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Businesses Must Stop Worshiping Shareholders

Emphasis on the short term is killing the economy: law professor

(Newser) - The notion that businesses exist solely to increase their stock prices and thus reward shareholders may be a "bedrock principal of our era," writes Jesse Eisinger at the Trade blog for ProPublica, but it also may be taking a serious toll on America's financial health. He sums... More »

CEOs Get Paid Big Bucks to Sit in Meetings, Eat Lunch

Study finds they spend a third of their time in meetings

(Newser) - It's no big secret that CEOs can make completely ridiculous amounts of money; what is less obvious to some is what they do that's so darn valuable. A group of London School of Economics and Harvard Business School scholars decided to dig into one aspect of CEOs' work... More »

DNC Ad Hits Romney on 'Corporations Are People'

While he stands by the comments

(Newser) - Democrats are trying to make political hay of Mitt Romney's "corporations are people" line in Iowa earlier this week, reports Politico . The DNC is out with a new ad that replays the candidate's exchange at the state fair, in which he argues that everything corporations earn goes... More »

Corporate America Has No Shame

Today's mantra: Don't blame us, blame the government

(Newser) - Corporate America has "lost its sense of shame," writes Dana Milbank. Exhibit A is Don Blankenship of coal giant Massey Energy, who complained that federal regulations make it hard for companies to "pursue their careers, or their happiness." Aw, "poor CEO Blankenship," writes Milbank... More »

Dems Fight High Court's Campaign Finance Ruling

New law would seek to limit flood of corporate cash

(Newser) - Democratic legislators introduced a bill yesterday designed to mitigate the impact of the landmark Supreme Court ruling that gutted decades of campaign finance reform efforts. They’re hoping to get the bill passed ASAP, so corporate money can’t dominate the 2010 election—something that many fear would favor Republicans,... More »

Obama's a Fraud; Elect the TARP Queen

Time to face it, Obama's not delivering

(Newser) - Almost a year into his presidency, Barack Obama appears to suck. He hasn’t closed Guantanamo Bay, health care reform is a debacle, and worst of all, he’s “completely whiffed” on fixing Wall Street, “siding with the financial status quo, who happen to be the bad guys,... More »

GOP: Dems Buddying Up to Big Business

Irony-proof party employs new strategy to battle climate bill

(Newser) - Senate Republicans are turning the tables on Democrats as the GOP battles a bill to fight climate change, Politico reports. A strategy memo says Republicans should paint the opposition as the party of big business, suggesting Dems are cozying up to “Wall Street traders,” “polluters,” and... More »

Time to Forget AIG and Nab Offshore Cash

We're fretting about millions in bonuses, while firms hide billions

(Newser) - Everyone’s aflutter about the AIG bonuses—but there’s a much more lucrative way to take Wall Street to task than obsessing over $165 million, writes Joe Conason in Salon. The government should instead focus on the billions that financial firms are putting in offshore tax havens. Corporate tax... More »

States Get Creative as Jobs Disappear

Even as tax revenues shrink, states pay to entice employers

(Newser) - State governments, reeling from diminished tax revenues that have forced cuts in services and, in some cases, jobs, increasingly are offering tax breaks and incentives to employers in an effort to stimulate the job market, reports the Wall Street Journal. “Now is not the time to back off the... More »

AIG CEO Cuts His Pay to $1

Edward Liddy gives up his salary and bonuses, others expected to follow

(Newser) - As Congress continues to bail out corporate America, CEOs are canceling bonuses and cutting pay for their top executives—but no one has come close to AIG top executive Edward Liddy, reports the New York Post. The CEO, who took over the troubled insurance company in September, will take home... More »

Guess Who Has the Most Trusted Brand in America?

Google proves you don't need advertising if consumers see you as good citizen

(Newser) - Google is officially the most trusted company in America, Advertising Age reports. The search giant’s rise is all the more incredible because it spends essentially nothing on advertising, and all the sweeter because it’s taking the top spot from rival Microsoft. Oil companies bring up the rear in... More »

Big Biz Takes Stock of Obama

Democrat's limited record friendlier than CEOs might think

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s Potomac victories put him into stronger position to claim the Democratic presidential nomination, something business leaders are just wrapping their heads around, Business Week reports. So far, they’re not sure what an Obama administration might mean, but he’s earned kudos from billionaire Warren Buffett, former... More »

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