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Walmart Takes on Amazon With New Delivery Scheme

Company tests plan in which employees drop off orders on their way home

(Newser) - Walmart is now fully in the e-commerce ring with Amazon in a fight that is decidedly giant versus giant. And to try to gain an edge, the retailer behemoth is testing a new scheme: having employees drop off packages to customers on their way home, reports Quartz . The idea is... More »

Investors Love Alibaba: It Passes Facebook's Market Value

It opens 35% higher than IPO price

(Newser) - Alibaba's long-awaited debut on the New York Stock Exchange hasn't disappointed. The Chinese e-commerce behemoth opened at $92.70 per share, about 35% above its IPO price of $68, reports USA Today . The frenzied demand pushed the company's market value to $228.5 billion, ahead of even... More »

Now Amazon Is Picking Fight With Captain America

Disney films can't be preordered

(Newser) - Add another major firm to Amazon's list of enemies: As the retailer's battle with publisher Hachette continues, it's also taking action against Disney, the Wall Street Journal reports. Amazon has stopped offering preorders of DVDs and Blu-rays of movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Maleficent,... More »

Walmart Tries to Look Cool in Silicon Valley

Has foosball tables, conference room named after Justin Bieber

(Newser) - Amazon has left Walmart in the dust in the online shopping game, so now the big-box store empire is playing catch-up, rapidly expanding its presence in Silicon Valley. To do so, the company is trying to replicate a hip Bay Area start-up environment, reports the New York Times : Walmart's... More »

Now Twitter Lets You Buy Stuff—With a Hashtag

Focus is on brand promotion for tweet purchases

(Newser) - American Express and Twitter are teaming up to let people buy special deals with a song and a dance—or rather, a hashtag and a tweet in the latest attempt to boost Twitter-based commerce, reports CNN . The first item up for grabs? $25 AmEx gift cards for $15, which registered... More »

Facebook Unveils Online Gift Store

But don't try buying presents for your dog's account

(Newser) - Facebook is rolling out a new e-commerce feature that may prove to be a gift to its shell-shocked investors. Facebook Gifts allows users to buy and send real-life presents to friends without leaving the site, which will remind users of the service for events like friends' birthdays and anniversaries, reports... More »

Feds Bust Online 'Farmer's Market' for Drugs

'Farmer's Market' storefront matched buyers, sellers

(Newser) - Eight people have been arrested and a "Drug Dealing 2.0" operation has been shut down after a global sting operation, reports the LA Times . Prosecutors say the "Farmer's Market" operation sold more than $1 million in LSD, marijuana, and other drugs over three years to buyers... More »

15 Worst Gifts on Amazon

Includes wolf urine, ladybugs, and uranium ore

(Newser) - Sure, shopping on Amazon saves you from braving wintry winds and annoying customer lineups. But beware the bizarro products that Amazon peddles on its digital superstore. CNNMoney lists 15: More »

Google's Next Big Idea: Same-Day Delivery

Would allow customers to purchase from nearby stores online

(Newser) - Google's online empire might be about to get a little bigger: In a move that would ramp up its rivalry with Amazon, the company is planning its own same-day delivery service, according to three insiders. Google won’t be selling things directly—instead, the system would allow customers to... More »

Cyber Monday Was Biggest-Ever Online Shopping Day

Sales up 22% to $1.25B

(Newser) - This year's Cyber Monday was the biggest day in the history of online shopping, with a record $1.25 billion in sales, up from $1.03 billion last year, according to research firm comScore. Online sales were very strong all through the holiday weekend, but the following Monday "... More »

Best Online Shoppers: Tablet Users

... and store websites may change to accommodate them

(Newser) - Marketing in the modern age: It seems tablet users make the best online shoppers, reports the Wall Street Journal . Industry stats put the coveted "conversion rate" at 4% or 5% for tablet users vs. 3% for PC users. What's more, perhaps because tablet users tend to be wealthier,... More »

Shoppers Blast Retailers' Online Anti-Gay Ties

Petitions prompt Microsoft, Apple to cut connection to charity group

(Newser) - Apple, Microsoft, and an array of other online retailers have found themselves at the center of a gay-rights battle, the New York Times reports. The retailers have been tied to an Internet marketer, the Charity Giveback Group, that receives a commission when it sends the retailers an online customer. There'... More »

Google Debuts Fashion Shopping Site

Store can learn your taste, visualize options

(Newser) - Google is looking to make its mark on an unexpected sector of business: fashion. The experiment comes in the form of an e-shopping website called Boutiques.com . The site is multi-faceted, combining the stores of hundreds of virtual boutiques organized either by designer or "curated" by celebrities, bloggers, and... More »

Biggest Threat to Endangered Species: the Internet

Online trading fuels demand for protected species

(Newser) - The Internet has become one of the biggest threats to at-risk species, allowing hunters to offload everything from polar bear pelts to extremely rare Iranian salamanders with ease, conservationists told the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species in Qatar. Thousands of endangered species are regularly traded online through message... More »

Holiday Shipping Costs Get the Heave-Ho-Ho

Charges ditched as online competition heats up

(Newser) - Free shipping is quickly becoming the rule instead of a bonus as online and catalog retailers seek to lure holiday shoppers. Many shoppers searching for deals now abandon Internet shopping sites as soon as they find they must pay shipping costs, analysts are finding. Some 57% of retailers are offering... More »

Happy 40th, Internet (Maybe)

(Newser) - Forty years ago, two UCLA scientists exchanged data via computers, arguably making today the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Internet. "It would be more accurate to say some important seeds of the Internet sprouted with that data transfer," writes Stephen Shankland on CNET, but no matter.... More »

E-Commerce Revs Up on Facebook

Dozens of storefront applications due to open in months ahead

(Newser) - Facebook is poised to become a major destination for online shopping as more sophisticated E-commerce applications appear, reports the Financial Times. Floral gift retailer 1-800-Flowers opened a Facebook storefront last week and the software developer behind it says at least 20 more retailers will open for business via Facebook in... More »

No Christmas Miracle for Retailers

Even luxury sector sales in free fall

(Newser) - It was a bleak Christmas and promises to be a less than prosperous New Year for retailers with consumers tightening their belts and spending less, reports the Wall Street Journal. Retail sales dropped 5.5% in November and 8% in December, compared with the same months last year. Luxury goods,... More »

Makers of Whizzinator Plead Guilty

Fake penis meant to scam drug tests could land pair in prison

(Newser) - The intrepid entrepreneurs behind the Whizzinator have pleaded guilty to two charges of conspiracy in US federal court, the BBC reports. George Wills and Robert Catalano sold the prosthetic penis, which helps customers pass drug tests by storing and heating fake urine samples, online for 3 years. They could face... More »

eBay Auctions: Going, Going ... Gone?

Site making changes as one-click buying gains market share

(Newser) - EBay is the Internet’s top auction site—which would be great if consumers still liked auctions. Long gone are days when consumers happily stalked their prey, which went to the top dog in frenzied bidding. These days, most prefer quick, one-click, fixed-price shopping—and eBay is scrambling to accommodate... More »

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