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'Dr. Death' Kevorkian Was No Hero

Do those not terminally ill have the right to die?

(Newser) - Many in America celebrate Jack Kevorkian as a humanitarian champion—but “the moral case for assisted suicide depends much more on our respect for people’s own desire to die than on our sympathy for their devastating medical conditions,” writes Ross Douthat in the New York Times . “... More »

Jack Kevorkian Dead at 83

Assisted suicide advocate hospitalized since last month

(Newser) - Jack Kevorkian, longtime advocate of assisted suicide, died early this morning at age 83. Kevorkian had been hospitalized in Michigan since last month for kidney trouble and pneumonia. A friend tells the AP he recently spoke to Kevorkian about his pending release and rehabilitation, "then I left and he... More »

Jack Kevorkian Hospitalized for Kidney Trouble

Enters hospital for second time in weeks

(Newser) - Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian is hospitalized with a kidney problem and pneumonia, the Detroit Free Press reports. It’s the second time in a matter of weeks that the kidney ailment has led to hospitalization. “Last night things flared up and we took him in,” his lawyer... More »

EBay De-Lists Kevorkian's Van

Says it violates 'murderabilia' rule

(Newser) - Jack Kevorkian's old assisted suicide van can't be sold on eBay, the company decided yesterday, because it's “murderabilia,” and hence violates eBay's policies. The 1968 Volkswagen van had drawn a high bid of $3,400 before the company pulled it down, telling the AP that it “does... More »

Would You Support a Gay Baseball Commissioner?

Poll asks Americans revealing questions

(Newser) - Would you be OK with a gay baseball commissioner? How about a quarterback? Those are just a couple of the random-yet-revealing questions asked in the new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll. In that question, for example, 62% said they’d be OK with the quarterback, and 61% with the baseball commissioner,... More »

Kevorkian: Blame Jacko, Not His Doc

Jackson got what he wanted, doctor didn't "have forethought"

(Newser) - Jack Kevorkian begs to differ with the coroner who ruled Michael Jackson's death a homicide: The original Dr. Death told Fox News that Jacko "got what he wanted," the New York Daily News reports. "He is the one who said yes or no to take a drug,... More »

Kevorkian's Congressional Bid Advances

'Dr Death' gets enough signatures to be on Michigan ballot

(Newser) - Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian has collected enough signatures to be on the November ballot as a congressional candidate in Michigan. The Oakland County elections director says Kevorkian had about 3,200 valid signatures—about 200 more than needed. More »

Kevorkian Declares Bid for House Seat

Assisted suicide advocate vows to tout individual rights

(Newser) - Euthanasia advocate Jack Kevorkian declared a bid for Congress in Detroit today, the Detroit Free Press reports. In a free-wheeling press conference, he admitted to being apolitical but vowed to trumpet individual rights in his campaign. “You can’t take my innate rights away from me without a fight,... More »

Dr. Death Set to Make House Call

Kevorkian plans to run for Congress as a Michigan independent

(Newser) - Jack Kevorkian, the Michigan doctor who says he's helped at least 130 die and who's been convicted of second-degree murder in one such assisted suicide, says he plans to run for Congress in a Detroit suburb, the Oakland (Mich.) Press reports. Kevorkian, 79, will make an independent bid against... More »

Prison Hasn't Mellowed Dr. Death

Kevorkian's outraged at meager progress on assisted suicides

(Newser) - Jack Kevorkian, who was paroled Friday after 8 years in prison, says he won't be involved in any more suicides—except perhaps his own. "When I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right,” he tells the New York Times. But prison hasn't blunted... More »

Kevorkian Set to Leave Prison Friday

'Doctor Death' will retire from mercy killing, won't stop lobbying for legalization

(Newser) - Jack Kevorkian, the champion of mercy killing, will be released from prison June 1 after doing eight years for helping a Michigan man commit suicide. The 79-year-old retired pathologist spent a decade assisting terminally ill patients end their lives, using a homemade machine to administer the fatal drugs and then... More »

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