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To Court Blue-Collar Vote, Light Up

Fellow Nicorette user urges Obama to take up smoking again

(Newser) - Everyone has ideas about how Barack Obama can attract the working-class white voters that eluded him in the primaries. Author Tony Horwitz goes for the throat: Start smoking again. West Virginia and Kentucky, where Hillary Clinton clobbered Obama, lead the nation in cigarette consumption among whites, and lighting up could... More »

Does W. Va. Blowout Really Hurt Obama?

It's all about whether he can woo those pesky blue-collar white voters

(Newser) - Barack Obama's West Virginia loss by a whopping 30 points probably won’t cost him the Democratic nomination, writes John Dickerson in Slate. But the loss does put a chink in Obama’s argument that he can unite disparate groups, since, apparently, these powers have failed him among at least... More »

Obama Shifts Blue-Collar Strategy

Visits church, b-ball court amid town-hall stumping

(Newser) - Moving to beef up his appeal to blue-collar voters in Indiana, Barack Obama is changing the tone of his campaign there, trading big rallies for more intimate town-hall sessions; the weekend included stops at a Methodist church and a basketball court, the New York Times reports. “I’ve got... More »

Demos to Watch in Pa. Vote

Breaking down the groups that will decide the election

(Newser) - Some of the election season’s most intriguing demographics will be out in force in today’s Pennsylvania primary. The Wall Street Journal breaks down who they are and how they might vote in November.
  • Working-class white males mostly went red in 2006, supporting Republicans by a 14-point margin. Increased
... More »

Obama Girl's Town Is Hot for Hillary

Hazleton, Pa., doesn't share YouTube star's crush

(Newser) - Turns out that Obama Girl, aka Amber Lee Ettinger, hails from Hazleton, Pa., which is right in the heart of Clinton country. To get a sense of how her candidate’s message is getting through, McClatchy visited Ettinger’s family and neighbors in this former coal town near Scranton, Hillary’... More »

Clinton Speaks Working Class' Language

Down-to-earth style appeals, as does struggle to keep up

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has been boosted by her ability to connect with blue-collar voters, despite her not-so-blue-collar personal history, Jim Tankersley writes in the Chicago Tribune. Analysts say Clinton's focus on economic issues, her clear speeches and her own past struggles in the public eye all help the candidate... More »

Clinton Pulls Ahead in Polls

White, working-class voters dismayed by Obama pastor's remarks

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has scored her first statistically significant national lead over Barack Obama in several weeks—49% to 42%—in a Gallup poll taken early this week, Reuters reports. And her edge in Pennsylvania has doubled since February, two new polls show. They put her lead at 51%-35% and 53%-41%,... More »

Obama Has Loose Ends to Tie Up

Pundits offer counsel to all 3 remaining contenders

(Newser) - Barack Obama “urgently needs to come up with a new speech,” Washington Post op-ed columnist Eugene Robinson writes: He must tap white working-class voters to win the nomination. "Obama managed to escape the danger of being pigeonholed as a 'black candidate,'" Robinson writes. “Now he... More »

8 Stories