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Have an AT&T Unlimited Plan? Not Anymore

Grandfathered in, you say? Well you're now capped at 3GB

(Newser) - Amid growing controversy over data "throttling" —in which smartphone users on so-called unlimited data plans risked seeing their speeds slowed dramatically—AT&T is taking a simple step: It's effectively ending unlimited data. The company is setting a cap of three gigabytes' usage, beyond which "unlimited"... More »

AT&T Customers Stunned by 'Unlimited Data' Limit

Top data users find smartphones 'throttled'

(Newser) - AT&T stopped offering unlimited data plans in 2010, but some of the customers who already had the plans are finding "unlimited" doesn't necessarily mean what they thought it meant. AT&T has started "throttling" the top 5% of data users, cutting their download speeds by up... More »

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Sell Out in 12 Hours

AT&T reports 200K orders, calls sales strong

(Newser) - The just-announced iPhone 4S may not be an iPhone 5 , but it is still another big hit for Apple, which sold out its pre-orders in just 12 hours, reports the International Business Times . AT&T alone reported more than 200,000 pre-orders, saying it was the most successful iPhone launch... More »

AT&T 'Pretty Confident' It Can Save T-Mobile Deal

Phone giant tries to duck antitrust concerns

(Newser) - AT&T is dead set on getting its $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile past anti-trust regulators, and it’s developing a two-part plan to do so. While one of the telecom giant’s hands is preparing to battle the Justice Department in court, the other will be trying to strike... More »

AT&T's Network Is Worst in US: Consumer Reports

It's not just dead last in general—last in every city, almost every category

(Newser) - AT&T may claim to have the largest and fastest wireless network … but it also has the worst one, according to the latest Consumer Reports survey. When it comes to wireless providers, AT&T ranked dead last in general—as well as in every city. Last year, it came... More »

Apple Stunner: Why Stick With Overloaded AT&T for iPad?

Analysts decry decision, Verizon stock plummets

(Newser) - Apple shocked investors and dismayed consumers yesterday by announcing that the iPad would run exclusively on AT&T, even though the iPhone is already straining that network to the breaking point. iPhone users tend to gobble up twice the bandwidth that other smartphone customers use, and AT&T has been... More »

New App Helps Users Unlock iPhone

It's now pretty easy for those who want to shed AT&T

(Newser) - Got that shiny new iPhone 3G for Christmas but don’t want to bail on your non-AT&T service plan? A new application to unlock the iPhone 3G is here, PC World reports. At this point, "even a cat" can get the trick done. Yes, there's always a chance... More »

AT&T Rivals Pounce on iPhone Glitches

Dropped calls ring up a marketing opportunity for other networks

(Newser) - Glitches have plagued the new iPhone since its release and AT&T's rivals are gleefully capitalizing on customers' griping, the New York Times reports. It's still unclear whether Apple or the wireless network is to blame, but companies like Verizon aren't letting the opportunity slip by. “A phone is... More »

ATT to Offer Half-Priced iPhone

Rumor has it that AT&T will underwrite $200 of the handset's cost

(Newser) - The new iPhone will have not only a GPS chip and a slimmer silhouette, but a much lower price tag than its predecessor, Fortune reports. AT&T will subsidize as much as half the cost of each phone bought along with a 2-year contract, a source tells Fortune, bringing the... More »

AT&T, Verizon Plan New WiFi in Old TV Spectrum

Telecoms envision WiFi that can penetrate deep into buildings

(Newser) - Verizon and AT&T are talking big about recent bandwidth acquisitions at an FCC auction, the Washington Post reports. The companies promised fast, high-tech new networks in the next few years based on long-range frequencies, newly available from television broadcasters, that can penetrate deep into buildings. A Verizon spokesman said... More »

Whew! Google Saved by the Highest Bidder

Search giant OK with not winning FCC spectrum auction

(Newser) - Google nearly became the unenthused owner of a $4.71 billion slice of wireless airwaves in a recent Federal Communications Commission auction, the New York Times reports. Its bid was part of a deal with the FCC to open some spectrum to third-party services, but for much of the bidding,... More »

Google Android a Hit with AT&T

Wireless chief praises open-source mobile system, but doesn't commit to it

(Newser) - Google’s Android mobile operating system may find a home with AT&T, the Wall Street Journal reports. Signalling what could be a major victory for the platform, the telecom’s wireless chief said he was “confident” Android “is something we are going to want in our portfolio.... More »

AT&T Offers Mobile TV; Demand Slow on Verizon Unit

But CNet asks: does anyone care?

(Newser) - AT&T will offer TV subscriptions on some of its cellphones starting in May. The 10-channel service will be available for the LG Vu and the Samsung Access handsets. The company won’t release prices until May, but Verizon charges $15 for a similar service. The question—especially in a... More »

Visa Plans $17B IPO in Risky Market

Public offering would be the biggest in Wall Street history

(Newser) - Visa is hoping to surpass rival MasterCard’s 2006 stock market debut with a $17 billion IPO that would be the largest in Wall Street history. The company today said it hopes to sell some 406 million shares for $37 to $42 each, reports the Wall Street Journal. The biggest... More »

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