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9 Celebs Who Cashed in on Their Wedding Pics

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel actually didn't get much...

(Newser) - Think the $300,000 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel scored for their wedding pictures sounds like a lot? Think again: The Stir rounds up a few celebs who made quite a bit more:
  • Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: $3 million. (If it makes you feel any better, they donated it
... More »

Anna Nicole's Boyfriend, Shrink Guilty of Conspiracy

Doctor is acquitted on all charges

(Newser) - A jury today convicted Anna Nicole Smith's psychiatrist and boyfriend of conspiring to use false names to obtain prescription drugs for the former model and reality TV star but acquitted the doctor who prescribed a plethora of drugs for her. The only conviction against Smith's boyfriend-lawyer Howard K. Stern (no,... More »

2nd Doc Hooked Up With Anna

Sandeep Kapoor wrote in diary about tryst with Anna Nicole Smith

(Newser) - Just in case anyone thought the Anna Nicole Smith hearing couldn't get any kinkier: It can, and it did. An investigator testified yesterday that Smith physician Sandeep Kapoor—who is facing charges along with psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich and lawyer Howard K. Stern—had a less-than-professional relationship with Smith, "making... More »

Birkhead: Prosecutor Pressured Me

Anna Nicole Smith's former lover says he was told to 'ramp up' testimony

(Newser) - Anna Nicole Smith's babydaddy Larry Birkhead took the stand again yesterday in the Howard K Stern hearing, and testified that the prosecution pressured him to "ramp up" his testimony because he appeared to be taking Stern's side. "I felt I personally did my best and I was being... More »

Anna Nicole Took Drugs While Pregnant

(Newser) - More sad details about Anna Nicole Smith's drug use emerged during the Howard K. Stern hearing yesterday, as babydaddy Larry Birkhead testified that she took methadone while pregnant with daughter Dannielynn out of fear that she'd go into shock and lose the baby if she stopped. As to why she... More »

Judge Bans Talk of Anna Nicole's Lesbian Tryst

Alleged affair with shrink off limits, but bodyguard spills on near-death

(Newser) - Anyone hoping for steamy testimony of Anna Nicole Smith’s alleged lesbian affair with her shrink will be disappointed: The judge in Howard K. Stern’s hearing squelched that topic yesterday, saying, “I’m not going to turn this into some circus sideshow,” the New York Daily News ... More »

Stern Gave Smith Valium Shots: Guard

Lawyer, shrink accused of drugging Anna Nicole

(Newser) - Howard K. Stern injected Anna Nicole Smith with Valium “four or five” times in the months between her son’s death and her own, her bodyguard testified yesterday. “She couldn’t swallow,” he said. “Anna and Howard felt if they put it in the blood system... More »

Anna Nicole Bottle-Fed in Last Days

Howard K. Stern's hearing offers a look into the drugged final days of Smith

(Newser) - Anna Nicole Smith’s last days are getting the inevitable rehash thanks to the Howard K Stern hearing, and the details are about as disturbing as you might guess. The Playboy Playmate was so drugged she had to be fed Pedialyte with a baby bottle, and her final hours were... More »

Anna Nicole, Doc Took Nude Pix

Dr. Khristine Eroshevich is shown in several, er, compromising positions with Smith

(Newser) - Not only did Anna Nicole Smith have a lesbian tryst with her psychiatrist, but there are pictures, TMZ reports. Legal documents describe photos of Smith and Dr Khristine Eroshevich, naked and contorted in various positions, including one in a bathtub. Radar also happened upon photos of Eroshevich—accused of supplying... More »

Ex, 2 Docs Plead Not Guilty in Anna Nicole Drug Case

Howard K. Stern, two others charged with felony conspiracy

(Newser) - Anna Nicole Smith's ex and two of her doctors pleaded not guilty today to charges of illegally giving her prescription pills for years before her death, TMZ reports. Howard K. Stern and the physicians were charged with felonies as part of a 2-year investigation into the former Playmate's 2007... More »

Anna Nicole Smith Lover, Docs Charged With Supplying Drugs

Beau, docs accused of providing late model with 'thousands of pills'

(Newser) - Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer and boyfriend Howard K. Stern has been charged with felony conspiracy to supply the late model with drugs, the Los Angeles Times reports. Authorities charge that Stern and two doctors "repeatedly and excessively" provided Smith—who died of an overdose in 2007—with addictive prescription... More »

Baby Daughter Is Anna Nicole's Only Heir

Court ruling means Dannielynn may inherit billions

(Newser) - Anna Nicole Smith’s 18-month-old daughter is sole heir to the ex-model's estate, a Los Angeles court ruled today. Dannielynn stands to inherit billions if the ongoing legal dispute over the fortune of Smith's second husband, J. Howard Marshall, is resolved in her mother's favor, People reports. Anna Nicole's will... More »

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