TechCrunch . Soldering—heating metal into molten form... More »

How Portobello Mushrooms May Power Your Phone

Their porous structure is key

(Newser) - It isn't happening just yet, but a new scientific paper shows that it's possible, and perhaps even advantageous, to make batteries out of organic biological materials that have the added benefit of being cheap, environmentally friendly, and easy to produce, reports CNET . Engineers at the University of California,... More »

Beats by Dre, a Premium Product? Look Again

Media reports bring pricey headphones down to size

(Newser) - So you either bought a pair of cool Beats headphones, secretly pined for them, or hated them outright as a pricey con. Looks like—bing!—option three may be correct, according to a new round of media reports. "Beats by Dre headphones are garbage," writes Mario Aguilar... More »

New 'Lost Generation' Has No Clue How to Fix Things

Engineering advocate wants us to repurpose broken devices, not just get new ones

(Newser) - If your smartphone suddenly dies, you may be tempted to toss it and get another one, but Danielle George is aiming to change that. The University of Manchester engineering professor uses household hacks like sending wireless messages via barbecue and surfing the Internet with a torch, the Telegraph notes, and... More »

TSA: Don't Bring Uncharged Devices on US-Bound Flights

Laptops to be checked as security cranked up

(Newser) - Passengers flying to the US from overseas should make sure their electronic devices are charged because they won't be allowed to board a plane with them otherwise, officials warn. The tighter scrutiny of electronic devices comes amid heavier security for US-bound flights from countries including the UK, France, and... More »

Researchers' Goal: Phones That Dissolve in Water

They're working on eco-friendly 'vanishing' tech

(Newser) - Imagine this: There's no need to throw out your old cellphone, because it will self-destruct. That's the idea behind a project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where researchers are investigating how to build electronics that vanish in water. The goal of the "born to die"... More »

Inside Steve Wozniak's 50-Pound Travel Bag

Electronics, accessories, even pencils: Woz says he needs them all

(Newser) - You may think your laptop computer, e-reader, and cell phone are too much to carry, but they're nothing compared to the contents of Steve Wozniak's hulking 50-pound backback. The Apple co-founder writes on Gizmodo that his amazing uber-pack may seem "abnormal for me but, to the contrary,... More »

Honda Unveils Segway Competitor: the Uni-Cub

It's designed to ride indoors

(Newser) - Watch out, Segway, there's a new player in the high-end scooter game. Honda has revealed the Uni-Cub, a personal mobility device that, like the Segway, is driven by shifting one's weight. It "looks like a trash compactor on wheels," reports the Los Angeles Times . (The Wall ... More »

With Eye on Amazon, Best Buy to Close 50 Stores

...and open 100 Mobile ones in their place

(Newser) - With Circuit City now long gone, everything should be coming up roses for Best Buy, right? No such luck. America's biggest electronics retailer today announced that it will be shuttering 50 of its big-box stores after posting a fiscal fourth quarter loss that was due partly to restructuring charges.... More »

Apple Can Bring Those Jobs Back

Like BMW and Boeing, Apple can afford to have US manufacturing jobs

(Newser) - Apple's claim that it can't bring manufacturing jobs back to America rings false to Dan Lyons at The Daily Beast . "Apple says no, but of course it can: American workers build BMWs and Boeings, and they certainly could build all of an iPad’s components," Lyons... More »

iPhone App of the Year Is... Instagram

Apple recognizes its faves as Angry Birds remains top-seller

(Newser) - The retro-styling photography app Instagram scored the honor of 2011's "iPhone App of the Year," as bestowed by Apple in its annual year-in-review rankings called iTunes Rewind. Instagram allows users to retool photos with Polaroid-esque filters and then share the snapshots through social media. The iPhone app... More »

Time to Relax Rules About Electronics on Planes

We still have to turn them off, but it's not clear why: Nick Bilton

(Newser) - C'mon FAA, it's time to rethink the overly strict rules governing the use of electronic devices aboard planes, writes Nick Bilton in the Disruptions blog at the New York Times. There's just no evidence to suggest that somebody with an ebook or video game will endanger a... More »

This 'Tattoo' Is a Computer

Skin-like device could revolutionize medicine, gaming

(Newser) - Scientists have blurred the line between man and machine with a revolutionary new device. The "electronic tattoo" sticks to the skin like a temporary tattoo, moving and wrinkling like skin does. The device, created by researchers seeking to create less obtrusive medical monitors for premature babies, monitors vital signs,... More »

Cops: TSA Agent Took $50K in Electronics From Bags

He allegedly sold iPads, cameras online—often before his shift ended

(Newser) - Passengers traveling through a Florida airport might have noticed their luggage feeling a little lighter upon landing. Police say a TSA agent at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was caught shoving a passenger's iPad down his pants, and that's just the beginning, reports CBS Miami . The agent—responsible for... More »

New Nanotech Could Lead to Heart-Powered Phones

First commercially viable nanogenerators unveiled

(Newser) - Scientists say a big leap forward in nanotechnology has put them on the road to creating electronics that won't run out of juice until their owners do. Researchers say they have made the first commercially viable nanogenerators, which can use tiny movements like a pinch of a finger or even... More »

24 States Now Ban Tossing Electronics

Those old TVs and computers have to be recycled instead

(Newser) - Nearly half the states in the US now have laws requiring that most electronic equipment be recycled instead of dumped in the trash, the AP reports. Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina are the most recent states to ban simply tossing out old TVs, computers, video game consoles, stereo... More »

Congo Tucked Into Depths of Financial Reform Bill

Provision targets conflict minerals...used in your cell phone

(Newser) - Hidden in the recesses of the financial reform bill is a provision that could rock the US electronics industry. From now on, companies will be required to disclose what steps they’re taking to ensure their products—think cellphones, laptops, and medical devices—don’t contain minerals from the Congo,... More »

'Suicide Factory' Workers Relocated to Avoid Raises

Only iPhone workers will get hefty wage hikes promised by Foxconn

(Newser) - Here's one way to avoid paying the hefty raises promised to 300,000 workers at the suicide-plagued Foxconn electronics plant in Shenzhen, China: move most of them to less expensive, remote plants in other parts of the country. Foxconn is apparently keeping the iPhone workers in Shenzhen, but moving Hewlett... More »

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