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Cops: Ga. Sniper Thought Parkland Shooter Was a 'Hero'

Gunman Rex Harbour reportedly died from self-inflicted gunshot wound; 3 injured in shooting spree

(Newser) - Just before noon on Friday, the first of several 911 calls came in about cars being hit by gunfire along Georgia's Highway 365. By the time the chaos ended, seven cars had been shot, three people were injured, and the 26-year-old sniper suspect was dead of a self-inflicted gunshot... More »

Sniper's Shot Draws Attention to Canada's Unusual Skill

Canadian marksmen dominate the top of a macabre list

(Newser) - An amazing, if grisly, feat continues to resonate after a report in Thursday's Globe and Mail of Toronto. The newspaper, quoting military sources, says a Canadian sniper in Iraq killed an ISIS militant from the mind-boggling distance of 3,540 meters, or 2.2 miles. The Canadian military has... More »

Sniper May Have Made Longest Kill Shot in History

Report says Canadian soldier killed ISIS foe from 2 miles

(Newser) - A Canadian sniper in Iraq appears to have taken a shot for the ages. The Globe and Mail reports that a still-unidentified member of the nation's elite forces killed an Islamic State militant from a distance of 3,540 meters, which translates to a little more than 2 miles.... More »

Sniper Guarding French President's Speech Accidentally Opens Fire

Two people injured in accidental shooting

(Newser) - Two people were injured Tuesday in France when a police sniper accidentally fired during a speech by President Francois Hollande, the BBC reports. The sniper was set up more than 300 feet from a tent where Holland was opening a new rail line. According to the Telegraph , the sniper was... More »

Video Captures Moment Dallas Gunfire Breaks Out

'It's a sniper?!'

(Newser) - A 45-second video shot by an eyewitness captures the chaos and confusion in Dallas when the gunfire began on Thursday. "It's a sniper!?" one man can be heard saying as another tells him that four officers were down, per NBC News . The shooting killed five officers and... More »

Marine Snipers: Our Rifles Suck

Some suggest Marine Corps avoids upgrade for fear of downsizing

(Newser) - US Marine snipers are known for their deadly skill. But their skill is often compensating for inferior equipment. Speaking with the Washington Post , current and former Marines say they've suffered in combat for 14 years with a sniper rifle that fails to perform accurately at the necessary range or... More »

Report: Chris Kyle Not World's Deadliest Sniper

British sources say Royal Navy sniper has more kills

(Newser) - Chris Kyle's book calls him the US military's deadliest sniper—but is he the world's? Not according to a British report that credits a Royal Navy sharpshooter with tallying the most kills, the Sun reports via the Telegraph . Unnamed sources say the British corporal is still serving... More »

Citing Snipers, Brotherhood Calls Off Rally

Defense minister says 'we will not stand by'

(Newser) - The Muslim Brotherhood today canceled a massive protest against Egypt's military, saying the move was prompted by "the presence of army snipers" positioned along the planned route in the streets of Cairo. Another protest march to the Supreme Constitutional Court was to go forward, reports al-Jazeera , and security... More »

Cops Nab Suspect in 700 Sniper Highway Attacks

Trucker fired at other vehicles on autobahn

(Newser) - Police in Germany say a man in custody has confessed to a staggering 700 shootings of passing vehicles on the country's highways over the last five years. The suspect, a 57-year-old truck driver, was arrested after a massive police operation involving decoy trucks and license plate detection devices across... More »

American Sniper Shot to Death at Gun Range

Former SEAL Chris Kyle, author of book, killed in Texas

(Newser) - Chris Kyle, the man who detailed his 160-some kills during a decade as a Navy SEAL in the book American Sniper, has been killed at a Texas gun range, reports Reuters . Another man, Chad Littlefield, was also shot dead, and the AP reports that authorities have charged a suspect, Eddie... More »

Sniper Kills Russian Mob Boss

'Grandpa Hassan' gunned down while leaving Moscow restaurant

(Newser) - The third time was not the charm for Aslan Usoyan, a prominent Russian mob boss who was assassinated today after surviving two previous hits. Officials say "Grandpa Hassan" was killed by a single bullet fired by a sniper as he was leaving a Moscow restaurant. The 75-year-old last survived... More »

Snipers Targeting Kids in Misrata: UNICEF

Civilians being killed in besieged Libyan city

(Newser) - Snipers are gunning down children and other civilians in the Libyan city of Misrata, which is held by rebels but under siege from Moammar Gadhafi’s forces, UNICEF said today. “What we have are reliable and consistent reports of children being among the people targeted,” a spokesman for... More »

Rogue Thai General Shot During Interview

He was amidst Red Shirt protest

(Newser) - A renegade Thai general was shot in the head while giving an interview to a New York Times reporter today, in the midst of a large protest in Bangkok. Gen. Khattiya Sawatdiphol, better known as Seh Daeng, was inside a barricaded encampment of anti-government Red Shirt protesters, which the military... More »

Taliban Snipers Finally Learn How to Shoot

Deadly marksmen a new challenge for US, Afghan forces

(Newser) - In their battle with US-led troops in Marjah, the Taliban seem to have traded up from their characteristically shoddy marksmen to skilled snipers who are taking a toll. Sniper fire, rarely seen in more than eight years of fighting in Afghanistan, has killed one Marine and struck four others in... More »

Snipers Pin Troops in Marjah

Firefights erupt across town

(Newser) - Sniper teams attacked US Marines and Afghan troops across the Taliban haven of Marjah today, the third day of a major offensive to seize the extremists' southern heartland. Multiple firefights broke out in different neighborhoods as American and Afghan forces worked to clear out pockets of insurgents and push slowly... More »

Va. Gov Denies Clemency to DC Sniper

Muhammad will be executed tonight in Virginia

(Newser) - Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine has denied clemency for Beltway sniper John Allen Muhammad, clearing the way for Muhammad's execution at 9pm tonight. Muhammad, whose appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court yesterday, will die by lethal injection, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch . His 2002 shooting spree with younger accomplice Lee Boyd... More »

Supreme Court Won't Spare Beltway Sniper

Execution set for tomorrow as request for more time fails

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has rejected an emergency appeal from John Allen Muhammad, also known as the Beltway sniper, clearing the way for his execution tomorrow. Muhammad’s lawyers said he needed more time to prepare his appeals. Although justices Stevens, Ginsburg, and Sotomayor questioned Virginia law for not affording convicts... More »

Execution Set for DC Sniper

(Newser) - John Allen Muhammad, the mastermind behind the sniper attacks that rocked the Southeast in 2002, will be executed on Nov. 10, the AP reports. The attorney general’s office had requested a Nov. 9 execution, but a Virginia judge chose to set it a day later so that it would... More »

Aussie Snipers Guard Penguins

(Newser) - Sharpshooters with night-vision goggles have been dispatched to protect a penguin colony near Sydney, Australia, the BBC reports. The mutilated bodies of nine fairy penguins—the world's smallest penguin species at just 15 inches high—from the vulnerable colony have been found over the last two weeks. Wildlife officials have... More »

Pellet Gun Sniper Targets Calif. Freeway

Drivers hit as they pass hilly lowland

(Newser) - A sniper who has been using a San Francisco-area freeway for target practice has hit nearly a dozen cars over the past two weeks, KGO-TV reports. Police are trying to find the perpetrator—who they say may be using an air-powered rifle from nearby hills or parks—before someone is... More »

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