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Oregon Brewing Up a State Microbe

Saccharomyces cerevisiae , or beer yeast, would be first state microbe

(Newser) - US states have official flags and official flowers, but Oregon could become the first to have a state microbe—and a delicious microbe, at that. Oregon's microbe of choice is the Saccharomyces cerevisiae, better known as ale yeast, and the bill's sponsor hopes the measure will show appreciation... More »

Sour Beers Put Smiles on US Brewers' Mugs

(Newser) - The ever-adventurous US microbrewing community has embraced a new flavor, the Los Angeles Times reports, and it’s sour. Brewers are taking a page from the Belgian playbook and turning out tart lambics and gueuzes aged in oak barrels. “Sour beers are our connection to the ancient history of... More »

More Americans Brew at Home

Recession spurs Americans to make their own beer

(Newser) - Home brewing has grown in popularity as Americans with increasingly sophisticated taste in beer look to cut costs, Time reports. Despite layoffs and bankruptcies nationwide, a couple in Connecticut just opened Maltose Express, a beer-brewing supply shop, and are already doing brisk business. Home brewers also gather there to share... More »

What to Expect on '09 Menus

Beer, BBQ and ramen will tempt your palate next year

(Newser) - Industry publication Flavor & The Menu predicts that casual, comfort flavor cues will drive restaurant trends in 2009; via MarketWatch, what your palate can look forward to:
  • Top culinary trend: Craft beers paired with sophisticated pub food.
  • Top concept trend: Urban barbecue, with more interesting preparations and sides.
  • Top comeback
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'Legal Weed' Beer Slogan Has Feds Hopping Mad

Brewer in Weed, Calif., told to scrap his caps

(Newser) - The feds are cracking down on a small brewer in Weed, Calif., because they're very much unamused by the slogan on his bottle caps: "Try Legal Weed." A bureau of the Treasury Department says the phrase not only alludes to marijuana but misleads consumers about the ingredients of... More »

Bottoms Up! It’s Beer Fest Time

Top hoppy weekends to educate your palate

(Newser) - They can’t promise German sausage or bonneted barmaids, but North American beer festivals pour pint after pint of terrific local brews. Portfolio lists the best in fests, from now through October.
  1. Mondial de la Bière (May 28-June 1): Try beer, cider, mead, and cheese over 5 days in
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One-Man Beer Outfits Take Brewing Micro Indeed

Super-small operations cater to niches in US niche markets

(Newser) - Some so-called “microbreweries” have grown much too large to use that sobriquet, but as certain outfits outgrow the label, others are just growing into it. Portfolio's Lew Bryson introduces the future of beer: one-man brewing. In a market where once-boutique names like Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada now command... More »

7 Stories