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New Tool Reveals, Ranks Photoshopping

Labels digitally altered images from 1 to 5

(Newser) - Highly altered images of models and celebrities in fashion magazines have come under increasing scrutiny, with France even proposing that all airbrushed pictures come packaged with a health warning . A new tool could make that easier, as it analyzes photographs to detect digital retouching, Wired reports. Publishers have “gone... More »

Elle Accused of 'Whitening' Gabourey Sidibe on Cover

Bloggers disagree on treatment of Precious star

(Newser) - Precious star Gabourey Sidibe is on the new cover of Elle, and her image has set off a tiff in the blogosphere on whether the magazine used digital retouching to "whiten" her. Here's Julianne Hing at ColorLines : "Elle clearly couldn’t handle Sidibe’s real skin color, and... More »

There's Nothing Wrong With Retouching

Nothing, as long as you view it as art

(Newser) - We love to hate retouched photos (click here , here , or here for evidence)—but why? We claim to be concerned about the self-esteem of young girls who might be influenced by these unrealistic pictures, but the truth is, "the endless cavalcade of before-and-after shots is an outgrowth of the... More »

10 Unretouched Celebrities

Of course, most of them still look great...

(Newser) - Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson both got attention recently by releasing unretouched photos, but they’re far from the first celebs to do so. The Daily Beast found eight more—check them out in the gallery:
  • Kim Kardashian: The reality star wasn’t upset when Complex posted the wrong—
... More »

Britney Releases Unretouched Pics

Spears wants to bring awareness to pressure on women

(Newser) - Britney Spears is the latest celebrity to take a stand against photo retouching, releasing before and after pictures from a recent Candie’s campaign shoot. A source tells the Mirror —yes, a British tabloid, so take the story with a grain of salt—that the pop star “is... More »

Jessica Simpson Goes Au Naturel

No makeup, fancy hair tricks, or retouching for magazine

(Newser) - Jessica Simpson goes without make-up, a blow-out, and retouching on the cover of May’s Marie Claire . “I don't have anything to prove anymore. What other people think of me is not my business,” she tells the magazine, adding that she’s always been low-maintenance with her hair:... More »

Stop Photoshopping Demi Moore

She looks better in Ashton Kutcher's Twitpic photo than in perfume ad

(Newser) - Demi Moore is entangled in another Photoshop controversy, but at least this time she didn’t lose any body parts. Her recently released perfume ad is obviously retouched—and it’s especially striking when compared to a similar picture husband Ashton Kutcher posted on Twitter . “The main thing this... More »

Forget Demi's Hip— That's Not Her Body

Funny, model Anja Rubik's model looks exactly like the cover shot

(Newser) - The alleged Photoshopping of Demi Moore on the cover of W appears to go quite a bit further than just a missing chunk of hip. The Frisky brings our attention to the clever detective work of Pop Culture Madness , which has unearthed a photo of runway model Anja Rubik wearing... More »

Even Babies Are Airbrushed

Babies subject to the tyranny of Photoshop, too

(Newser) - Even babies can't meet the media-industrial complex's exacting standards: Baby photos are airbrushed before making their way to magazines, to tweak skin tone, swap eye color, and airbrush fat lines and creases, reports the Daily Telegraph . While many are riled, to some, this is not news: "You kind of... More »

For That Photoshopped Look: Airbrush Yourself at Home

Effect of digital retouching on real women's body issues is now creepily tangible

(Newser) - As if the fake beauty of those Photoshopped magazine covers wasn’t enough, enter Temptu, a home “airbrush system” that can give anyone that flat, plastic look in the flesh. Chloe Angyal is appalled. One really needs to focus in order “to think about just how incredibly screwed... More »

Airbrushed Pics May Get French Health Warning

Lawmakers look to require label on digitally altered photos

(Newser) - Amid the uproar over fashion photos whose models are airbrushed to teeny-tiny perfection, French politicians are proposing a law that would require any such photos to include a health warning, Reuters reports. Digitally altered ads, press photos, campaign art, packaging, and art photography would have to include “Photograph retouched... More »

Has Airbrushing Gone Too Far?

Digital Barbie-fication of women called unhealthy trend

(Newser) - Shutterbugs have long altered pics, but now critics are cringing over the effects of airbrushing on young girls. French lawmakers have even approved a law against inciting "excessive thinness." But would such a move work in America? Maybe not, "but there are a whole lot of impressionable... More »

'Perfect' School Photos, But at What Cost?

Digital retouching for young kids may warp developing body image

(Newser) - Popular and inexpensive digital retouching of school photos has some parents concerned about the effects on kids’ sense of body image, Newsweek reports. Clients for retouching services—powdering complexions, whitening teeth, reshaping eyebrows and so forth—are getting younger and younger, creating, one historian says, "a culture of kids... More »

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