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Woman Gets $230K Over Endless Cable Robocalls

Time Warner wouldn't stop, even after she complained

(Newser) - It was surely annoying to Araceli King when Time Warner Cable called her again and again and again—153 times, to be exact—even after the Texas woman complained and asked the company to stop. Well, how's this for payback: A federal judge has just awarded her $229,500... More »

There's a Company America Dislikes More Than Comcast

Losers abound in this year's American Consumer Satisfaction Index

(Newser) - Time Warner is still beating Comcast —if by "beating" we mean coming in first in "least popular company" surveys. The University of Michigan's American Consumer Satisfaction Index is out, and Time Warner Cable's ISP ranks dead last on a list of 230 household brands, scoring... More »

America's Favorite Whipping Boys: Time Warner, Comcast

Now merging into one universally loathed entity

(Newser) - It turns out that that whole proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger would really just consolidate America's rage at crappy customer service under one behemoth roof: According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, a survey of 70,000 of your fine countrymen, two industries ruled the gutters: television providers and Internet... More »

Comcast Gets Rid of 3.9M Customers to Ease Merger

It sells 1.4M, spins off 2.5M more

(Newser) - Comcast today announced a pair of moves that will rid it of a combined 3.9 million subscribers, in an attempt to make its Time Warner merger sit more easily with regulators. Comcast will sell 1.4 million subscribers to rival (and previous Time Warner suitor) Charter Communications for $7.... More »

Google Fiber Explores 34 Cities for Expansion

Company announces 9 possible metro areas

(Newser) - Google Fiber : It's not just in Kansas anymore. Google has announced 34 cities in nine metro areas—including San Jose, Atlanta, Nashville, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix—as possible destinations to expand its fiber-optic network, offering lightning-fast Internet and cable. "People are hungrier than ever for... More »

Can Cable Competition Possibly Get Worse? Yes

Proposed merger takes it from 'zero to two times zero,' writes Matthew Yglesias

(Newser) - Comcast and Time Warner Cable say their proposed merger into one massive cable company will help consumers. The deal "does not reduce competition in any market or in any way," insists Comcast CEO Brian Roberts. Well so what, is a common refrain among analysts—competition is already so... More »

Cable Titans Comcast, Time Warner to Merge

Comcast to buy Time Warner for $45.2B

(Newser) - Comcast is confirming plans to snap up Time Warner Cable in a deal that would merge America's two biggest cable operators into a behemoth with more than 33 million subscribers, reports the AP . The all-stock, $45.2 billion deal values TWC at around $159 a share, far above the... More »

Time Warner, CBS Are Daring Us to Cut the Cord

These days we have tons of cable alternatives, J. Max Robins points out

(Newser) - Time Warner might soon regret its feud with CBS. Despite howls from consumers and the FCC, "a cable operator already reviled for its skyrocketing rates can't cut a deal with an entertainment behemoth that just trumpeted its best financial quarter ever," writes J. Max Robins at the... More »

CBS' Brawl With Time Warner Will Soon Look Quaint

CBS could already cut out the middleman and sell online now, says Holman W. Jenkins Jr.

(Newser) - While Time Warner Cable and CBS fiddle , the traditional TV industry is burning down around them. CBS may still want cable distribution for now, but if it really wanted to, writes Holman W. Jenkins Jr. in the Wall Street Journal , it could cut out the middleman right now and begin... More »

Time Warner Blacks Out CBS in 3 Major Cities

New York, Dallas, LA among those in the dark over fee dispute

(Newser) - Millions of people in cities including New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas are out of luck if they try to tune in to CBS, reports USA Today . Time Warner Cable began blacking out the network's signal for its subscribers as of 5pm Eastern in several markets because the two... More »

Time Warner Pulls CBS— for 30 Minutes

Stops screening CBS, Showtime after negotiations stall

(Newser) - Bad news for fans of procedural crime dramas: Negotiations between CBS and Time Warner Cable turned so sour last night that the cable network stopped airing CBS and Showtime in major cities. It pulled the plug at midnight Eastern time, following a day of discussions over the retransmission fee Time... More »

Time Warner Bribes Partners to Keep Shows Offline

Cable provider even threatens to drop programming in retaliation

(Newser) - Cable companies must be terrified of cord-cutters, because they're playing hardball to try to keep shows offline. Time Warner and other "pay-TV operators" are offering media companies higher payments if they'll keep their content off of web video services, and even threatening to drop networks that don'... More »

Power of Lin? Time Warner, MSG End Blackout

New Yorkers can again watch Knicks, Rangers

(Newser) - New Yorkers with cable can finally watch Jeremy Lin on a regular basis: MSG and Time Warner reached a deal today to end a 48-day impasse, reports the New York Times . It means the Knicks and Rangers will be on TV again. How much of a role did Linsanity play... More »

Verizon Deal With Cable TV Could Be Game-Changer

... if regulators approve pact with Time-Warner, Comcast

(Newser) - A new $3.6 billion deal between Verizon and three major cable TV companies is threatening to change a fierce rivalry between competitors into a partnership that critics fear would restrict consumer choice, reports the Washington Post . Mobile service, Internet, and cable TV providers have been locked in an intense... More »

Latest Cable Battle: Beaming Straight to iPad

Time Warner draws networks' ire with live-TV app

(Newser) - A feud has erupted between Time Warner and cable networks after the cable provider released an iPad app for 32 live TV channels. Time Warner, which didn’t get permission from the networks, says it is “well within our rights” to transmit to any home device, provided it does... More »

Time Warner Tries to Charge $12K Installation Fee

Town says it's violating agreement

(Newser) - Time Warner is more than happy to install Mark Williams' cable: For the low-low price of $12,000. The cable company justifies the cost using the “long driveway” clause in its contract with the town of Lee, Mass., Failure Magazine reports, because Williams' house is a half-mile from its... More »

Glitch Lets Kids See Playboy Channel

Time Warner snafu gives North Carolina youths previews

(Newser) - Whoops! Kids watching cartoons yesterday morning may have been shocked by glimpses of something not exactly G-rated: the Playboy channel. A two-hour equipment failure allowed previews for the X-rated channel to run in the corner of two kid-specific Time Warner channels in parts of North Carolina, the News & Observer... More »

Subscribers Will Pay for Fox/Time Warner Deal

Channels up and down the dial are asking for more money

(Newser) - It’s no coincidence that on the day Time Warner and News Corp. resolved their long, ugly contract negotiations, the cable provider also announced a rate increase. Get used to it, says the New York Times, because soon all the broadcast networks will be lobbying for more dough, as will... More »

Fox Stations Will Stay on Time Warner Cable

News Corp. makes a deal well past original deadline

(Newser) - Time Warner Cable and News Corp. made a deal tonight that will keep the Fox networks on the cable giant's systems. The agreement came nearly a day after the original midnight deadline and minutes before the kickoff of the Sugar Bowl. Terms were not disclosed, but News Corp. had been... More »

Time Warner Fox Stations May Go Dark Tomorrow

News Corp. memo says no deal in sight

(Newser) - Either News Corp. is getting a little careless with its memos, or it’s trying to ratchet up pressure for an 11th-hour deal. An internal letter from its COO to employees warns that no deal is in the offing with Time Warner ahead of tomorrow's midnight deadline regarding the Fox... More »

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